Am I A Gigolo Chapter 595-596

Chapter 595

This scene did not escape Chu Zihan’s eyes, and her face turned gloomy, but soon, she raised her smile again and looked at Si Hao Xuan with deep affection.

Feng Qianxue frowned and withdrew her gaze, ready to sit for a while before leaving.

At that moment, she suddenly noticed a tiny figure standing in the corner, it was Simu Feng!

He was wearing a delicate little suit, standing quietly by a flower platform, tilting his head and looking at Si Haoxuan and Chu Zihan on stage, his gaze was very complicated ……

A video clip of Si Haoxuan proposing to Chu Zihan was playing on the big screen on the stage ……

In the video, Si Haoxuan was holding a diamond ring on the beach and said to Chu Zihan with deep emotion, “Zihan, you are the woman I love most in my life, I will give you happiness, marry me!”

Chu Zihan was moved to tears and hugged Si Hao Xuan tightly.

The two of them kissed pa*sionately on the beach, with their friends and family cheering for them next to them.

Watching this, Si Mu Feng suddenly said coldly, “At first, you said the same thing to mommy ……”

Behind him, Zheng Yulin hurriedly ran and picked him up from behind: “Mu Feng, why did you run here? Didn’t we agree that we would eat in the box with grandma?”

“I just came to see Daddy ……,” Simu Feng looked quietly at the stage boss Hao Xuan, acting very calmly, “to see if he was happy.”

“Daddy is getting married, of course he’s happy.” Zheng Yulin picked up Simu Feng, turned around and found a seat, “Promise grandma, be good and obedient today, no trouble, okay?”

“Okay.” Simu Feng nodded his head in a good manner.

Zheng Yulin let out a sigh of relief, and seeing the child’s rare calmness, she stopped forcing him to leave.

After all, a child who was just over three years old would have psychological problems if he was locked up like that for a long time. With so many guests and so much activity today, the child must be very happy and would forget his worries.

Seeing that child, Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but sigh. She had always felt that whatever grudges the adults had against each other, they shouldn’t involve the child.

It was really his misfortune that Simu Feng was born into such a family and such a complicated relationship ……

“Now I announce that Mr. Si Haoxuan and Miss Chu Zihan have officially become husband and wife, the groom can kiss the bride!”

Si Haoxuan was about to come over and kiss Chu Zihan when the happy and warm video clip on the screen suddenly stuck and then the screen flickered and turned black and the music came to an abrupt halt.

The romantic and warm atmosphere at the scene suddenly froze, the original laughter also stopped, and everyone looked towards the stage, not knowing what had happened.

Chu Zihan’s face instantly sank, and Si Hao Xuan immediately sent someone to deal with it, and then rea*sured her: “Maybe the machine is malfunctioning, it will be fine in a while.”

Chu Zihan did not say anything, but her face was very unpleasant.

Si Zhiyuan immediately went on stage to apologize and explain, saying that there was a problem with the emcee’s backstage instrument and that it would be fine soon ……

At this time, the screen flickered and there were sounds and images again, but it was no longer the romantic and warm images from earlier, but a video of Chu Zihan persecuting Bai Lu –

In the screen, several bodyguards from the Chu family escorted Bai Lu to the car, and Chu Zi Han slapped her one after another, and cursed angrily through gritted teeth ……

“You b*tch, Hao Xuan doesn’t even want you anymore, yet you’re stalking him and coming to our party to cause trouble, causing me to lose face, if I don’t fix you, my last name is Chu!”

“If you have the guts, kill me, if you can’t kill me, I will haunt you and Si Hao Xuan for the rest of my life, so that you will never have peace ……”

“Still tough-mouthed, are you? Very well.” Chu Zihan laughed grimly, “Don’t you just want a man? I’ll make it happen for you!”

“You guys, serve Madam Si well, she has been thirsty for too long and needs to be nourished by a man!”


Chapter 596


Several bodyguards then stripped off their clothes and pounced on Bai Lu.

