Am I A Gigolo Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

“Crazy? A hundred million for a necklace?” Bai Qiuyu was stunned.

“So what if it’s a hundred million? It’s not like my husband doesn’t have any money.” Bai Lu immediately raised her card.

“Put it down quickly ……” Feng Shiyuan hurriedly yanked down her hand, “Do you want to get Haoxuan killed?”

“Daddy, what are you doing ……”

“Listen to your father, don’t mess around.” Bai Qiuyu scolded.

Bai Lu was so angry that she was frantic, but could only resign herself to her fate.

“One hundred million once, one hundred million twice ……”

“Are you crazy? Using one hundred million to auction a necklace?” Feng Qianxue lowered her voice and said excitedly to Night Zhen Ting, “This is too extravagant, isn’t it?”

“Money is just a number.” Night ZhenTing was unmoved.

“But ……”

“One hundred million three times, deal.” The master of ceremonies struck the hammer. Remember the website

The concierge in a dress carefully carried the ruby necklace and came down from the stage to hand it to Night ZhenTing.

Night Zhen Ting took the necklace and casually pa*sed it on to Feng Qian Xue: “For you!”

Feng Qianxue was stunned, a ruby necklace worth a hundred million dollars, for her????

Is he sure?

The scene was in an uproar, many family members were whispering about Feng Qianxue’s origins, wondering which family’s grand daughter, or royal noble daughter, could be chosen by Night Zhen Ting.

Now most people did not know Feng Qianxue, and only three family members knew her.

But those three did not dare to breathe at the moment and turned their heads to look at Bai Qiuyu.

Bai Qiuyu winked at them, gesturing for them to reveal Feng Qianxue’s true identity.

Two of them hesitated, while the other was Qiao Yan, the wife of Ma Qiang, a distant relative of the Feng family.

Last time at the Bai family, Ma Qiang had taught Feng Qianxue a lesson and was forcefully countered by Feng Qianxue, and the couple held a grudge until now.

Tonight, when Ma Qiang saw Feng Qianxue enter, he gave a few low curses and then made an excuse to go backstage for a smoke.

Qiao Yan stayed in her seat alone, not wanting to cause any trouble, but Bai Qiuyu called her and repeatedly brought up the disrespect Feng Qiuxue had shown to the couple that day, and told her ……

“Mr. Night is kept in the dark and is completely unaware of the truth, if someone reveals Feng Qianxue’s true colors at this time, Mr. Night will definitely reward that person heavily ……”

Thinking of this, Qiao Yan got up and walked towards the front row ……

When Bai Qiuyu saw Qiao Yan walking towards the front row, she knew that her plan had succeeded and a smug sneer lifted her lips.

“Mom, what is Auntie Qiao doing?” Bai Lu pulled Bai Qiuyu and asked, “Is she going to ……”

“Shhh~~” Bai Qiuyu hurriedly covered her mouth, gritting her teeth and shouting low, “Shut your mouth!”

“Ooooooooo.” Bai Lu nodded her head repeatedly, her eyes full of excitement.

“What are you guys up to again?” Feng Shiyuan asked with a frown.

Si Hao Xuan also sensed the movement of the Bai family’s mother and daughter, but didn’t ask anything, only looking at Feng Qianxue quietly.

At this moment, Feng Qianxue was the focal point of the room, the most dazzling star.

It was the ultimate dream of countless famous women from the rich and famous families to be able to win the favour of Night Zhen Ting, they had wanted to marry into the Night family and become his woman all their lives!

And Feng Qianxue is now standing at the top of her life ……


Feng Qianxue looked at the ruby necklace worth a hundred million dollars in front of her, and her mind rumbled with confusion.

Her hands twisted around her chest in a panic, so nervous that she was breathing heavily and her heart was racing ……

“Want it?” Night Zhen Ting frowned, a face of impatience, “Do not lose it!”

Said, he made a gesture to throw the ruby necklace out ……

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Feng Qianxue hurriedly grabbed the necklace, and because of the hasty movement, she accidentally fell into his arms.

Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips and smiled, whispering ambiguously in her ear, “Very enthusiastic~”

“I, I didn’t mean to ……”

Feng Qianxue’s face reddened to the roots of her ears, her mosquito voice drowned out in the enthusiastic applause.


