Am I A Gigolo Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

Bai Qiuyu arranged for Feng Qianxue to be seated in the middle of her and Bai Lu, with mother and daughter accompanying her left and right, seemingly warmly, but actually to give her nowhere to escape.

After taking her seat, an aunt surnamed Huang smiled and looked at Feng Qianxue: “I haven’t seen you for a few years, Qianxue has matured a lot.”

“She used to look like a little girl, but now she’s grown up.” Another aunt, surnamed Ma, deliberately asked, “Sister Qiu Yu, what child did you just talk about? Is it possible that Qianxue is already married and has children?”

“Yes, Qianxue already has three children, so what about it, time flies, we are getting old.” Bai Qiuyu smiled and said, “Qianxue, why didn’t you bring the children here today?”

This time, Feng Qiuxue did not interrupt Bai Qiuyu and let her finish her sentence.

Feng Qianxue knew very well that from the moment Bai Lu bumped into her and the child at the kindergarten, the secret could not be kept.

At least in the Bai and Feng families, word had spread long ago.

Given Bai Qiuyu’s character, I was afraid that she had already said a lot of unpleasant things about her to these aunts and uncles behind her back.

Bai Qiuyu invited them here tonight, just to put on a good show, to deliberately humiliate Feng Qianxue in front of Si Hao Xuan, to completely break off the relationship between the two of them ……

“Oh my god ……”

The table full of people felt incredible, they didn’t expect that after four years of not seeing each other, Feng Qianxue actually had a child, or three. Remember the website

Several uncles all frowned, their faces stony, and their gazes at Feng Qianxue became even more contemptuous.

The aunt named Huang asked excitedly, “Qianxue, when did you get married? How come we didn’t know about it.”

“How old is the child?” The aunt Ma asked, “What does your husband do? Why didn’t he come with you?”

Bai Qiuyu and Bai Lu looked at Feng Qianxue with a smirk.

The mother and daughter were waiting to see how Feng Qianxue was going to tell everyone that she had found a duck in the night and then gave birth to these three children ……

After a moment of silence, Feng Qianxue finally spoke, “This is my personal matter, it has nothing to do with you guys, right?”

At once, a room full of people froze, obviously not expecting her to respond in this way.

One uncle shouted down in exasperation, “What do you mean it has nothing to do with us? We are all your elders, shouldn’t we ask you about your situation?”

“You’re covering up like that, you’re not unmarried and having children first, are you?” Another uncle questioned, “Who exactly is the father of the child?”

“Why don’t you say anything?” Others questioned anxiously, “You didn’t hook up with a married man and have an illegitimate child for him, did you?”

“Oh ……” one aunt mocked, “A married man is a good thing, I’m afraid I don’t even know who the father is.”

“You’ve disgraced the Feng family by doing such a ridiculous thing.”

One uncle was so angry that he slapped the case.

“Qianxue, you are so unlikeable.” Auntie Ma mocked, “Four years ago you did that kind of shameless thing and got so angry that your father jumped to his death, I thought you had curbed your ways, but I didn’t expect you to intensify it now.”

“Yes, we as elders really can’t stand to see it, alas ……” Auntie Huang sighed, “If Mr. Feng knew under the nine springs that you were like this now, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to die in peace. ”

“When I was a child, I was a good boy, but I grew up like this, it’s a sin.” A few other aunts muttered in a low voice.

“All said and done it’s because they didn’t have a mother to teach them, that’s why they are so shameless, look at Lulu, where is she like that ……”

“That’s right, Lulu is just a clean and good boy, open and honest in love, married and had children, where is she like ……”

Hearing these words, Bai Lu’s face lifted up with a smug smile.

“Aiya, Old Huang, you can’t say that.” Bai Qiu Yu laughed in mock modesty, “My family, Lulu, I have been strictly controlled since childhood. This poor child, Qianxue, grew up without a mother, that’s why she went down the wrong path, we as elders should educate her more ……”

“Have you said enough?”

Feng Qianxue finally couldn’t bear it anymore.


