Am I A Gigolo Chapter 589-590

Chapter 589

“Don’t be sad, Miss, a short separation is for a long reunion.”

Zhu Ma said in a meaningful and comforting voice.

“Yes.” Feng Qianxue took a deep breath and made up her mind that she would definitely lift the toxicity and come back sooner for a family reunion.

“I’m going to go pack your bags.” Zhu Ma looked at the time, “What time do you leave at noon? What time will you be back?”

“Eleven o’clock, Night Zhen Ting is coming back to pick me up, I guess he will be back around one o’clock, we have to go back to One Happiness Street first to get our documents, the tickets I booked are for after four o’clock in the afternoon, we can make it in time.”

“Good, then go and pack, I just heard from Rong’s mother that the make-up artist and stylist are coming at nine o’clock.”


The make-up artist and stylist gave Feng Qianxue her look ten minutes early, she looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help but feel a little worried: “Will this be a little noisy?”

“Miss Feng, the clothes and jewellery you’ve chosen are already low-key enough, don’t worry about it.” The stylist said with a smile.

“The main thing is that you are so beautiful and have such a great figure that the bride might not really be as pretty as you.” A make-up artist blurted out.

“That’s not true, the bride is pretty too.” Feng Qianxue was modest.

At this time, the sound of a car came from outside, she thought it should be Night Zhen Ting coming to pick her up, and immediately took her bag and went out.

When she came downstairs, she was greeted by Night Fai: “Miss Feng, I’ve come to pick you up from the wedding hotel.”

“Where is Night Zhen Ting?” Feng Qianxue looked up and looked outside, there was no figure of Night Zhen Ting.

“The Night King was delayed by something and it was too late, so he asked me to come and pick you up first, he will meet you at the wedding hotel.” Night Fai said.

“Okay.” Feng Qianxue didn’t think much about it and followed Night Fai to the car.

Zhu Ma chased out and reminded, “Miss, I’ll wait for you at home.”

“Got it.” Feng Qianxue smiled at her, “I’ll be back as early as possible.”

Zhu Ma nodded and watched her leave.

As the car slowly drove out, Feng Qianxue noticed that Night Fai looked grave and kept looking at her phone, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Did something happen?”

“There’s a situation at the company and the Night King is handling it.” Night Fai said evasively, “Don’t you worry, it’s all minor.”

“Oh.” Feng Qianxue didn’t ask more questions, after all, she couldn’t help with the company’s big events, besides, with Night Zhen Ting around, there was nothing that couldn’t be handled.

It was this wedding today, she didn’t understand, why did Night Zhending have to go to it? Why did he have to take her with him?

He usually didn’t even bother to take care of them when they cried and begged, but why did he attach so much importance to this wedding?

As she was thinking about it, she received a call from Night Zhen Ting on her mobile phone, and Feng Qianxue immediately answered the call, “Hello!”

“On your way?” Night Zhen Ting’s voice came through.

“Well, have you taken care of things over there?” Feng Qianxue asked gently.

“It’s taken care of, I’m on my way over there, we’ll meet up near the hotel and go up together then.”

“That’s good.” Feng Qianxue breathed a sigh of relief.

“We’ll go over there and go through the motions, we don’t have to stay too long, but there are a few issues that you have to remember.” Night Zhen Ting solemnly admonished, “Firstly, there are many media at the wedding venue, no matter what you are asked, you just need to smile and don’t have to answer any questions!”

“Second, no matter what happens and what people you see, be calm and stay by my side all the time, don’t walk away.”

“Third, if I do anything, no dissuasion, no meddling, understand?”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue’s heart was vaguely uneasy, she now probably understood why Night Zhen Ting had to come to the wedding, not to condescend to give Si Hao Xuan and Chu Zi Han a show, but, to do something ……

“Hear that?!” Night Zhen Ting was back to his old domineering strength when it came to business.

