Am I A Gigolo Chapter 597-598

Chapter 597

Feng Qianxue paused in her tracks and looked at the stage in shock ……

Chu Zihan’s stomach was stabbed and his eyes widened in shock as he looked at Simu Feng and then at his own stomach.

After all, Simu Feng was only a child, his strength was limited and the scissors did not pierce deep.

But the blood was already enough to stain the white wedding dress.

Si Hao Xuan was stunned, frozen in place in a daze, forgetting to react ……

He probably would never have thought that his three-and-a-half-year-old son would take the scissors and stab his new bride.

He thought that the child was still young and didn’t know anything.

As long as he hid it from Simu Feng, everything would seem to have never happened and he would still be the flawless and good father.

However, he didn’t know that the child’s world had long since come to its own realization that all the bad things he had done, the child had seen it in his eyes, remembered it in his heart and carved it into his bones ……

“Ah–” the women at the scene let out a terrified scream.

Chu Zihan fell to the ground, covering her stomach with one hand, grabbing Si Mu Feng’s neck with the other fiercely, her face fierce as she roared, “You wild b*****d, you killed my child, I will kill you, kill you-”

“Don’t!” Zheng Yulin rushed over and shielded Simu Feng behind her, “He’s just a child, Zi Han, let him go.”

“Get off-” Chu Zi Han still wanted to go to choke Si Mu Feng, Si Hao Xuan also rushed over to protect his son, and also stopped her saying, “Stop it, go to the hospital first.”

“Let go of me, I want to kill that sinful b*****d, kill him-”

Chu Zihan roared like a madman.

Chu Shihao forced someone to send Chu Zihan to the hospital, then turned back to glare at Si Mu Feng and ordered, “Take this sinful b*****d down for me.”


“Don’t ……” Si Zhiyuan also stepped forward to protect his grandson, “Brother Chu, he’s just a child.”

“He can already kill people, or is he a child? This is the devil!”

“Brother Chu ……”

“If you still want to recognize this marriage today, hand over this sinful child!”


What followed, Feng Qianxue didn’t have the chance to see, as Night Zhen Ting dragged her away in a hurry.

It was only when she got into the car that Feng Qianxue reacted, calming her excitement and looking up at him, “Did you do this?”

“Yes.” Night Zhen Ting did not intend to hide it, “What? You don’t think I did the right thing?”

“No. ……”

Feng Qianxue’s emotions were complicated and she didn’t know how to express them.

She knew very well in her heart that the video was not a forgery, but a fact, Chu Zihan had sent people to round J Bai Lu, but in the end, he used money and power to calm down and make the big thing go away, which was originally a tenth evil and evaded legal responsibility.

The video was released today by Night Zhen Ting with an ulterior motive, but there is nothing wrong with it, at least the person who committed the crime was sanctioned by the law.

If there is any problem, it’s letting Simu Feng see the videos, which I’m afraid will leave a lifelong shadow in that boy’s heart ……

Of course, even if he hadn’t seen the video, he probably already knew that it was Chu Zihan who had harmed his mother, but seeing it with his own eyes would have meant something different again.

“The shopping mall is like a battlefield, this is my means, but I’m not going against morality or the law, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.” Night Zhen Ting explained lightly.

“I know ……” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly helplessly, “Congratulations, you’ve eliminated the Leng family’s right hand man in one go!”

That’s right, once this video is released, Chu Zihan will soon be brought to justice, the Si family will not be able to become a climate, and the Leng family, with less help from the Si and Chu families, is like having one less guide dog!

When the Leng Clan first came to Hai Cheng, without their guide dog, their plans would definitely be delayed for some time.

And this period of time was already enough for Night Zhen Ting to find a breakthrough.

“Night King!” Night Jun suddenly shouted.

Night Zhen Ting turned his head to look out of the window ……

The silver tai-colored Maybach slowly drove over and stopped next to it, the window lowered a slit, revealing half of the side face that was suddenly bright and dark, and a low voice came out, “The Night King really lives up to his name! Good tactics!”

