Am I A Gigolo Chapter 93-94

Chapter 93

Realising the seriousness of the matter, Bai Qiuyu hastily explained, “Mr. Night, my daughter was just impulsive and did not want to cause trouble at your venue. We can apologise, and compensate, let us pay whatever we want.”

“Yes, yes, Mr. Night, you are magnanimous, let’s spare her this time.”

Feng Shiyuan heard about the situation and hurriedly came to beg for forgiveness.

Night Zhen Ting completely ignored this family and instead looked at Chu Zi Han: “What does the person concerned think?”

“I haven’t suffered this kind of insult since I was a child.” Chu Zihan was unforgivably angry, but tried her best to hold back, “But this is Mr. Night’s place, I won’t mess around ……”

She paused and asked respectfully, “Mr. Night, can I send her to the police station? I want to have a lawyer charge her.”

“No, Miss Chu ……” Bai Qiuyu hurriedly prayed, “You can ask us to apologize and pay for whatever you want, don’t make it to the police station. Tonight, all the people here are rich and famous, and it’s the night director’s bureau, it won’t look good if it goes out.”

Bai Qiuyu knew very well in her heart that Bai Lu was the young grandmother of the Si family, representing the Si family, and how she had disgraced herself in this place today was only known to those in the circle.

After all, night Zhen Ting’s banquet is a closed door affair, no one dares to say anything behind the scenes.

But once it goes to the police station, Chu Zihan will then find the media to add to it and publicize it, then Bai Lu’s scandal tonight will soon be on the headlines and hot searches, becoming the laughing stock of the nation ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Even if Bai Lu is stupid, she understands this.

At this moment, she didn’t even dare to breathe out, waiting for her parents to solve the problem for her.

This had been the case since she was a child ……

“You did remind me of that.” Chu Zihan raised an eyebrow, “The auction hasn’t even just reached the halfway point yet, how can we disturb everyone’s elegance? But how are you going to be punished if we don’t call the police?”

“We can apologize and compensate ……,” Bai Qiuyu said hurriedly.

“Joke, do I need compensation from you guys?” Chu Zihan coldly shouted, “Just apologize for slapping me? Can I slap you ten times and give you an apology?”

“I ……”

“That’s a good idea.” Night ZhenTing suddenly spoke, “Returning the favor to others in the same way as others!”

Chu Zi Han got support from Night Zhen Ting and immediately said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to call the police, then let me fight back, you slap me, I’ll slap you back ten times, fair enough!”

“Chu Zihan, you don’t go too far ……”

Before Bai Lu could finish her sentence, she was thrown a slap by Chu Zi Han.

Bai Lu’s face was red from the slap, and she was so angry that her body trembled, glaring at Chu Zi Han in anger.

This time, Bai Qiu Yu didn’t dare to speak, and although she was heartbroken, she could only admit it ……

“This is a slap.” Chu Zihan was going to continue to do it.

“Why do it yourself? How much does your hand hurt?” Night Zhen Ting suddenly added another sentence.

“Right oh, thank you Mr. Night for reminding me.” Chu Zihan sneered, “Auntie Bai, thank you!”

“You …… you let me fight?” Bai Qiuyu looked at Chu Zihan incredulously.

“What? Can’t give up?” Chu Zihan raised an eyebrow, “Then I’ll have to let my bodyguards do it, they don’t have a light touch when they move their hands ……”


“Wait a minute ……” Bai Qiuyu hurriedly stopped, “Okay, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

With that, she raised her trembling hand and gently gave Bai Lu a slap ……

“This slap doesn’t count.” Chu Zihan shouted angrily, “You have to hear a loud sound and have marks on your face, otherwise it doesn’t count.”

“You ……” Bai Qiuyu was so angry that she trembled, but there was nothing she could do but to give Bai Lu a fierce slap.

“Ma-” Bai Lu cried out.

“What are you crying for, your mother isn’t dead!” Chu Zihan smiled with a frown, “Auntie Bai, that’s good, go on!”

Bai Qiu Yu closed her eyes and hit down hard.





Chu Zihan counted one by one.

Feng Shiyuan looked heartbroken, but did not dare to make a sound, and only humbly lowered his head.


