Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3665

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Wei, Mr. Ye, I wonder if you two are interested in selling the patent of this drug to a pharmaceutical company in the United States?”

When Ye Chen heard this, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Smith.

In his opinion, the tail of this old fox was finally about to be revealed.

He then said in a firm voice, “Impossible, we will never sell this patent!”

Smith was busy saying, “What if the American company can pay a huge buyout fee? For example, ten billion dollars or even more?”

Ye Chen still shook his head, “Not to mention ten billion, even if it was a hundred billion or trillion dollars, we would not sell it.”

The reason why Ye Chen was unwilling to sell it was mainly because he couldn’t sell it at all.

The formula could be given to anyone at any time by himself, but no one could produce it.

If the other party could not produce it, how could they be willing to pay the buyout fee?

This is not the same as when Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was snubbed, when Ichiro Kobayashi came to rob the drug anyway, and gave him a fake one to eat his old man to death, and he could only eat his words.

If this is sold, it will be a $100 billion patent deal that will shock the world, and if the other side gets the patent and finds out they’ve been tricked, it will be an international scandal.

Smith also thought that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals was not willing to sell the patent because it was purely a lonely and self-indulgent idea, so he hurriedly advised: “Mr. Ye, when penicillin was discovered, it was also a revolutionary advance in the medical field, but you may not know, because it was extremely difficult to prepare penicillin back then, so the production capacity of penicillin has not been able to increase. The strain of penicillin that several large laboratories had worked so hard to cultivate was not enough to treat one person, so it was simply not possible to make it serve all of humanity.”

At this point, Smith gave a slight pause and added: “However, in the following years, with the efforts of various pharmaceutical and chemical experts as well as biological experts, the production process of penicillin was continuously optimised, and it also achieved a step-by-step development from extremely low production to overcapacity, thus benefiting all of humanity.”

“With all due respect, I feel that Jiuxuan Pharmaceuticals is like the team that discovered penicillin in the first place, and although they discovered the drug, they were unable to ma*s produce it.”

“But our industrial, pharmaceutical, and chemical base in the United States is among the best in the world! If we can be allowed to develop based on this formula, we may be able to achieve ma*s production in a few years’ time!”

“When that time comes, we join hands to benefit all of humanity together, wouldn’t that be a great thing?”

Ye Chen was amused by him and said cheerfully, “Mr. Smith, I find that you are really good at what you do, with your unique vision and foresight! No wonder a man like you can be the head of the FDA! This realm alone is remarkable!”

Smith thought that Ye Chen was really impressed by him, so he said with a smile, “Mr. Ye is very kind, I am not really far-sighted, I just want to benefit all mankind as much as possible.”

Ye Chen nodded with a solemn face and said, “Mr. Smith, a medicine to treat cancer, how much more it can benefit, it can only benefit tens of millions of people ……”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen turned his words and said seriously, “However, since your scientific research base in the United States of America is so strong, why don’t you study and research how to synthesize oil cheaply and in large quantities? If you can lower the manufacturing cost of each barrel of oil to one dollar and produce 500, 600, 700, 800 billion barrels a year, then you will not only solve the global energy crisis, but also the Middle East will not have to be constantly being used by you to send troops for various reasons, so won’t that really benefit more than seven billion people around the world?”

Smith was embarra*sed and prickly when he heard this.

He found that he knew that Ye Chen was talking nonsense, he knew that he was sarcastic and ridiculing himself, but he had no way to refute him.

Because no matter how he refuted, it seemed like he was slapping himself in the face.

He couldn’t help but feel in his heart, “D*mn, you’re really f*cking damaged, you’re really a good material to do operations …… I pride myself on my clever tongue, but I was speechless from your sarcasm ……”