Am I A Gigolo Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

“Just because so much has happened tonight, I had to buy a gift to treat myself.” Bai Lu didn’t think so, “Haoxuan is so generous to let me bid casually, of course I have to show my face in front of these people, otherwise every time the celebrities gather, those rich wives will look down on me!”

When Bai Qiuyu saw her say this, she didn’t insist ……

She understood her daughter’s feelings, although the Si family had a high status, Bai Lu was not always treated well in the rich wives’ circle, and every time Bai Lu came home from a party, she would cry in anguish ……

The company’s main business is to provide a platform for the public to learn more about the company’s business.

“The bidding will now begin at nine million, with each increase of 500,000!”

The emcee announced.

The people on the stage saw that Night Shocking had no intention of bidding, so they raised their bids.

Bai Lu also joined in, and in order to show off the Si family’s bravado, she raised her bid by one million each time directly, which soon attracted everyone’s attention.

Bai Lu was secretly delighted, feeling that she had finally made a name for herself.

Feng Qianxue had absolutely no desire to participate in the auction at this time, and she was ready to once again propose to Night Zhen Ting to leave first ……

But before she could say anything, Night Zhen Ting stood up and held out his hand to her, “Go out for a walk.”

“Hmm.” Feng Qianxue placed her hand on his palm and was led by him towards the back court.

At once, the focus of the whole room fell on the two of them again, and even the bidding was suspended ……

The bidding did not continue until they left the venue.

Bai Lu was very unhappy that she had spent so much money on bidding, while Feng Qian Xue could easily become the centre of attention without doing anything!

What an injustice.

“Don’t let that b*tch affect your mood.” Bai Qiuyu admonished in a low voice, “Just bid and go.”

“Chu Family bid, thirteen million ……”

“Thirty million!”

Bai Lu immediately raised her card, and immediately became the focus of the room once again.

Usually bids went up a little bit at a time, but Bai Lu had more than doubled it directly, very generous!

However, she did this not only because she wanted to get the diamond ring, but also because Chu Zihan, the famous daughter of the Chu family, who was bidding with her, had been madly pursuing Si Hao Xuan, and it was widely known.

Bai Lu did not dare to provoke Night Zhen Ting, but she must not lose to the Chu family.

“Madam Si bid, twenty million first time, twenty million second time, twenty million third ……”

Bai Lu showed a smug smile, thinking that she was finally going to win.

“Fifty million!” Chu Zihan suddenly shouted the bid.

“You ……” Bai Lu was furious and immediately raised her card ……

“Madam.” Si Yuan hurriedly stopped it, “General Si has instructed that the maximum can only go up to the fifty million limit, don’t raise your card if you exceed it.”

“Why?” Bai Lu shouted lowly in exasperation, “It’s not like you can’t afford it.”

“It’s not a matter of money.” Si Yuan explained in a low voice, “It’s mainly because Mr. Si considered that if someone offers more than fifty million, they must want that item very badly, and if we forcefully go for it again, it will affect the business relationship.”

“But ……”

“$50 million first time, $50 million second time, $50 million ……”

Seeing that the emcee was making the final hammer, Bai Lu was anxious and immediately raised her hand to bid, Si Yuan hurriedly pulled her hand, “Madam, no ……”

“Get the hell out of my way!” Bai Lu pushed Si Yuan away in anger, “Dog, how dare you mind me?”

With that, she raised her card again ……

“Sold!” The emcee hammered the deal.

Bai Lu’s hand froze there, once again becoming the laughing stock ……

The whole room once again resounded with loud applause as everyone applauded for Chu Zihan.

Chu Zihan was all smiles as he accepted everyone’s blessings and at the same time, turned back to make a provocative expression at Bai Lu.

Bai Lu was so angry that she was trembling, she had made a fool of herself at the beginning of the evening, and then she was humiliated by Night Zhen Ting’s people in the back room, and came back here just to bid for one thing to get a little dignity back for herself ……

I didn’t expect to be suppressed again.

She looked around and all those rich wives and celebrities were looking at her, giving her a contemptuous and mocking sneer as if to say, what a jumped-up clown!


