Am I A Gigolo Chapter 553-554

Chapter 553

“Hmm.” Nightquake nodded.

“Is there no kindergarten cla*s today?” Feng Qianxue hurriedly went to check the date, “It’s Tuesday.”

“Kindergarten doesn’t teach you anything, so it doesn’t matter if you take the occasional day off.” Night Zhen Ting’s tone was indifferent.

“Oh.” Feng Qianxue didn’t say much and bowed her head to eat.

Chen Chen felt that the atmosphere between the two of them was not right, usually the two of them were in love with each other and spoke with affectionate looks at each other, today seemed strange, was it a falling out?

“Mummy, you also worked in Daddy’s company before, why don’t you come with us?” Long Long was more careless and didn’t notice anything wrong, and said excitedly, “Maybe we can even meet your former colleagues.”

“Yes, Mummy is up with us.” Yue Yue pulled Feng Qian Xue’s hand and pouted, “We’ll bring Little Si Bao with us.”

“I ……”

“Mommy is not going.”

Feng Qianxue was about to speak when Night Zhen Ting interrupted her directly, “She wants to rest at home.”

Feng Qianxue stared at him indignantly, he didn’t allow her to appear at the company with the children, simply because he didn’t want people to know about their relationship ……

The first thing you need to do is to get married.

If they really want to get married, do they need to be so secretive?

“Oh, well, mummy is sick and should rest more.” Long Long still didn’t notice anything and ate the little piggy bun by himself, “Mmm, the little piggy bun is so delicious.”

“Well, if mummy can’t go, I won’t take Little Four Porky with me, I’m afraid it will fly around and make a mess.” Yue Yue stroked Little Four-Bo’s furry little head and said soothingly, “Little Four-Bo, just be good and stay at home, okay?”

“I want to go, I want to go!”

Little Four Treasures choked his neck and called out anxiously, and rubbed his little head against Yue Yue’s little fat hand, afraid that she wouldn’t take him with her.

“Little Four Treasures, be good!” Yue Yue patted its little head and coaxed in a milky voice, “We’re not going to kindergarten today, we’re going to Daddy’s company, there are lots of adults there, so we can’t take you.”

“Want to go, want to go ……” Little SiBao flew to Yue Yue’s shoulder, and rubbed its fleshy little face with its little mouth, “Want to go!”

“Or else ……”

Long Long looked at Little Four Treasures like this, he couldn’t help but feel a little soft, he was just about to speak up, when he was glared back by Tatsu, he had to shut up.

“Ooooooooo ……” Little Four Treasures followed Yue Yue’s example and covered his face with his wings as he cried sadly.

“Little Four Treasures ……,” Yue Yue saw Little Four Treasures crying and her eyes got red.

“Let it go.” Night Zhen Ting finally spoke up.

“Really?” Yue Yue was very happy and raised her little chubby hands and cheered, “Yay, long live daddy!”

“Great!” Long Long immediately picked up Little Four Treasures and taught it, “Little Four Treasures, quickly thank daddy!”

“Thank you daddy, thank you daddy!” Little Four Treasures followed suit.

Night Zhen Ting raised the corners of his lips, this little parrot was very humane, he felt as if he really had four children ……

“Thank you daddy!” Chen Chen also said.

Night Zhen Ting rubbed his little head and said gently, “You are still young, you can be as willful as your younger siblings, you don’t need to be too understanding.”

“Grandpa said the same to me, no, it was great grandpa ……” Chen Chen’s heart moved a little and his eyes got a little red, “I wonder how he is doing now?”

“I’ll take you guys to visit him tonight.” Night Zhen Ting hugged Chen Chen.

“Great, we can see grandpa now.” Long Long and Yue Yue immediately cheered, “No, it’s Great Grandpa!”

“Yes, remember to change your name later!” Night Zhen Ting reminded.

“Got it, daddy ……” the children cheered happily.

“You come along too!” Night Zhen Ting glanced at Feng Qian Xue.