“I heard you!” Feng Qianxue responded firmly, “Don’t worry, no matter what you do, I will stand by your side unconditionally.”


Chapter 590

“That’s right, good boy!” Night Zhen Ting was very satisfied, “Okay, see you later!”

“Yes, I’ll see you later!”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue carefully recalled the words of Night ZhenTing and reminded herself in her heart that she must not give him any trouble.

Soon, the car arrived at the Chu’s Royal Court Hotel.

There were pink balloons hanging on the trees in both rows of the hotel’s greenway, as well as Chu Zihan and Si Hao Xuan’s wedding photos.

A happy and romantic wedding march was playing on the stereo in the trees, rendering a sweet atmosphere for this wedding.

Bells were ringing from the church in the distance, and pink heart-shaped balloons were floating in the sky.

The wedding was about to start, and one after another many luxury cars drove in.

As Feng Qianxue watched the gesture, she could not help but sigh in her heart that Chu Zihan had indeed exhausted herself for this wedding.

It seems that she really loves Si Hao Xuan, I hope they are happy!

As she was thinking, the car stopped at the roadside and Night Hui came around to open the door and said respectfully, “Miss Feng, please!” Remember the website

Another car was parked next to her, and as soon as Feng Qianxue looked up, she saw Night Zhen Ting, she immediately got out of the car and got into Night Zhen Ting’s car with Night Hui’s escort.

“How beautiful!” Night Zhen Ting led her to sit next to himself, his eyes running up and down her body.

“You seem to be dressed rather casually, but you’re still handsome.”

Feng Qianxue also sized him up, it was the same suit he usually wore for work, without any trimmings, but it was just as wickedly handsome, with a domineering look between his eyebrows as if he was a heavenly god.

“Do you like it?” Night Zhen Ting put his forehead against hers, ambiguously coming closer to her.

“Stop it ……,” Feng Qianxue shrank back sheepishly and put her hands against his shoulders, “There are people.”

“Ahem!” Night Army coughed dryly twice.

The bodyguard driving the car, Ah Hai, was used to seeing this.

“Alright, no more teasing you.”

Night Zhen Ting dotingly pinched her cheeks and took her in his arms, about to talk to her about going back, when Night Jun suddenly said, “Night King, it’s the Leng family’s car.”

Night Zhen Ting twisted his head to look, an absolute Maybach slowly drove past from the side, the silver and Thai coloured body looked very low profile, only that special number plate, still able to recognize the identity of the Leng family.

There was some traffic ahead and the Maybach and the Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped at the same time.

Through the windows, it was not clear who was in the opposite car, but the people in both cars were looking at each other, and even though they could not see anything, that powerful aura intersected and still emitted an overwhelming killing aura!

Feng Qianxue inexplicably tensed up, twisted her head to look at the car outside and cautiously asked, “Is that your nemesis?”

She had teased about why Night Zhen Ting was going to his nemesis Si Hao Xuan’s wedding, and Night Zhen Ting had said something like, “The two of them are not qualified to be my rivals, but my real rival, indeed, will be met at the wedding!”

Although Night ZhenTing did not reveal too much, Feng QianXue could vaguely feel that the person in the car next to him should be Night ZhenTing’s real opponent.

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting nodded slightly and withdrew his gaze, “It’s someone from the Leng family!”

Feng Qianxue had once heard of the Leng Family, South Night and North Leng, the legendary two business families that drove hand in hand and held an untouchable position in the business empire.

At present, in the Chinese business field, apart from the Leng Family, no one could match the Night Family!

Some people once said that if these two families were to join forces, they would be invincible, and that they would be the kings of the business empire.

Unfortunately, the two families had been enemies for generations, and had fought to the death in the past generation, but they had later settled their differences and agreed not to cross the river, but cooperation was out of the question.

It was thought that the two families would always be at peace, but recently, when the new heir to the Leng family took power, he began to attack the domestic market and go against the Night family ……