Chapter 92

Bai Lu’s mind collapsed and she glared angrily at Chu Zi Han, like a wild cat in a rage, she simply wanted to pounce on her and tear her apart ……

“Forget it, Lulu, let’s go, it’s bad luck tonight.” Bai Qiuyu recognized the reality and pulled Bai Lu to coax, “There will be a long day ahead, we will return it next time!”

“Yes, young lady, let’s go first ……”


Before Si Yuan could finish his words, he was fiercely slapped by Bai Lu.

Everyone around them was stunned, including the other bodyguards of the Si family.

Si Yuan was Si Haoxuan’s personal attendant, and had grown up with him since he was a child, and was almost considered half a master in the Si family, not to mention those attendants and servants, even Si Haoxuan and his parents had never said a serious word to Si Yuan.

Now, Bai Lu actually hit Si Yuan in front of so many people.

This was a big taboo!

“Are you crazy?” Bai Qiuyu’s eyes widened in shock, “Why are you so furious when you encounter a little thing ……”

“Mom you leave it alone!” Bai Lu shouted angrily, then pointed at Si Yuan’s nose and cursed, “If you hadn’t pulled me, why would I have made a fool of myself? You lowly dog, I’m going to get Haoxuan to fire you.” Remember the website

Si Yuan lowered his head and didn’t say a word, but a seeping cold light flashed in his eyes ……

“You child, you are really ……”

Bai Qiuyu was so angry that she was shaking and was about to scold Bai Lu.

At this time, Chu Zihan walked over with the pink diamond ring “Heartbeat” and said with a bright smile and provocation –

“What? Are you angry at your subordinates because your wealth is not as good as others?”

“Bai Lu, if I were you, I would find a crack in the ground and never come out to see anyone again.”

“Look at you, you’ve made a fool of yourself, it’s a disgrace.”

“Hao Xuan must have left the stage early because he couldn’t stand you!”

“Shut up.” Bai Lu gritted her teeth and shouted angrily, “Chu Zi Han, you’re just an old leftover girl who can’t get married, what’s so arrogant about it.”

“No matter how old and leftover I am, I’m still better than you.” Chu Zihan sneered, “What’s the use of you marrying Haoxuan? He doesn’t love you at all. Tonight from the beginning to now, his eyes are not on you, he only has disgust and dislike for you, I’m afraid he doesn’t even bother to go to bed with you ……”

“You ……” Bai Lu shivered with anger and flung her hand in a slap.

“Slap!” Chu Zihan was caught off guard by her blow, her face instantly turned blood red, at the same time, the pink diamond ring in her hand fell to the ground and rolled to who knows which corner ……


There was a gasp of awe as everyone was stunned.

They didn’t expect Bai Lu to be so arrogant, actually beating Chu Zi Han in front of so many people.

You know, the Chu family was now very much on the verge of catching up to the Shang family and becoming the new richest man!

It was this that Si Hao Xuan was jealous of, usually always being courteous to the Chu family in the shopping mall, but all the efforts he had made were ruined by Bai Lu just today!

“Bai Lu, you dare to hit me?” Chu Zihan was trembling with excitement.

“Miss Chu, calm down, my family’s Lu Lu was impulsive, I apologize to you in her place ……”

Bai Qiuyu hurriedly apologized, but Chu Zihan could no longer listen to her, with a wave of her hand, two bodyguards immediately escorted Bai Lu.

“What for? You guys dare to touch me and try.” Bai Lu arrogantly shouted angrily, “My husband is Si Hao Xuan!”

“How arrogant!”

A cold voice came out and the whole room fell silent.

Night Zhen Ting brought Feng Qian Xue back to the venue just in time to see this good show.

Feng Qianxue vaguely felt as if everything tonight was aimed at the Bai family’s mother and daughter, could …… this have been deliberately arranged by someone?

Everyone retreated to the side, leaving an exclusive path open.

Night Zhen Ting slowly walked over, like a god who dominates fate: “Making trouble in my place, you really have the guts!”

The cold, dark eyes carried a sense of oppression that made it impossible for people to breathe.

Bai Lu trembled with fear, not daring to say a word.