Chapter 72

“If I remember correctly, none of you here have the surname Feng, right?” Feng Qianxue retorted indifferently, “What does the face of the Feng family have to do with you?”

“You ……”

“Back when my father was around, when the Wind Family was in its prime, you all fawned over our family like dogs, and when the Wind Family fell on hard times, everyone disappeared, and now you’re here pretending to be elders to lecture me?”

Feng Qianxue sneered mockingly, “You guys aren’t afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven!”

“How do you …… you speak?”

The gang of uncles were so angry that they were red in the face.

One of the distant relatives, Ma Qiang, was even more furious, pointing his finger at Feng Qianxue’s nose and scolding, “When your father was around, he wouldn’t speak to us like this, after all, you are a wild b*****d without a mother, you really have no upbringing!”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue’s emotions exploded and she violently picked up the water cup in front of her and smashed it.

“With a bang, the water cup brushed the top of Ma Qiang’s head and smashed into the crystal chandelier behind.

A pile of crystal beads fell and hit the dining table with a thunderous bang, causing a group of women to scream in terror.

Bai Lu jumped up and hid behind Bai Qiuyu.

Bai Qiuyu subconsciously used her hand to shield her face, but her wrist was still cut by the gla*s crumbs, slowly oozing blood ……

“Ah…” Bai Qiuyu screamed in an exaggerated manner.

Feng Shiyuan hurriedly rushed down from upstairs: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

“This ingrate, she did something shameless like that, how dare she, how dare she ……”

Aunt Huang’s words were swallowed back by Feng Qianxue’s sharp eyes.

“How outrageous.” Ma Qiang pointed at Feng Qianxue and shouted angrily, “You actually dare to do it?”

“You were the ones who spoke out first.” Feng Qianxue glared at him coldly and sternly, “I can put up with you guys talking about me, but I can’t put up with you talking about my parents!”

“You ……”

“Alright, alright.” Feng Shiyuan hurriedly intervened, “We are all family, calm down, calm down.”

“Who is a family with her.” Ma Qiang was unforgivable, “You don’t want to be shameless yourself, but you don’t let others talk about it, and when you do, you go crazy here, like a mad dog.”

“Ma Qiang, don’t talk like that ……”

“Old Feng, I can’t eat this meal today, I’ll come visit you and my sister-in-law some other time.” Ma Qiang left angrily with his wife.

Another relative pulled Feng Shiyuan and said, “Old Feng, I know you are loyal and kind, but I still want to advise you to stay away from this injustice, don’t give yourself a hard time.”

“Old Bai ……”

“We will also leave first, Mr. Feng, Madam, Lulu, we will come back to visit you some other time.”

Several other uncles and aunts also left in a hurry, not wanting to invite trouble.

“Hey, don’t go, this meal isn’t even served yet.”

Bai Qiuyu tried to call out to them, but one by one, they had all left.

“Forget it, just let them go.” Feng Shiyuan pulled her back, “Go upstairs and dress the wound, leave this to me.”

“What’s the point of bandaging.” Bai Qiuyu instantly changed her mouth, pointing at Feng Qianxue and shouting angrily, “A nice family banquet was messed up by you, you really don’t know what’s good for you ……”

“Wasn’t it you who wanted to invite me here, Auntie?” Feng Qianxue met her gaze and sneered, “How can I let you down after a good show that you have carefully directed?”

“What are you talking about?” Bai Lu scolded angrily, “My mother was kind enough to invite you to dinner, and you messed up the meal not to mention talking about her like that? Do you have no upbringing?”

“Oh, it was really kind ……” Feng Qianxue picked up the table cloth and carefully wiped the broken gla*s and blood on her hands, “Didn’t you specially invite so many ma*s actors to add to my drama, just to make Si Hao Xuan look at me as a joke? ”

“Your jokes still need to be acted out for people to see? You were born to be a joke.” Bai Qiuyu scolded harshly, “Your mother ran away when she gave birth to you, and your father raised you with all the pampering he could muster, but it’s a pity that he raised a shameless little b*tch!”

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