Am I A Gigolo Chapter 81-82

Chapter 81

On this journey, the two did not say a word until the car stopped ……

Feng Qianxue saw the luxurious villa outside through the car window, the luxury cars parked at the entrance, before she realized how grand this dinner party was, and hurriedly asked, “What kind of party is this?”

“A simple charity auction.” Night Zhen Ting replied indifferently, “No need to be nervous, just follow me around.”

“Why did you choose me?” Feng Qianxue asked in confusion, “I’m just a small security guard, I don’t have any specialties either ……”

“What a lot of nonsense!” Night Zhen Ting interrupted her words and got up to get out of the car.

Feng Qianxue beamed unhappily and followed her down, but almost twisted her foot, luckily Lei Yu helped her in time.

“Mr. Night, the guests are all here!” A middle-aged man in a suit came to greet them with his entourage, and when he saw Feng Qianxue, he hurriedly bowed his head in respectful greeting, “Greetings!”

“Greetings.” Feng Qianxue responded politely, she was surprised that the people around Night Zhenting were particularly respectful to her.

Night ZhenTing raised his steps and walked towards the villa.

Feng Qianxue followed behind slowly in her high heels, her gaze attracted by a white Bentley not far away.

That was Si Hao Xuan’s car, he was here too!

A few more steps and she saw a Porsche, also Feng Shiyuan’s car.

Feng Qianxue’s brow furrowed up, this evening was really lively, whenever there was a party with Feng Shiyuan there, Bai Qiuyu was definitely there too.

sh*t, Bai Qiuyu wouldn’t reveal in front of Night Zhen Ting that she had a child, would she?

If it were to come up on such an occasion, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to night ZhenTing?

Then she would be in trouble ……

Feng Qianxue was thinking wildly when she suddenly bumped into a hard object.

She was startled and covered her forehead to look up. It turned out to be Night Zhen Ting who stopped waiting for her, while the distracted her bumped into his firm chest ……

“What are you looking at?” Night Zhen Ting’s low voice was magnetic in this silent night.

“No, nothing ……” Feng Qianxue was a bit flustered, “I, I suddenly feel a bit uncomfortable, otherwise I’ll go back first …… ”

Before she could finish her words, she was yanked by Night Zhen Ting’s hand and dragged straight forward.

She struggled a few times, could not break free, only to let him hold his hand.

Feeling the burning warmth of his palm, she could not help but feel her heart racing and her face burning.

He had long legs and a fast pace, and she had to run at a breakneck pace to keep up, so he slowed his pace to accommodate her, and she slowed down ……

The moonlight cast the two figures on the ground, playful and romantic!

The champagne-colored doors opened and the romantic waltz music greeted them as they arrived at the main hall.

The gorgeous and colourful lights swayed Feng Qianxue’s eyes so much that she could not open them, she subconsciously closed her eyes as warm applause rang out in her ears.

Night Zhen Ting tucked Feng Qian Xue’s hand into the crook of his arm and carried her forward.

Feng Qianxue adjusted to the light and slowly opened her eyes, all she saw were warm smiles and respectful gazes.

It was all like a lifetime ago.

It was as if Feng Qianxue had gone back to a few years ago, when her father was alive and the family held banquets every time, it was also a scene of such pomp and prosperity.

These four years, she fell from heaven, suffered from the hardships of the earth, feel the warmth of the world, she thought she would never go back to the past ……

But now, this man beside her is bringing her supreme glory!

“Did I see it right? Isn’t that woman beside Mr. Night Feng Qianxue?” In the crowd, Bai Qiuyu rubbed her eyes and asked Bai Lu in a low voice, “Am I seeing things wrong?”

“I also suspect I’m blurry-eyed.” Bai Lu moved to the front to take a closer look and was sure that the person who walked in holding the arm of Night Zhen Ting was Feng Qianxue, she couldn’t help but be shocked, “Mom, it’s her, it’s that b*tch ……”

“Shhh~” Bai Qiuyu hurriedly covered Bai Lu’s mouth, “You must not talk nonsense today, if others hear you it can be a big trouble.”


