Am I A Gigolo Chapter 577-578

Chapter 577

Feng Qianxue was touched in her heart, but was still apprehensive: “But, your marriage to Ling Long has already been announced, and, your engagement party is all ready ……”

“It’s already lifted.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted her.

“Ah?” Feng Qianxue was very surprised, “When did that happen?”

“This morning.”

Night ZhenTing said a few words lightly, as if this matter was not even worth mentioning.

“Really?” Feng Qianxue couldn’t believe it, “How did you lift it? Did she accept it? With her character, I’m afraid she won’t give in to this.”

“With my character, I would have to submit even if I don’t.” Night Zhen Ting gave her a blank look.

“That, that’s true.”

Feng Qianxue knew that if Night ZhenTing really wanted to do something, no one could stop it.

“Cut the crap ……,” Night Zhen Ting used his thin lips with a slight smell of alcohol to gently kiss Feng Qianxue’s forehead and cheeks, “No shady words with me in the future, no cold war, do you hear me? ”

“But I ……”

“Shhh~~~” Night Zhen Ting gently pressed his index finger against her lips and ambiguously nibbled on her earlobe, “I want you now.”

“Stop it …… ooo ……”

Before Feng Qianxue could react, Night Zhen Ting blocked her lips, his fiery kiss swept over her with a slightly drunken intent, like a tantalizing cluster of blue flames that one could not refuse.

Feng Qianxue pushed her hands against his shoulders, trying to resist his intimacy, but the more she did so, the stronger and more dominant he became, wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her tightly in his embrace, almost on the verge of rubbing her into his body.

Feng Qianxue soon sank into his pa*sionate affection, her body as limp as a pool of water, no longer resisting him, but cooperating pa*sionately ……

Whether it was her body or her heart, she could not refuse this man’s love.

The changes and concessions he made for her touched her ……

There may be many hurdles to get over, but who knows?

Let’s get through tonight first.

The room was full of love like a fire, burning brightly, the temperature was rising ……

The night Zhen Ting hugged Feng Qianxue and fell on the bed, pressing on top of her, plundering and entangling.

Feng Qianxue’s body was as soft as a snake, wrapped tightly around him, allowing him to claim it ……

Love, like the gla*s of wine on the table, is strong and exciting.

The time pa*sed little by little, late at night, night Zhen Ting finally stopped, wrapped his arms around Feng Qianxue and fell into a deep sleep.

The light snoring accompanied by the strong and powerful sound of his heartbeat filled the silent night with the vitality of life.

Feng Qianxue stretched out her hand and gently caressed his forehead, following the curve all the way down, tracing the perfect lines.

Unable to resist, she moved over and kissed him gently on the lips.

In her heart, she said, “How wonderful it would be if she hadn’t been poisoned.

She would have faced all the gossip with him, faced all the right and wrong, and walked together to the hall of marriage ……

With three children and hand in hand with him until old age.

They would have been happy ……

But ……

There are no ifs in life.

Feng Qianxue closed her eyes, a tear slipped down from the corner of her eye, she said to herself in her heart, it’s okay, it’s okay, good things happen, maybe just through some more ups and downs, she will find that old Chinese doctor, get cured and come back for a family reunion.

She would definitely do that!

Feng Qianxue thought so, as if with a hopeful longing, and gradually fell asleep ……

However, when she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly felt a warm stream coming out of her nose. She covered her nose in a panic, rolled out of bed and hurriedly ran to the bathroom ……

“What’s wrong?”

Night Zhen Ting woke up with a start, confused and touched a smear of liquid next to the bed, he hurriedly turned on the light to check, there was actually blood on the bed.

He was shocked and immediately rushed over, but found the bathroom door unlocked, he shouted lowly in a hurry, “Feng Qianxue, open the door!”

Chapter 578

“I’m fine ……”

Feng Qianxue was still trying to make excuses when Night Zhen Ting kicked the door straight open and walked in, if an angry lion.

“Why are you so ……”

“Let me see.” Night Zhen Ting pulled away Feng Qianxue’s hand, saw her nose bleeding, first froze for a moment, then let out a sigh of relief, “I thought what was wrong, scared me to death, guess I did too much, qi and blood deficiency?”

“Uh ……” Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and punched his chest in exasperation, “It’s all your fault, doing it every day, several times a day, causing me to …… ”

She bit her lower lip, too ashamed to say anything.

“Okay, okay, abstain from now on.” Night Zhen Ting wiped her nosebleed, “You said you had a nosebleed, why did you lock the door? It made me think you had some incurable disease.”

Feng Qianxue’s heart trembled and she said in a panic, “No, I wasn’t, I was shocked too.”

“Fool, there’s something to tell me.” Night Zhen Ting tidied up her hair, “Here, head down, I’ll just give you a pat of cold water on your neck.”

Feng Qianxue obeyed and did as she was told.

Night Zhen Ting gave her a pat of cold water on the back of her neck, “When I was a child, I practiced kung fu so hard that I often had nosebleeds, this is how the old man treated me, it’s very useful ……” Remember the website

Soon, the nosebleed stopped.

Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows in triumph, “See, my method works, right?”

“It works.”

Feng Qianxue looked into the mirror to clean the blood stains on her body, seeing the Night Zhenting in the mirror, helping her twist her hair with one hand and wiping the blood stains and water on her neck with the other, she couldn’t help but be a little moved and called out gently ……

“Night Zhen Ting!”

“Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting looked at her in the mirror.

“I love you!”

This was the sound Feng Qianxue made from deep inside, and when she said it, her voice was a little choked and trembling.

She was afraid that if she didn’t say it again, she would never have the chance to say it again.

Night Zhen Ting was stunned and stared at her blankly.

It was only after a long moment that he reacted and asked excitedly, “What did you say? Say it again?”

“Nothing.” Feng Qianxue beamed, pretending to be cool, “Forget it if you didn’t hear me.”

“Say it again.” Night Zhen Ting wrenched her over to face him, “Come on, I want to hear it!”

“Don’t say it!” Feng Qianxue raised her eyebrows with a condescending look, “Some words can only be said once, who told you not to listen carefully?”

“Feng Qianxue ……” Night Zhen Ting was anxious and shook her shoulder, “Say it!”

“No say no say!” Feng Qianxue laughed and shook her head.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll keep wanting you ……”

Night Zhen Ting wickedly bit her shoulders, neck, collarbone, and even went up and down on her.

“You beast, I’ve already had a nosebleed and you still refuse to let me go.” Feng Qianxue shrank her neck to avoid him, “Stop it, stop it, giggle ……”

In the bathroom, two people were playing and playing, turning this originally sad night into a happy and sweet one.

Feng Qianxue instantly forgot her sorrow, her tiny body frolicking in Night Zhen Ting’s arms, her clear laughter sounding like silver bells throughout the room.

At this moment, she was happy!

“Alright, alright, no more teasing you.”

Although Night Zhen Ting was a little lost, he was still worried about Feng Qian Xue’s body and picked her up in a princess hug and walked out of the bathroom ……

“It seems like you really need to be more abstinent in the future, your body is all out of order, you actually have a nosebleed, and by the way, it seems like you haven’t had your period for a long time.”

“Uh ……”

Only then did Feng Qianxue remember that it seemed like she hadn’t had her period for a really long time.

D*mn, could it be that ……

No no, it can’t be that coincidental, it must not be.

“Could it be pregnancy?” Night Zhen Ting pinned Feng Qian Xue to the bed and pulled her white silk pajamas up, excitedly surveying her belly, “Another triplet, the family will be a hoot!”