Chapter 598

“Mr. Leng has over-appreciated you!” Night Zhen Ting stared at the side of that face and smiled lightly, “This small temple in Hai Cheng can only accommodate one Buddha, Mr. Leng should open up another territory.”

“Sorry, I’ve got my eye on this small temple.” The man’s voice was low and husky, with a ghostly coldness, “See you later!”

With that, the Maybach slowly drove away from ……

Feng Qianxue looked at the car and couldn’t help but say, “That man is so mysterious, he never shows his face!”

“People from the Leng family are like that, nervous.” Night Zhen Ting didn’t have a good tone when he mentioned the Leng family.

“Oh!” Feng Qianxue stopped discussing the topic and instead sighed, “Chu Zihan and Si Hao Xuan both deserved what they got, just pity that child ……”

“That child was beyond my expectation.”

Night Zhen Ting since he became a father, he is softer to children, he did not want Si Mu Feng to see that video, originally thought that Si Hao Xuan murdered his wife and married another person, how will also avoid the child, did not expect Si Mu Feng will appear at the wedding scene.

The youngest child had actually moved to kill.

Adults commit sins, but let children suffer ……

It’s really saddening to think about.

“I hope he’s alright.” Feng Qianxue frowned, full of worry, “Even if Si Mu Feng is scum and poor, he should still protect his own son, right? It’s just that Chu Zihan is so vicious, I don’t know if Si Hao Xuan will be able to protect Si Mu Feng.”

“Don’t worry, the Chu family will be in trouble soon and won’t have the energy to toss that child.” Night Zhen Ting patted her hand, “I’ll take you home!”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head, not allowing herself to think any more.

When Nightingale sent Feng Qianxue home, Zhu’s mother had already packed her luggage and was waiting on the ground floor.

Feng Qianxue went back to her room and changed into comfortable casual clothes, grabbed her small bag and was about to go downstairs when Night Zhenting hugged her tightly and ordered dominantly, “You must call me every day to report your safety, and come back as soon as possible after you finish your business!”

“Got it.” Feng Qianxue stood on tiptoe and tenderly kissed Night ZhenTing, “The children are in your hands, take good care of them, and also, take good care of yourself.”

“Got it.” Night ZhenTing pinched her nose, “I’ll wait for you to come back!”

“Mm.” The two of them hugged for a while longer before reluctantly going downstairs.

The bodyguards waited at the door, took the two’s luggage into the car and sent them to One Happy Street.

Feng Qianxue opened the car window and waved goodbye to Night ZhenTing.

Night Zhen Ting watched her leave and instructed Night Jun, “Protect them secretly.”

“Understood.” The Night Army immediately followed.

“Miss, I don’t have much luggage with me, so you and I will each have a small suitcase, so if we don’t have enough by then we can just buy it on the fly.” Zhu Ma chatted idly with Feng Qianxue in the car, “Just now I made a hundred little piggy bags and instructed Rong Ma to heat them up every morning for the three children to eat.”

“You’re still thoughtful.” Feng Qianxue smiled and patted her hand, urging, “Hurry up a little!”

“Yes, Miss Feng!”

Soon, the car drove to One Happy Street, Feng Qianxue let the bodyguards leave first, and then went back with Zhu’s mother to get the documents, dragging the suitcase.

After getting the documents, Feng Qianxue also looked at the entrance of the district vigilantly to make sure no one was following them, and this time called a taxi and went straight to the railway station.

When he was on his way to the office, he received a message from the night army: “Miss Feng didn’t go to the mausoleum garden, but went directly to the train station, probably to take the train back to the countryside?”

“Continue to follow and protect carefully.”


An hour later, Feng Qianxue and Zhu Ma boarded the train to Phoenix City without any problems.

At the same time, Night Zhen Ting’s side had received the corresponding news.

He was very puzzled, wasn’t Feng Qianxue going back to the countryside? Zhu Ma’s hometown was in Fengtian Town, why was she going to Phoenix City again? What the hell is she up to?

It seems that there is really something being hidden from me ……