Am I A Gigolo Chapter 555-556

Chapter 555

“Go!” Night Zhen Ting put down his tablet and replied indifferently, “Meet that Mr. L!”

“Understood, I’ll go and make the arrangements.” Night Hui nodded, “By the way, I heard that Chu Zihan has sent an invitation to Miss Feng as well.”

“Well, it was expected.” Night Zhen Ting ordered, “Prepare her dress and go together.”

“Yes.” Night Fai immediately went to the side to call and arrange things.

Over here, Yue Yue and Long Long were watching the video presentation of Shengtian Group with their tablet computers, the two of them watching in awe, their eyes wide and full of disbelief.

Yue Yue pointed at the computer screen and said excitedly, “Daddy is so great, making so many awesome robots and all kinds of technological products, wow, that’s amazing!”

“Yes, yes, daddy is my idol!” Dragon was full of pride.

“It’s my idol too ……” Yue Yue hastily stated.

“Idol, idol!”

Little Four Treasures yelled after him, he had learnt a lot of new words recently and was becoming more and more articulate in his speech.

“We’ll be at the office soon.” Night Zhen Ting looked up at the three children, “Put on your shoes and get ready to get off.”

“Okay, daddy.” The three children immediately started to put on their shoes.

The three medical sisters were ready to come forward to help when Night Shocking made a gesture, “Let them do it themselves.”

“Yes.” The nurses immediately stepped back.

Chen Chen was quick to put on his shoes.

Longlong was a little slow because of his broken right foot.

Yue Yue, who had always been slower than her two brothers, became even more clumsy.

By this time, the car had stopped.

Night Zhen Ting didn’t rush them and just watched them quietly.

Chen Chen was a little anxious, squatting down to help his younger siblings, and also urged, “Hurry up, we’re already at the office, many people are waiting for daddy outside.”

“There’s no rush, let them come on their own.” Night Zhen Ting said to Chen Chen, “They can’t rely on their brother’s help forever.”

“Oh.” Chen Chen could only give up helping and frowned as he watched Long Long and Yue Yue struggle to put on their shoes, anxious for them in his heart.

By this time, the bodyguards had all gotten out of the car and pulled open the door, seeing the young master and princess still putting on their shoes, while Night Zhen Ting was sitting upright with no intention of getting out of the car, and scrambling to close the door again.

The company’s bodyguards and staff all stood neatly in two rows, waiting outside.

They didn’t know what was going on today, why wasn’t the CEO getting out of the car?

One by one, they were apprehensive and nervous.

After a while, Longlong and Yueyue finally put on their shoes, the two little ones were so tired and sweaty that they didn’t forget to apologise to their daddy: “Daddy I’m sorry, I was too slow, I won’t delay you next time.”

“Yeah, me, me too.” Dragon explained anxiously, “I’m mainly slow because my feet hurt ……”

“A man can’t make excuses.” Night Zhen Ting taught seriously, “Since your feet are injured, you should put on your shoes earlier so you won’t be slower than others.”

“Yes, daddy is right.” Longlong lowered his head in shame.

Yue Yue saw that Long Long had been criticised, her little face immediately turned red and she timidly looked at Night Zhen Ting, deflating her little mouth, not daring to speak.

Night ZhenTing still had to be softer to his daughter and gently extended his hand to her.

“Daddy!” Yueyue immediately smiled and squealed as she jumped into his arms.

Night Zhen Ting carried Yue Yue out of the car and let her sit on his shoulder, then held Tatsu and Long Long left and right.

Night Fai and a host of other attendants followed close behind.

“Good morning, Mr. Night ……!”

The security guards and front desk and other staff on the ground floor were all stunned when they saw Night Zhen Ting, and everyone was doubting their eyes.

Night Zhen Ting, actually brought three babies to the company with him?

He even let the little baby sit on his shoulder, and carefully held the other two little babies ……

It is obvious that the three babies have extraordinary identities.

They, who are they?


Chapter 556

“Good morning, auntie and uncle!”

Yue Yue greeted everyone with a milky voice as she waved her little chubby hand over Nightquake Timbers’ shoulder.

“Good morning everyone!” Chen Chen and Long Long also greeted politely.

“Good morning, good morning!”

Those people were all flustered and confused, not knowing how to respond.

Night Zhen Ting was very satisfied with the children’s performance and led them towards the lift.

Yue Yue opened her big eyes and looked around, her eyes full of curiosity.

Little SiBao was in her arms, moving his eyes just like hers.

Tenzin straightened his back and stared ahead, a proud gesture at the crowd.

Dragon, despite his limp, tries his best to look like Tenzin, to make himself look more imposing!

The two brothers looked identical and had identical expressions, making them very striking.

When they arrived at the lift, a group of staff waiting for the lift saw Night Zhen Ting and immediately greeted, “Good morning Mr. Night ……”

When they saw the three babies, they were also shocked, but no one dared to ask.

“Good morning!” Night Zhen Ting walked into the VIP lift with the children.

The lift doors closed and outside, the group of staff were all talking excitedly, “Did you see that? Those three little babies the president is carrying are so cute.”

“Yes, yes, they look like dolls, so beautiful!”

“And a little parrot, haha, so cute!”

“But who are they to the president?”

“I don’t know, curious!”

“Could they be the president’s children?”

“No way? The president isn’t married yet. ……”

“Isn’t the president getting married to Mr. Ling?”

Everyone was more excited than ever as you said one thing and I said another, not even knowing that the lift was coming.

It was only when the lift guard reminded everyone that they came back to their senses and hurriedly rushed into the lift.

It would be a joke if they were late because they were talking about the president’s gossip, and they wouldn’t lose a single cent of the bonus that should be deducted anyway.

In the VIP lift, the three children were curious about everything, and they found it particularly exciting to look at the crystal lift, with mirrors above and around their heads.

The little four-pack stared at itself in the mirror and waved its wings, realising that the other was exactly like it, and that there were several parrots identical to it on all sides.

It fluttered its wings in terror, fluttered around the lift and screamed in excitement.

“Quiet!” Yue Yue hastily chided and held out her little chubby hand to the little four-pack, “Daddy likes to be quiet.”

“Scared ……” Little Four Treasures landed in Yue Yue’s hand.

Yue Yue wrapped it in her arms and gently stroked its fluffy little head, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, this is a mirror, understand? Mirror.”

“Looks like we need to bring Little Four Treasures out more often in the future to see the world, even their own shadows are scared.”

Long Long shook his little head with a helpless look.

“Daddy, the lift still keeps going up, and I seem to have some ringing in my ears.” Chen Chen clutched Night Zhen Ting’s fingers, his little face a little white, “What floor is your office on?”

“68th floor.” Night Zhen Ting stroked his little head, “It will be fine in a while!”

“Mmm.” Chen Chen swallowed his saliva and also reminded Long Long and Yue Yue, “Er Bao and San Bao, if you also have tinnitus just swallow your saliva, mummy said that this will ease it.”

“Mmmmmm.” Longlong and Yueyue immediately learned how to do it.

Little Four Treasures also followed Yue Yue’s example, but couldn’t learn, and stretched their necks out, looking particularly comical.

Night Fai found it amusing and even raised the corners of his lips.

Not long after, the lift doors opened and the clerks from the president’s office greeted respectfully, “Good morning, Mr. Night ……”

Everyone’s greetings came to an abrupt halt when they saw the three children.

Everyone was stunned and looked at the three children in a daze, wondering who they were, how they could have come to the company with the president and, moreover, sat on the president’s shoulders ……