Am I A Gigolo Chapter 601-602

Chapter 601

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue was shocked, and Zhu Ma was even more frightened and pale: “No way, then won’t our young lady ……”

“Don’t be anxious.” Dr. Hua said comfortingly, “I’m just saying that maybe, according to my experience, there should be hope, just don’t rush it.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Zhu Ma’s voice was choked up, “Doctor Hua, our master is gone, he left behind such an only child, for the sake of the master, you must cure Miss.”

“I will do my best.” Dr. Hua nodded, “You need a good mind to heal, you guys relax and don’t think too much.”

“Doctor Hua is right.” Feng Qianxue was relatively calm, “Zhu Ma, let’s go out, don’t disturb Dr. Hua.”

“Oh.” Zhu Ma nodded her head.

“Wait a minute.” Doctor Hua handed several packets of Chinese herbs to Zhu Ma, “Her poison can’t be solved now, your illness is well treated, these few Chinese herbs, you should drink one pair every day for ten days and a half months, it will improve your condition greatly.”

“Good good, thank you thank you.”

Zhu’s mother hurriedly accepted the Chinese herbs, not expecting there would be a windfall.

“I’ll take you to decoct the medicine.”

Little Flower led Zhu Ma and Feng Qianxue to the kitchen.

Feng Qianxue was relieved that even if her poison was not lifted, at least Zhu’s mother’s condition had been treated and the trip had not been in vain.

Xiaohua decocted the medicine for Zhu’s mother and also made dinner.

Dr Hua brought his young apprentice out and the family sat around the stone table to eat.

Xiaohua cooked a delicious meal, Feng Qianxue had a good appetite and ate a lot, but as she ate she began to get a headache and nosebleeds ……

She knew the toxicity was kicking in and immediately covered her nose and rushed into the bathroom.

“Miss ……” Zhu Ma hurriedly followed her.

Dr. Hua looked at her back, his brow furrowed, and took a bottle of potion to Little Flower to send to Feng Qianxue to take.

Feng Qianxue, still in pain in the bathroom, drank Xiaohua’s potion and soon pa*sed out.

Zhu’s mother was terrified and rushed to call Dr. Hua.

Dr. Hua said indifferently, “She’ll be fine after a nap, it’s not a solution if the pain continues like this.”

Only then did Zhu’s mother understand that the medicine could not relieve the pain, that is, it would make Feng Qianxue pa*s out and the pain would stop.

Zhu Ma and Xiao Hua cleaned Feng Qianxue, changed her clothes, and helped her to bed to sleep.

Then Zhu Ma watched over her, her heart aching as she saw how weak Feng Qianxue looked.

Little Flower brought her pastries, but she had no appetite to eat them either.

During the night, Dr. Hua did not do anything, he did not give Feng Qianxue any other examination or treatment, and did not even drink any other medicine.

Instead, he let Zhu’s mother drink Chinese medicine and did acupuncture.


In the meantime, the night army’s people lost Feng Qianxue because they helped her chase off her pursuers at the train station, and are now inquiring all over Phoenix about Feng Qianxue’s whereabouts.

Night Army called to report to Night Zhen Ting: “Someone followed Miss Feng and tried to make a move on her, but they were intercepted by my men, and according to my observation, those should be Miss Ling’s people.”

“Ling Long?” Night Zhen Ting frowned, “She’s really deadly.”

“Miss Ling is about to marry into the Night Family, and she was dumped by you like this at the doorstep, so naturally she is not willing to do anything about it, with her nature, she will definitely do something about it.” Night Jun has always been straightforward, “Luckily we followed Miss Feng, otherwise something would have happened at the train station.”

“We can’t take things lightly now either, find her as soon as possible.” Night Zhen Ting admonished.

“Yes.” Night Jun responded, “We’ve already found some clues, Miss Feng should be looking for an old Chinese doctor this time.”

“An old Chinese doctor?” Night Zhen Ting frowned, could it be that Feng Qianxue had some hidden illness?

“It’s said to be an old friend of Mr. Feng, maybe he’s taking Zhu Ma to see a doctor?” Night Jun didn’t think much of it, “Anyway, I’ll keep looking and make sure they’re safe.”


