Am I A Gigolo Chapter 557-558

Chapter 557

“Good morning, aunties!” Yue Yue greeted in a milky voice, then opened her big pretty eyes and asked Night Zhen Ting curiously, “Daddy, why are there only pretty aunties here and no uncles?”

“Because this is the president’s office, and all of them are secretaries.”

Night Zhen Ting led them to the president’s office.

Night Fai ordered, “Send some juice, ice cream and snacks over.”

“Yes.” Wen Li immediately went to make the arrangements.

The other clerical secretaries watched the door to the president’s office close and immediately murmured excitedly, “Oh my, that little baby is calling the president daddy? Could they be the president’s children?”

“I think so, otherwise, why would the president go behind their backs and bring them to the office?”

“Oh my god, the president actually has a child, isn’t he not married?”

“Yes, yes, isn’t he getting married to Mr. Ling of the Ling Group?”

“The children must not be born to Mr. Ling ……”

“Definitely not, the kids look three or four years old, did the president have them in a previous secret marriage?” Remember the website

“I wonder who the mother of the children is ……”

“I just paid attention to that little girl, she looks a bit familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen her before for a while ……”

“So many words? Want to go in front of the president and say it?” Wen Li coldly shouted.

The clerks who were gossiping immediately dispersed and returned to their respective positions, not daring to speak any more nonsense.

“The president’s temper, you guys know it.” Wen Li warned sternly, “He doesn’t like people chewing behind his back, if he hears anything, you guys can pack up and leave.”

“Yes, I dare not.” A few secretaries hurriedly bowed their heads and went to work.

Wen Li swept a glance at them and pushed the food cart to the president’s office.

Night Zhen Ting set Little Yue Yue down.

Yue Yue stretched her short, tingly legs, then she opened her big, pretty eyes and looked around, opening her mouth in surprise: “Oh my god, daddy, is your office in the sky?”

“Oh ……” Night Zhen Ting was amused by the child’s innocent thoughts.

“You can’t see any other roofs outside, only clouds.” Yue tried to walk towards the edge but stopped a little scared, cupping her face with her little chubby hands and saying exaggeratedly, “It’s so high!”

“68 floors, of course it’s high.” Chen Chen was also observing the office of Night Zhen Ting, with a surprise in his eyes, “Daddy, your office has a lot of high-tech products installed, almost all the electronic products are high-tech!”

“You can see that so quickly?” Night Zhen Ting cast an approving glance at Chen Chen.

“Mm-hmm, I have a keen intuition about these.” Chen Chen was still looking around, “Are all these tech products developed by your company?”

“Yes.” Night ZhenTing nodded his head.

“Daddy, can I take a look at this?”

Chen Chen became interested in the model aeroplane in the gla*s cabinet.

“Of course you can.” Night ZhenTing said gently, “Feel free to play with the things here, but be careful not to hurt yourselves.”

“Got it, thanks daddy.”

Long Long carefully took out a model aeroplane.

“Chief Night!” Wen Li pushed the food cart in and gave a salute to Night Zhen Ting, then placed the things one by one on the table.

“Young master, young princess, come and have something to eat first.” Night Fai greeted with a smile, “When Daddy finishes the work at hand he will take you to the R&D department, okay?”

“Good.” Yue Yue immediately ran over with Little Four Treasures.

Chen Chen and Long Long were still looking at their respective interests, Wen Li wanted to go greet them, but Night Fai said, “Let them go, you go out and do your work first, I’m here.”

“Okay.” Wen Li nodded and then left.

The three little medical nurses stood in the corner in a disciplined manner, looking at the imposing office, they were all stunned and did their work even more cautiously.

Wen Li had just walked to the door when a secretary hurriedly came to report, “Sister Wen, General Manager Ling is here again!”


Chapter 558

Wen Li glanced back and hurriedly closed the door behind her, pulling the secretary with her as she hurriedly left, “Where is the person?”