Chapter 82

When Feng Shiyuan saw Feng Qianxue, he couldn’t help but be stunned and hurriedly asked Si Haoxuan who was beside him, “Haoxuan, this, what’s going on? How come Qianxue is with Mr. Night?”

Si Haoxuan couldn’t even listen to him, his eyes kept looking at Feng Qianxue, there was a complex light flickering ……

It was heartache, remorse, the pain of impending loss.

“Haoxuan ……,” Bai Qiuyu pulled Bai Lu over and said in a low voice, “I’ll go back with Lu Lu first.”

“Good.” Si Haoxuan had just that intention.

“Quiet, everyone!” The MC came on stage and announced, “Our host, Mr. Night, has entered, now, I announce that the charity auction is officially launched, please take your seats!”

The guests took their seats in a neat and orderly manner.

Si Hao Xuan and Feng Shi Yuan were also ready to take their seats when Bai Qiuyu pulled Bai Lu and ran towards the door with her bowed back, and at that moment, the door suddenly closed.

The spotlight shone on the two.

The two of them were like wild cats stealing, wretched and embarra*sed.

All the guests looked at them with contemptuous eyes, while others whispered, “Whose family is this? How come they are so ill-mannered?”

“They look like they’ve never seen the world before. If that’s the case, don’t bring them out, they’ve really lost face.”

“That’s right!”


Si Hao Xuan raised his hand to cover his face, he really didn’t want people to know that this was his family.

Feng Shiyuan smiled awkwardly at the crowd and quickly walked over to call out to the two, “What are you still standing there for, hurry back to your seats.”

“I should have known better than to come.” Bai Lu muttered in exasperation.

“Stop it, isn’t it humiliating enough?” Bai Qiu Yu had seen a lot of things, but Mei was too concerned and bowed her hand to apologise to everyone, “Sorry sorry sorry, this child is not feeling well, I wanted to leave the stage quietly and not disturb everyone’s elegance, but I didn’t expect the party to start already.”

“Madam, we have the lounge over here.” The waiter reminded gently.

“It’s fine now, it’s fine, huh, thanks.”

Bai Qiuyu pulled Bai Lu and sat back down in their seats.

When Bai Lu noticed that Si Hao Xuan kept staring at Feng Qian Xue in the front row, not paying any attention to her situation, she was even more furious and was about to have a fit, when she was held down by Bai Qiuyu again.

“No matter what happens tonight, you must be calm, or else it won’t be you and I who will lose face, but the Bai and Si families. Maybe, Haoxuan will even get sick of you for this and won’t even bring you out in the future.”

“I’m not willing.” Bai Lu was so angry that she gritted her teeth, “Isn’t Feng Qianxue just climbing on a man? What kind of thing is that ……”

“Calm down, this is only where to follow, you are furious!” It’s just brought out for a party, it’s nothing.”

“That’s true.” Bai Lu’s eyes instantly glowed, “Mr. Night definitely doesn’t know the details of her, I have to go tell him ……”

“Stop right there.” Bai Qiuyu hurriedly pulled her back, “How did I give birth to such a stupid person like you, you don’t have any brains at all.”

“What’s wrong?” Bai Lu was unconvinced.

“Nonsense.” Bai Qiuyu’s brow furrowed, “Do we need to say such things in person? If we say it, Chief Night will have a much lower impression of us too.”

“Then what should we do?” Bai Lu asked in disbelief.

“Don’t worry, I have a solution.”

Bai Qiuyu turned her head to look at the two men around her, a husband and a son-in-law, whose attention was all focused on Feng Qianxue, not caring about them at all.

Bai Qiuyu was furious when she looked at them, but she knew that a little intolerance would make a big difference.

“Watch the auction in peace first, and we’ll see what happens later.”

Bai Qiuyu stared at Feng Qianxue’s back, the corners of her mouth lifting in a grim, bad smile.

“When did Qianxue get so close to Chief Night?” Feng Shiyuan asked Si Haoxuan again.

“She works at Shengtian and is a staff member of General Manager Night.” Si Haoxuan finally withdrew his gaze but was a little distracted, “I’m going to the washroom.”

He got up to fasten the buttons of his suit and gave a warning to Bai Lu with a sullen face, “Don’t make a scene!”

Then he left the table ……