Chapter 602

For the next three days, Feng Qianxue just planted herbs in the yard, fed the chickens, fed the geese, and then boiled Chinese medicine for Zhu’s mother, and sometimes, when she was bored, she would help Xiaohua with the cooking ……

The days were leisurely, but the treatment was not yet on the agenda.

The doctor took a tube of her blood every day to study it, but there were no results.

Zhu’s mother is dying of anxiety, but Feng Qianxue is very calm ……

The actual fact is that there is a life and death situation, now this situation, anxious also useless.

The girl who loves to laugh and hums when she is doing something, the atmosphere will become better with her around.

Feng Qianxue’s mood is also much lighter, this place is like a paradise, making people feel very comfortable.

After only three days of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, Zhu’s mother’s old problems had picked up. She carefully urged Dr. Hua to refine the antidote sooner.

Dr. Hua would reply carelessly, “There’s no hurry ……”

Zhu’s mother could only leave with a sigh.

In these three days, Feng Qianxue would talk to Night Zhen Ting on the phone every night, and the children would chat with her on the other end of the line about the funny things that happened to them in kindergarten. Remember the website

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say a word about her, and Feng Qianxue didn’t say anything about being followed and chased, let alone mention that he had secretly sent someone to protect her.

Both of them tacitly guarded each other’s secrets.

Every other day, Feng Qianxue would have an attack of toxicity, and each time, Dr. Hua had Xiaohua take that potion and feed it to her, and she would drink it and pa*s out, and wake up as if nothing had happened ……

In this way, another five days pa*sed.

This morning, the young apprentice returned from outside carrying a lot of medicinal herbs and also prepared a large bath tub and placed it in Feng Qianxue and Zhu Ma’s room, without saying anything, and went to work again.

Feng Qianxue was bored and helped Xiaohua pick vegetables.

Xiaohua, on the other hand, kept boiling hot water as if she was cooking something.

Zhu Ma was boiling Chinese herbs and watching the pharmacy, hoping that some good news would appear today.

At dinner time, Feng Qianxue had another attack, and this time, instead of asking Xiaohua to feed her the herbs, Dr Hua asked Zhu Ma to help her back to her room ……

Zhu’s mother helped the pain-stricken Feng Qianxue back to her room and found the bath tub filled with herbal water.

Little Flower reached out and came to undress Feng Qianxue, adding, “Doctor Hua told me to prepare it for the day, so that Little Sister Feng can soak in it.”

“Is this the treatment?” Zhu’s mother asked.

“Yes.” Little Flower nodded, “Help her in quickly.”

“Fine, fine.”

The two undressed Feng Qianxue and helped her lie down in the bath tub, then Xiaohua took out a pack of silver needles to sterilise them.

Outside, Dr Hua told Little Flower one by one to stick that acupuncture point.

Xiaohua followed his instructions and stuck dozens of silver needles into Feng Qianxue’s body.

Soon, the purple-black blood slowly drained out ……

“It’s drained out, it’s drained out.” Zhu’s mother was ecstatic.

Feng Qianxue heard Zhu Ma’s voice in her daze and knew that the treatment had worked, she weakly raised the corners of her lips and then pa*sed out ……

“Miss, Miss!” Zhu Ma hastily called out.

“It’s normal to pa*s out, it’s like this at first, you’ll get used to it after a few days.” Dr Hua asked from the window, “Has the dirty blood drained out?”

“It drained out, there was a lot of purple-black blood from where the needle was stuck.” Little Flower replied.

“That’s good, that means it’s working, tomorrow we’ll give her a chicken stew and a good tonic.”


In this way, Feng Qianxue’s treatment was on track, soaking the herbs once a day in the evening to get the dirty blood out, sleeping through the night and waking up the next day refreshed and with an increased appetite.

Zhu’s mother was overjoyed to see Feng Qianxue’s improvement.

The two of them were looking forward to getting rid of all the toxicity soon and going back soon.

However, Dr. Hua said that the problem could not be completely dealt with in a few days, but at least a month ……