“On the ground floor, temporarily stopped by the security guards.” That secretary said in a low voice, “But the security guards don’t think they can stop them for long, you also know Mr. Ling’s temper ……”

“I’ll go to the meeting, you watch.” Wen Li hurriedly went downstairs.



In the office, Night ZhenTing was signing documents when Night Hui received a call, glanced at the three children, walked over and whispered to Night ZhenTing, “Miss Ling is looking for her again.”

“Tell her to come up.” Night ZhenTing didn’t even raise his head.

“Huh?” Night Fai’s eyes widened in shock.

“Did I not make myself clear enough?” Night Tremor frowned.

“Yes.” Night Fai ordered the security guard to let him go, despite the trepidation in his heart.

The security guard thought he had heard wrong and repeatedly confirmed twice, learning that it was Mr. Night’s intention, before letting them go.

“See?” Ling Long shouted coldly in an arrogant and domineering manner, “I told you a long time ago that as long as Zhen Ting was in the company, I would definitely be allowed up there, you dogs, how dare you stop me at the door, blind your dogs.”

Those few security guards frowned and didn’t say a word.

“Wait and see, I’ll have Zhen Ting fire you all right away!”

Ling Long put down her fierce words, stepped on her high heels and turned around to go upstairs.

The two bodyguards followed closely behind, not daring to slow down.

Wen Li was about to enter the lift when she noticed a lift going up to the 68th floor and immediately stopped.

A few secretaries followed behind Wen Li in fear, ready to intercept the arrogant and capricious Mr. Ling.

At that moment, the lift door opened, and Ling Long came out in an arrogant manner, barging straight in.

“Mr. Ling ……” Wen Li hurriedly stopped her, “Sorry, you can’t go in because ……”

“Snap!” Ling Long flung his hand and slapped Wen Li with such force that it instantly made Wen Li’s nose bleed.

Those secretaries were terrified, and one of them questioned in anger, “You, how can you hit someone?”

“So what if I hit? Dogs fighting for power.” Ling Long pointed at Wen Li’s nose and scolded, “Zhen Ting has told me to come up here, and you dare to stop me? What do you think you are?”

Wen Li lowered her head and covered her face, very calmly, “Sorry, Mr. Ling, the orders I received were not to let you disturb the president.”

“You ……” Ling Long was so angry that his face turned blue and he waved his hand to hit Wen Li again.

“Miss Ling!” Suddenly, a voice came, stopping Ling Long’s actions.

“General Hui.” Xi Xi, the secretary, asked for help as if she had encountered a lifeline, “General Ling she ……”

“Miss Ling is so angry.” Night Fai glanced at Wen Li and said with a smile, “They are also following orders, why do you need to make things difficult for people?”

“Good dogs don’t get in the way, this is something that everyone understands, right?”

Ling Long scolded Wen Li twice in one sentence, calling her a dog and saying she was not human.

Those secretaries were shaking with anger.

Wen Li remained calm and retorted, “Mr. Ling, if you don’t know how to respect others, you won’t get respect from them either.”

“What? You still dare to disrespect me?” Ling Long pressed closer to her in an overbearing manner, “You try?”

Wen Li was forced back by her, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t say a word.

“That’s enough!” Night Hui couldn’t bear to watch, “Chief Night invites you in.”

“Do you hear me?” Ling Long glared at Wen Li fiercely, “It’s your Night Chief who invited me in, grow some eyes next time!”

Wen Li held her breath and didn’t say a word.

Ling Long tilted his head proudly and strided towards the president’s office.

“Is everything alright?” Night Fai asked in a low voice.

“It’s fine.” Wen Li shook her head and squeezed out a small smile.

“Go put some ice on it.” Night Fai barked, following Ling Long quickly.

“This is outrageous.” A few secretaries said with righteous indignation, “This kind of person is so bad, no wonder Chief Night doesn’t like her.”

“Shhh!” Wen Li immediately stopped, “Don’t talk nonsense, or you’ll draw fire!”

The secretaries hastily shut their mouths and dared not say more.