“Me?” Feng Qianxue froze, “Really?”

“Have someone come pick you up in the evening and we’ll meet up at the hospital.” Night Zhen Ting pretended to be high and mighty as he admonished, “Rest well this afternoon!”

“Mm-hmm.” Feng Qianxue finally smiled.


Chapter 554

After breakfast, Night Shocking was about to take the three children to the office.

Before leaving, the children hugged Feng Qianxue and said goodbye.

Feng Qianxue kissed their foreheads and admonished, “Be good and obedient when you arrive at Daddy’s company, don’t run around, don’t move around and don’t disturb your aunties and uncles at work, understand?”

“Yes!” The children replied in unison.

“Good boy, get in the car.”

Feng Qianxue made a gesture and the three medical nurses immediately led them to the car.

When Feng Qianxue was about to back away, Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows unhappily, “What about me?”

Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and hurriedly went over to hug him, and even stood on tiptoe to kiss him on the lips.

Night Zhen Ting smoothly wrapped his arms around her and kissed her eyes, “Wait for me at home!”

“Mmm.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head with a smile.

Night Zhen Ting turned to get into the car, and Feng Qian Xue watched them leave at the door. Remember the website

“How nice!” Zhu Ma couldn’t help but sigh, “This is the best life, a loving couple, a kind father and a filial son, a happy family, how happy!”

“Yes.” Feng Qianxue also felt some emotion, “I really hope it will continue to be happy.”

“I will, Miss.” Zhu Ma said with a smile, “The young master is so good to you and the child, you will be happy.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue smiled faintly, took Zhu Ma’s arm and said, “Zhu Ma, accompany me to the garden for a walk.”

“Wait, I’ll get you a coat.”

Zhu Ma was about to go in to get something when the housekeeper, Rong Ma, brought Feng Qianxue and Zhu Ma’s coats out together and said with a smile, “Miss’s body is thin and should not get cold, you should also take care of your body, Zhu Ma!”

“Thank you.” Zhu Ma took the clothes and draped them on Feng Qianxue.

“Thank you, Mama Rong.” Feng Qianxue said thank you and took Zhu Ma with her for a walk, “Zhu Ma, are you still used to living here?”

“Used to it.” Zhu Ma said with a smile, “To be honest, I was worried at first that I wouldn’t get along well with these cooks and nannies, after all, they were all brought over from abroad and their habits are all different, but after a few days together I found that these people are quite nice.”

“It’s good that you’re happy.” Feng Qianxue looked at Zhu Ma’s happy face and felt very relieved, but at the same time she was also a bit uneasy, “I always feel a bit uneasy in my heart when I go to see the old man tonight.”

“Are you worried that the old man doesn’t like you?” Zhu Ma rea*sured, “Don’t think nonsense, our young lady is loved by others, the old man will definitely like you when he sees you.”

“He’s met.” Feng Qianxue told Zhu Ma about her previous encounter with the old man, “At that time, she was strongly against Night Zhen Ting being with me, and forced him to get engaged to Ling Long, if she knew that I had even moved in, I’m afraid she would be furious ……”

“So what?” Zhu Ma said with a smug look on her face, “The sky is not as big as the children, your children have given birth to three for the young master, who can win over you?”

“That’s also true.” Feng Qianxue smiled, “The old master is genuinely fond of his children.”

“That’s right, don’t get carried away with your thoughts.” Zhu Ma patted the back of her hand, “I’m looking forward to you getting married sooner, on that day ah, I’ll definitely go to the old master’s grave and tell him about this happy event.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue smiled and nodded, at the same time she also remembered her father’s relics, there were still some things that she hadn’t even taken out, so she would wait until after the wedding to get them.


In the car, the three children chattered and talked non-stop, and the little four treasures followed suit.

Night Zhen Ting was reading his emails from the side.

The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, he just looked at the content of the email, his eyebrows frowning slightly.

“The shocking thing is that people from the Leng family are actually coming to the wedding ……” Night Hui asked cautiously, “Are you going?”