Am I A Gigolo Chapter 575-576

Chapter 575

“Feng Qianxue, what the hell do you want?” Night Zhen Ting questioned.

As soon as he came back today, she had deliberately snubbed him, not looking at him, ignoring him, not going to the garden with him to play with the children, and when he came back for her, she avoided him, and now the shower had locked the door….

Feng Qianxue was weak-minded and did not want to pay attention to him, sitting at the dressing table to blow-dry her hair.

He turned off the hairdryer and asked Feng Qianxue over her shoulder, “Are you deliberately targeting me because I didn’t take you to see grandpa today?”

“What have I targeted at you?” Feng Qianxue said coldly, “Whether you want to take me to see your grandfather or not is your freedom, I have no right to interfere.”

It was the right time to take this opportunity to have a quarrel, and then they could move out for a few days.

“I didn’t take you today because ……”

“Whatever.” Feng Qianxue interrupted him, not wanting to communicate, “It’s not like I have to go see your grandfather, his old man doesn’t like me anyway, so I don’t want to make him angry!”

“What kind of attitude is that?” Night Zhen Ting was angered by her cold attitude, “I’m communicating with you properly, and you’re still shady!”

“Isn’t what I said the truth?” Feng Qianxue looked up at him and said coldly, “Didn’t you also ignore me when I said I wanted to help my father take revenge this morning? And deliberately cold-shouldered me?”

“Now we’re talking about the evening, what are you pulling about the morning?” Remember the website

Night Zhen Ting frowned tightly, I heard that women liked to rehash old scores when they quarreled, and it seemed to be true.

“What’s wrong with what happened in the morning? Can’t you talk about it?” Feng Qianxue simply played cross, “Your matter is a matter, but my matter is not a matter?”


Night Zhen Ting was speechless, arguing with women was so speechless, beating around the bush with some tongue twisters, no reasoning at all, and no logic to speak of.

“I’m too lazy to talk to you!”

Night Zhen Ting was so angry that his face turned blue and he turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

“That’s how you are, bossy and domineering and dictatorial.” Feng Qianxue continued to find fault, “Your kin are kin, mine are not.”

“What are you fuming about again?”

Night Zhen Ting’s temper was on the verge of being suppressed.

If it was in the past, he was afraid that he would have lost his temper long ago, but since he had a child, his personality had become particularly soft and he would not lose his temper easily.

Especially with Feng Qianxue, it had been gentle to the extreme ……

But tonight, she had repeatedly challenged his limits, making him unable to endure.

“Why do you defend your aunt even after she has done such a heartless thing?” Feng Qianxue questioned angrily.

“Which one of your eyes saw me defending her?” Night Zhen Ting’s tone had begun to turn icy cold.

“If you didn’t defend her, why didn’t you go to the police station to report her and bring her to justice?!!!” Feng Qianxue questioned unrelentingly, “She killed my father, she’s a murderer!”

“Use your head, will you?” Night Zhen Ting poked his finger at Feng Qian Xue’s head, “Business competition, all actions are wandering in the edge of the law, the law can’t do anything to her, what are you going to the police station to report her?”

“That’s fine!” Feng Qianxue nodded and said excitedly, “Since you can’t use the law to sanction her, then use your business tactics! You are the father of my children and my husband in the future, so you should help me take revenge for my children’s grandfather!”


This time, instead of retorting in an annoyed manner like he did earlier, Night Zhen Ting was silent for a moment and explained rationally –

“Firstly, although she maliciously acquired and suppressed your father’s company, she didn’t make a move to kill your father, your father did belong to suicide, and I want to take revenge out of the blue.”

“Secondly, she is my own aunt, my grandfather’s own daughter, even if our Night family fights to the death in the shopping mall, we can’t really kill our relatives.”

“Third, you are right, as your future husband and the father of your child, I should indeed seek justice for your Feng family ……”

After a pause, he said, “Let me think about what to do about it.”

Chapter 576

With that, Night Zhen Ting turned around and went to the bathroom ……

Feng Qianxue looked at his back and her whole body was shaken.

She, did she hear wrong?

Was this still Night Zhen Ting?

He was actually explaining, communicating, and reflecting?

And saying that as her future husband and the father of her child, he should indeed seek justice for the Feng family, and that he should think about it and what to do about it ……

These words really don’t sound like something that would come out of Night Zhen Ting’s mouth.

What is wrong with him?

Why has he become so nice?

So good that she couldn’t let go ……

Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but have a sour nose and her eyes turned red, looking at herself in the mirror, she didn’t seem any different from before, but the toxicity in her blood could strike at any moment ……

She can’t stay by his side like a time bomb.

Although the words she just said were over the top, she actually knew in her heart how much courage it would take to deal with her own aunt and what the consequences would be.

If there is no cure for the poison in her body, if she dies in the future beside Night Zhen Ting, the children will definitely be heartbroken, and I am afraid that Night Zhen Ting will also avenge her ……

The only thing that will happen is that both sides will lose.

Not only will the night Zhen Ting be greatly damaged, but the children will also be involved.

Now it is easy to live in peace and happiness, she does not want to let the children suffer any more ……

When she thought of this, Feng Qianxue took a deep breath, wiped away her tears and continued to blow-dry her hair.

She repeatedly reminded herself in her heart that when Night Zhen Ting came out, she must bring up the matter of moving out, no matter what excuse she found to leave for a while ……

First go to the old Chinese doctor that my father knew back then to see if he could cure the poison.

Then make the next step.

As he was thinking nonsense, Night Zhen Ting came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel underneath and naked with his sexy and wild upper body, walking towards her while wiping his hair.

“Night Zhen Ting, I ……”

“Call your husband!” Night Zhen Ting ordered as he directly interrupted her, domineering.

Feng Qianxue choked for a moment and once again gathered the courage to say, “I have something to say to you.”

“Speak!” Night Zhen Ting walked over to the bar and poured himself a gla*s of iced wine.

“I think ……” Feng Qianxue bit her lip and said softly, “We’ve had some conflicts recently, we’re all unhappy, and Grandpa has woken up, so I’m afraid he’ll be angry if he finds out I’m staying here, and he’s recovering from a serious illness right now. He can’t be stimulated, I think, or I’ll go ahead ……”

“He already knows.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted her and announced faintly.

“Sh, what?” Feng Qianxue froze and hurriedly pursued the question, “Knew what?”

Night Zhen Ting took a sip of wine and said unhurriedly, “Today his old man has already identified with the children and was so happy that he was in tears.”

“Then, does he know who the children’s mummy is?” Feng Qianxue was a little nervous.

“Know.” Night Zhen Ting nodded his head, “I told him.”

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue hurriedly walked over, “Then wouldn’t his old man be very angry? He has only just woken up, why are you in such a hurry? Can his body stand it?”

“It can’t stand it, his blood pressure is skyrocketing.” Night Zhen Ting shook his gla*s of wine.

“Huh??” Feng Qianxue was shocked and raised her hand to cover her forehead, “Oh my god, it’s over, it’s over!”

“Don’t worry.” Night Zhen Ting said lightly, “I know the old man too well, he’s been through a lot of storms in his life, what hasn’t he experienced? He won’t collapse because of this little thing, he’ll be fine soon after a little stimulation!”

“Then, is he strongly opposed to it?” Feng Qianxue was very worried, “Will he hate the child as well?”

“No, he still loves the child very much.” Night Zhen Ting reached out and hooked the back of Feng Qian Xue’s head, pushing her closer, “Don’t worry, with me around, no one can shake your position as Madam Night!”