Chapter 94

The people around were watching the family’s joke, and many others whispered, saying how Si Hao Xuan had married such a wife, what a disgrace.

Only Feng Qianxue did not say a word, she finally understood, night Zhen Ting this is because of that night’s incident to take out anger for her ……

Ten slaps were finished.

The mother and daughter hugged and cried.

A moment later, Bai Qiuyu wiped away her tears and asked, “Miss Chu, is it okay?”

“Get lost.” Chu Zihan waved her hand in an atmospheric manner.

Feng Shiyuan stepped forward and prepared to take the mother and daughter away.

“Did I say it was okay to leave?” Night Zhen Ting spoke coldly.

Bai Lu shuddered and cried, asking, “What else do you want?”

“Don’t speak.” Feng Shiyuan hastily shouted low.

“I understand.” Bai Qiu Yu took a deep breath and stepped forward, bowing ninety degrees to Feng Qian Xue, “Miss Feng, I was wrong to offend you last time, I slapped you, now I’m returning it to you!”

With that, she fiercely flung herself a slap, and then continued to hit ……

“Ma ……” Bai Lu cried out and tried to pull Bai Qiuyu back, but was dragged by Si Yuan, “Young Madam, if you go up there now, Madam Bai will not simply return the ten slaps.”

Bai Lu could only stand still and watch as her mother slapped herself, crying and trembling ……

Feng Qianxue frowned at Bai Qiuyu, her heart vaguely intolerant, but thinking of all the things Bai Qiuyu had done and said to her and the child, she did not utter a word ……

“Enough ……,” Feng Shiyuan saw his wife being beaten to the point of blood coming from the corner of her mouth, and hurriedly stepped forward to beg for mercy, “Qianxue, just spare your aunt for the sake of second uncle, please.”

Feng Qianxue looked at Feng Shiyuan’s low voice and whispered to Night Zhenting, “How about, forget it?”

“She didn’t have a soft heart when she hit you and insulted you.”

Night Zhen Ting coldly glared at her.

Feng Qianxue did not dare to speak again.


Suddenly, there were shrieks all around as Bai Qiuyu fainted on the ground.

“Wife ……” Feng Shiyuan hurriedly went forward to pick up Bai Qiuyu.

“Mom ……” Bai Lu pounced over and shook Bai Qiuyu’s shoulders, “Mom you wake up, don’t scare me.”

“Take it to the hospital quickly.” Someone in the crowd spoke up.

Feng Shiyuan hurriedly hugged Bai Qiuyu and left, with Bai Lu crying and following behind.

“Mr. Night, Miss Feng, I’m sorry!”

Si Yuan politely apologized to the two before slowly following.

“Heh!” Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but sneer, pretending to faint every time there was nothing else to do, this was Bai Qiuyu’s old trick, she used to faint a few times a month ……

Feng Qianxue looked disgusted, but turned around and found that everyone around her was looking at her with a strange gaze ……

She suddenly understood that Bai Qiuyu had played this bitter trick well, although everyone was disgusted by Bai Lu’s rudeness and ignorance, but human nature’s instinct is to sympathize with the weak.

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a woman like her, and I’ve never seen a woman like her before.

Yes, even in their hearts they don’t dare to blame Night Zhen Ting, they will only think it’s Feng Qianxue’s problem.


The auction was still going on and everyone went to their own places.

The first thing that happened was that the two of them were ready to leave with Feng Qianxue.

When Feng Qianxue turned around, she found the pink diamond ring at her feet, she bent down to pick it up and handed it to Chu Zihan.

“Thank you.” Chu Zihan took the ring, gave her a faint smile, and then returned to her seat.

Feng Qianxue looked at her back and drifted back to years ago ……

When Chu Zihan fought with her for Si Hao Xuan, she also made a lot of trouble, but Chu Zihan dared to do it, everything was openly, although Feng Qianxue was annoyed with her, but never held a grudge ……

After many years, Chu Zihan met her again and didn’t say anything bad about her, while the good cousin Bai Lu, who used to be close to her, is now trying to scheme her in every way possible ……

This is, probably, human nature.