Am I A Gigolo Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

“How much do you think I’ll make in a night?” The man leaned back on the sofa, shaking his gla*s of red wine and looking at her good-naturedly, “What if there’s no business?”

“Looking at your selling face, if you work hard, you should be able to become the headliner of the night as well.”

Feng Qianxue looked him up and down, her eyes fixed on his key parts ……

“I’ve heard that ordinary goods are about four or five thousand a time, and eight to ten thousand for a private night, so you can earn at least ten thousand a night, right?”

“So it’s enough to split five thousand with you every night?” The smile on the man’s lips intensified, “You’re good at getting rid of it.”

“Who said that!” Feng Qianxue hurriedly chided, “I mean at least, at least, you have to give me at least five thousand every night, in order to make up for the mistake you made back then, you have to work hard and earn more money for me, got it?”

“Money is not a problem.” The man was very generous, and then asked in confusion, “But how did you recognise me just now?”

“The wolf’s head tattoo on your waist, is it still fake?” Feng Qianxue was afraid that he would deny it.

“So, you don’t know what I look like?” The man looked at her deeply.

“No one knows what you look like.” Feng Qianxue said, “I was so drunk and confused that night that I didn’t see your face clearly.”

The man took a sip of wine and smiled without saying anything.

“Don’t you try to renege on your debt, or I’ll go to the night manager to complain about you.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly said, “And ah, I heard you’re a human demon, if it’s found out, you won’t want to work here in the future.”

The man was shocked and narrowed his eyes dangerously, “A human demon?”

“Hmph! Scared, are you?”

Feng Qianxue took out a pen and paper from her bag and quickly wrote a simple pledge –

“Nah, it’s written clearly and plainly here, from today onwards, for three months, you have to give half of your daily income to me, Feng Qianxue, as compensation for that year. You sign and put your fingerprints on it, and our agreement is done!”

Saying that, she shoved the pen into the man’s hand ……

“Am I the only duck you’re looking for?” The man looked at the crooked words on the pledge and asked with a raised eyebrow, “You don’t have a stack of pledges like that already, do you?”

“Nuts, do you think I’m that into duck hunting? It was an accident back then, growing up, I’ve only ever used one man like you!”

Feng Qianxue was so angry that she blurted out, and her face swished red when she finished.

The man’s lips curved up into a shallow curve, and he signed the agreement with a big smile, but the font was as strange as a ghost drawing, and it was not clear what was written.

Feeling that this was not effective enough, Feng Qianxue pulled his hand over and bit his thumb hard, waiting for the blood to spill out, she immediately pressed his thumb down hard on the paper ……

“Haha!” Looking at the contract generated, Feng Qianxue suddenly raised her eyebrows, “It’s agreed, no backtracking, today’s income to me first!”

“How can you get the revenue today when you haven’t even opened yet?”

The man fiercely dragged her into his arms, wrapped his arms around her small waist, his sexy thin lips swiped her cheeks and whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you place the order and give you a 50% discount ……”

“You, think beautiful!” Feng Qianxue immediately broke away from him, picked up the agreement and pushed it aside in a panic, “Don’t you try to hit me, I’m telling you, from now on, your duty is to be a good duck and try to pay off your debts!”

“Do you give up?” The man narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at her.

“You’re just my cash cow, what’s there to give up?” Feng Qianxue took out her phone, “Let’s exchange phone numbers so we can get in touch.”

The man took her phone, entered his phone number and was about to save his name when Feng Qianxue directly took it over and entered “repay duck”!

The man frowned, obviously unhappy with this name.


Chapter 10

“I’ll send you my bank card account number, you must pay me the money every night before 00:00, got it?”

Feng Qianxue instructed as she operated her phone.

As the words fell, the man’s mobile phone “dinged” with a text message alert tone.

Looking at the series of bank card account numbers on the screen, his cold, thin lips raised slightly.


At this time, Feng Qianxue’s mobile phone rang again.

Seeing that it was He Wenzhe’s number, Feng Qianxue picked up the phone without good grace and cursed angrily at the phone, “Don’t rush, I don’t have money to pay for the bill, I don’t want that job in Shengtian, okay?”

After yelling, she hung up the phone directly, her face flushed red with anger.

Very frustrated at the thought of losing the job she had just gotten, she sat down on the sofa, picked up the gla*s of wine in front of the man and drained it in one go, then burped and complained-

“It’s all because of you that I can’t even find a job now, and I’m being set up by a villain when I’ve managed to find one.”

“Hmm?” The man asked rhetorically, “Someone in Shengtian set you up?”

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you.” Feng Qianxue didn’t want to pay him any mind, but on second thought, she hurriedly asked, “By the way, can you sign the order? There’s probably a hundred thousand or so orders ……”




Feng Qianxue asked the man to help her sign the order for the box, a total of 183,888,000, she was so distressed that she wanted to cry, but now it was important to keep her job, she had to think of the milk powder for the three little ones even if she had a backbone.

She said to the man, “Thanks, it’s deducted from your compensation!”

Then she went to greet her colleagues, “I’ve already bought the order, did you colleagues have a good time?”

“Happy happy, thank you Chixue.” The colleagues responded one after another.

“Did you really buy the bill? It’s said to be over 180,000 in total.” One colleague couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, it’s really expensive, I’ve maxed out a few credit cards, I’ll have to drink the northwest wind next, huh.” Feng Qianxue laughed bitterly, “But it’s good that you guys are happy!”

“This ……” A few colleagues couldn’t bear it and all looked at He Wenzhe.

“Feng Qianxue is too modest, such a small amount of money, not enough for her to buy a bag, how could she swipe her credit card.” He Wenzhe sneered, “But thanks anyway, next time I’ll treat you!”

Feng Qianxue really hated this shameless and lowly man, but for the sake of this job she couldn’t afford to get angry, so she could only turn a blind eye and greet her colleagues and leave.

“Qianxue, I have a car, I’ll give you a lift on the way.”

“No need, I’ll take a taxi back myself, thanks.”

Feng Qianxue came out of the booth and looked back at the bar, but the man had disappeared, probably because he had gone to receive customers again.

He was really a man who couldn’t be bothered!

She sent him a text message: “I’m leaving now, work hard, take on more clients, pay off your debts sooner, get rid of them sooner!”

In the compartment, when Night Zhen Ting saw the text message, the corners of his lips curved up in a shallow curve, this woman is really stupid and cute!

“Mr. Night, Black Panther has appeared!” Night Hui came in to report, “Someone has been sent to keep an eye on him secretly to see who he’s meeting with.”

“Don’t spook the snake!”


Feng Qianxue did not receive a reply from the “debt repaying duck”, and was very uneasy in her heart.

If he wanted to renege on his debt, she could still go back and find him, so she immediately made a phone call.

In the box, Night Zhen Ting was about to leave when his phone rang, seeing the number, he couldn’t help but raise the corner of his lips and answer the call, “Hello!”

“Why aren’t you returning my messages? Are you trying to run away?” Feng Qianxue questioned.

“Isn’t it because I’m busy making money to pay off my debt?” Night Zhen Ting quickly stepped into the role.