Chapter 90

“I have something to say to Mr. Night, please let me pa*s!”

A voice came out, breaking the romantic and beautiful atmosphere.

Feng Qianxue lifted her head from Night Zhen Ting’s arms and saw a familiar face.

Wasn’t this Ma Qiang’s wife Qiao Yan?

Feng Qianxue’s heart hung in the air for a moment, Ma Qiang and his wife had never had much of a brain and were easily incited, so I guess this Qiao Yan must have been instructed by Bai Qiuyu to come and expose her ……

“If you have anything to do, make an appointment with the secretary first.” The bouncer stopped Qiao Yan coldly, “Now, please leave.”

“I’m not looking for Mr. Night to talk business, I just want to tell him a secret ……” Qiao Yan got anxious and shouted through the crowd, “Mr. Night, Mr. Night, you’ve been deceived, this Feng Qianxue is not a good person, she has many bad deeds and three ……”

“Drag it down.” Night Zhen Ting coldly shouted.

“Yes.” The bodyguards immediately covered Qiao Yan’s mouth and escorted her down.

“Ooooooooo ……”

Qiao Yan struggled to say something, but the bodyguards directly knocked her unconscious and dragged her away like a dead dog.

At this point, the scene was silent.

Everyone was terrified and kept their mouths tightly shut, not daring to breathe out.

Ma Qiang heard the commotion and hurried back to join in the fun, and was stunned to see the scene.

He was about to go forward to ask questions, but he was yanked to death by Feng Shiyuan: “At this time, you’d better not know anything, or you’ll implicate the company.”

“But my wife, she ……”

“She’ll be fine.” Feng Shiyuan whispered, “Afterwards, when you go to collect the people, just say that you don’t know anything and scold your wife a few times, they will at most give you a verbal lecture and won’t do anything to you and your couple.”

“Okay ……” Ma Qiang cried, “What the hell is going on here, how did my wife offend the Night Chief?”

“Probably because she’s not used to seeing that b*tch Feng Qianxue and wants to fight for you.” Bai Qiuyu looked indignant, “Aiya, now Feng Qianxue has a backer, she can’t afford to mess with it anymore, poor your wife, she’s being victimised by this little b*tch!”

“You should cut the crap.” Feng Shiyuan shouted lowly.

Bai Qiuyu glared at him, fanned herself with her handkerchief and sighed as she returned to her seat ……

“Mom, how was it? Did Aunt Qiao say anything?” Bai Lu asked as she came over.

“Before I could say anything, people were dragged away.” Bai Qiuyu covered her heart with a pang of fear, “It seems that Feng Qianxue, that little b*tch, has a very high status in the heart of General Manager Night, I really underestimated her. Luckily, I didn’t strike out on my own, otherwise I would have been in trouble.”

“That b*tch got lucky, being seen by General Night, I’ll see how long she can be arrogant.” Bai Lu was furious, “Sooner or later, she’ll get tired of playing!”

“Let’s not talk about it, let’s go back first, with this situation tonight, I always think something else will happen ……”

Bai Qiuyu pulled Bai Lu and was about to leave when the emcee suddenly announced that the second auction would continue.

This time, the auction is a pink diamond ring, although only twelve carats, but pink natural diamonds are very rare, and the surrounding baking inlay technology is also very clever.

And it has a special meaning too, as this ring has been pa*sed down for 99 years and has pa*sed through three owners, each of whom had an absolutely beautiful love story!

So, this ring signifies beautiful love and is named Heartbeat!

“I’ll take this one.” Bai Lu couldn’t move her feet when she saw this pink diamond and immediately went up and pulled Si Haoxuan to pamper her, “Haoxuan, buy this for me.”

“You can bid for it yourself.” Si Haoxuan was already uninterested and intended to leave the venue early, “Si Yuan stay, will go to the settlement when the time comes, just one rule, don’t offend the Night Chief!”

“Understood understand.” Bai Lu nodded her head repeatedly, “Don’t worry.”

Si Haoxuan handed over some things to Si Yuan and got up to leave.

“Lulu, listen to mum, don’t buy it.” Bai Qiuyu coaxed Bai Lu, “With so much going on tonight, staying will only be a long night ……”