Amazing Son-in-law (Charismatic Charlie wade) Chapter 3314

But she knew that even if she couldn’t make it, she had to make it, and that her mother’s future dependence on her was basically all up to her.

At that moment, she suddenly received a phone call from her mother from Scandinavia, and as soon as the call was answered, her mother said on the other end of the line, “Helena, the royal family has just informed us that your grandmother is in multiple organ failure and is already in a severe coma, she may pa*s away at any time ……”

Helena was instantly shocked, “How did it deteriorate so fast?!”

“It’s not clear.” Helena’s mother spoke up, “I only heard that the situation has deteriorated rapidly and is out of control, the doctor said it is impossible for her to wake up, when she will pa*s away is just a matter of time, two or three days at the most if it is fast, if it is slow, it will not be more than a week.”

Helena couldn’t help but feel a little sad and lost.

Although there were times when she was more than a little upset at her grandmother’s strong hand, there were many times when she could understand all the decisions that the tough old woman made.

This, naturally, included her annulment of her right to succeed to the throne.

Although Grandma had held great power for so many years, she had always served the royal family to the best of her ability, with the single-minded hope that it would continue to grow stronger.

So, too, every decision she made was not made in her own interest, but with the greater good of the royal family in mind.

For this, Helena still admired her.

Now, her grandmother was soon to pa*s away, but she was still in China, 10,000 miles away, which made her heart inevitably sad.

At this moment, Helena’s mother added, “If your grandmother pa*ses away in these few days, I’m afraid your engagement party will have to be postponed. According to the rules of the royal family, you will definitely have to come back for your grandmother’s funeral first, and then after attending Olivia’s coronation ceremony, then go to China to hold an engagement party with Feb wade.”

“Understood.” Helena spoke with understanding, “As a member of the royal family, the funeral of the Queen and the coronation of the new Emperor are naturally the two most important events.”

As she spoke, Helena couldn’t help but ask, “Mum, can I go back to see my grandmother one last time before she dies? The engagement party will definitely have to be postponed and there’s no point in me staying here, and if I go back after Grandma has pa*sed away, then I won’t have that chance.”

Helena’s mother sighed and said, “We can’t even decide this matter, you have to ask Olivia what she thinks. ”

“Yes!” Helena said hurriedly, “Then I’ll call Olivia right now.”

Immediately after saying goodbye to her mother, Helena called her cousin, and soon to be crowned next Queen, Olivia.

The phone rang for a long time, but was not answered, and just as Helena was about to hang up and call back later, the call was answered.

Immediately, a woman’s voice rang out with a slight smile, “Helena, how are you doing in China, my sister?”

Helena said busily, “Olivia, I heard that Grandma has been critically ill?”

The other side smiled and said, “Yes sister, multiple organ failure, the doctors have prepared us mentally to lose her at any moment.”

Helena found Olivia’s soft laughter a little harsh, but couldn’t be bothered to dwell on that at the moment and asked her urgently, “Olivia, if Grandma is that bad, then she might not be able to wait for the day I get engaged before she dies ……”

“I’m sure I’ll have to go back for mourning and the engagement will have to be postponed, so I’d like to explain the situation to the Wade family and postpone the engagement for the time being, so I can go back to see my grandmother one last time first, is that okay?”

The other side of the phone was silent for a moment, and then, the other side lost the smile they had just had and asked in a cold voice, “If I remember correctly, you’re getting engaged on the seventh, right?”

“Right.” Helena blurted out, “Three more days! I’m afraid my grandmother won’t make it through those three days, and then I won’t see her for the last time.”

The other man sneered, “Helena, Grandma is in a coma and won’t wake up, so even if you come back, she won’t recognise you. No matter whether she is dead or alive in three days, your engagement to the Wade family will go ahead as scheduled, no change will be allowed!”