“Don’t, don’t-” Bai Lu screamed miserably as she tore her heart out, “Chu Zi Han you vicious b*tch, I won’t let you go even as a ghost, ah- ”

The harsh ghost-like screams spread to every corner of the banquet hall, sending chills down everyone’s spine.

“No, no, it’s not me ……” Chu Zihan was scared silly and screamed in panic, “It’s not like that, turn it off, turn it off!!!”

As she spoke, Si Hao Xuan had already rushed backstage like an arrow to turn off the drop meter ……

Unfortunately, it was already too late, all the guests at the scene had already seen and heard it, and there were also guests who had recorded that clip with their mobile phones just now.

At once, the romantic and warm wedding scene turned into a crime trial scene, with all the guests present as witnesses.

The people in that video were clear as day, it was Bai Lu and Chu Zi Han, along with the Chu family’s bodyguards.

Several of those bodyguards are still on the scene now.

It could not be faked, it could not be false, the evidence was overwhelming, there was no doubt!!! Remember the website

Everyone was stunned, including the Si family’s parents, and the Chu family’s relatives and friends ……

Looking at all this, Feng Qianxue was dumbfounded, although she had known about that incident for a long time, she did not expect that this would be staged at the wedding, she looked at the stage in a daze, and then looked at Night Zhen Ting.

She looked at the stage in bewilderment, then looked back at Night Shocking and lit his cigar and smoked it elegantly, as if he was a god in control of the whole situation, everything was in his plan!

“Zi Han, is this true?”

Chu Zimo stood up and questioned excitedly.

As the only son of the Great Chu Family, the power that the Second Chu Family relied on to look up to, Chu Zimo’s questioning pushed public opinion even further into the limelight.

“No, it’s not, brother, you listen to me ……”

“Miss Chu, I advise you to remain silent.” A senior legal official coldly bellowed, “According to my experience, that video just now does not look like a fake, the media broadcasted it live and has already uploaded that scene just now to the internet, I believe the police will contact you soon.”

“No, Judge Gao ……”

Chu Zihan still wanted to explain something.

The judge got up, saluted Chu Shihao and Si Zhiyuan, and politely said, “Sorry, I have official duties and am not in a position to participate in this wedding, take care of yourselves!”

With that, the judge left straight away with his family ……

Other guests with official positions also left one after another, some of them would still say hello to the elders of the Si and Chu families, while some left without even saying hello.

In just a few minutes’ time, a large part of the guests had already left.

And by this time, the projector had turned off and the romantic and melodious wedding music was playing again, but unfortunately there was no one left to wish them well.

Si Hao Xuan hurried back, saw the few guests and hurriedly went to retain them to explain.

Some simply did not listen and brushed them off.

Some were indignant and accused him of being a contemporary Chen Shimei, who had murdered his wife in order to climb into the Chu family, a wolf’s heart and a dog’s lungs, which God could not forgive.

There were also some relatives of the Si family who advised him that such a vicious woman should not be married and to hurry up and cancel the wedding to stay away from the Chu family ……

The first thing you need to do is to ask Chu Zi Mo on stage if all that is true or not.

Chu Zihan decided to deny it, then angrily insulted the staff, saying that they had ruined her wedding and her happiness, and that they would have to make those people pay….

The wedding turned into a farce, and Feng Qianxue was still in a daze when she was pulled by Night Zhen Ting and left through the back door.

She drifted back to her senses and was about to ask something when she suddenly saw Simu Feng standing in the corner, glaring with hatred at Chu Zihan on the stage.

Then, taking out a sharp pair of scissors from his small school bag, he rushed excitedly towards the stage ……

“Mu Feng ……” Feng Qianxue shouted, but unfortunately her voice was drowned out by Chu Zihan’s roar.

Si Mu Feng’s tiny body rushed through the crowd and onto the stage, stabbing the sharp scissors viciously into Chu Zi Han’s stomach, “Go to hell, bad woman —-“