His Secret Lover Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11

Mo Bao withdrew his gaze and once again stared at the gang with an expressionless face, “Got it, you guys go.”

“Huh? Go? But ……”

“Want me to call daddy?” Mo Bao imitated Huo Yin’s six-parent look, tugging and pulling is again such a sentence.

As a result, after hearing this, the gang surprisingly immediately shut their mouths, then Mo Bao stood there, only to see them look at each other in unison after a second, really gone!

Mo Bao: “……”

Amazing, this little curmudgeon, the shock value is so great!

Mo Bao proudly walked into this presidential suite, and what he didn’t know was that the only reason why these people were so obedient to Huo Yin’s words was entirely because in the Huo family, as long as this little ancestor wasn’t satisfied, that was something that in addition to Huo Siji himself, there was also an old man Huo who would also come to the door.

Maaah, is this something that can be joked about? Double kill ah!!!

So, just run!

Mo Bao went inside, not interested in enjoying the beauty of the presidential suite of this world cla*s hotel, but immediately started looking for his mommy.



Luckily, as soon as he called out, he heard his mummy’s voice and in a flash, he ran happily towards the source of that voice on his short legs.

“Mummy? Huh? What’s wrong with you?”

“Ah! MoMo, what brings you here? How did you find your way here, did anyone find you? You get out of here, it’s dangerous here!”

Wen Shuxu, who was hiding on the floor behind the sofa hugging her knees, immediately climbed up as soon as she heard her son’s voice, and in her haste, forgot to wipe away the teardrops hanging at the corners of her eyes.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

“Mummy, who bullied you? Is it that big bad egg?”

“No no, MoMo, Mommy is fine, how did you come? Are you here to save mummy? Then let’s hurry up and leave.”

Wen Shuxu hurriedly shook her head, and after quickly wiping away the tear marks on her face, she was about to take this child with her and leave.

However, at this time, Mo Bao was already very angry!

This big bad egg, how dare he bully his mommy? He would definitely not let him go. The woman he wanted to protect, Wen Qimo, could not be bullied by others just because they wanted to?

The five year old little guy, after an angry sweep through the suite, went to the coffee table and picked up a pen.

Wen Shuxu: “MoMo, what are you doing?”

Mo Bao: “Nothing, just leaving a message for him.”

Then that little hand held this pen and quickly and smoothly wrote down a string of English on a piece of paper –

(You’re dead!)

Wen Shuxu: “Mo Mo–!!!”


Huo Sijiu went to another doctor.

He hadn’t slept much for a whole week, especially last night after learning that the D*mn woman was still alive, and hadn’t closed his eyes all night, a pain that made him almost unable to hold on.

But there was nothing this doctor could do to treat his illness.

“Mr. Huo, with all due respect, this may be more psychologically related to you, even the Valium is not working now, the situation is already very serious, why don’t you try a psychiatrist instead?”

“A psychiatrist?”

As soon as Huo Sijiu, whose eyes were bloodshot, heard these words, his cold brows knitted together and he could see a clear resistance.

When the doctor saw this, he could only sigh and then say nothing more.

Mental illness, indeed, was something that everyone was repulsed by, as no one would admit to being mentally ill, especially when the cause of the illness was still a secret that they did not want to cut open in front of others.

The doctor ended up prescribing him only some Valium tablets, a slightly heavier portion.

Huo Sijiu took them and was about to leave when a call came in from the hotel.

“President, it’s not good, the former Tai …… woman has run away!”

“What did you say? Ran away?”

“Yes, we found a note in the room with this written on it.”

Xiao Lin, the a*sistant on the other side of the phone, warily took a picture of the note he got in his hand over.

When Huo Sijiu saw it, the blue veins at the corners of his forehead instantly jumped violently: “This f*cking woman is simply looking for death! Who did this? Who did this? Why are you still standing there? Are you waiting for me to go back and give you an award?”

“No…… no, President, we checked, all the surveillance in this room is gone, and then we asked, except for the young master coming back, no one else has been seen coming in!”


Huo Sijiu felt his head buzzing and his veins seemed like they were about to explode.

However, this wasn’t the worst news, the worst was that not long after, his a*sistant told him that he was also happy to mention the front page headline here today!

“President, I don’t know who dug up the video of us catching that woman in the dean’s office this morning …… and put it online, but now the whole internet is searching for you, saying that they want to get justice for the …… female doctor who was brutally beaten …….”

The word “search” is an understatement.

In fact, that’s human flesh, the president of one of the world’s leading business empires being fleshed out ……

The head of Huo Sijiu was in severe pain for two times, finally, the phone fell from his fingers to the ground with a “pop”, he fell towards the ground.

“Mr. Huo! Mr. Huo!!!”


Chapter 12

Wen Shuxu then didn’t find out about the earth-shattering thing her son had done online.

As soon as she returned, she was busy running away with her two children.

It is impossible for her to go back with him, she does feel guilty for those she owes, but she is definitely not allowed to go back.

The two children will no longer belong to her, and the Huo family, whether it’s this slag or the old man, will never allow their children and grandchildren to stray.

The two children are also her life!

After she packed her luggage and casually carried it to the car, she came over to call the two children.

“Ruo Ruo, what are you doing? Where is brother?”

“Brother is in the study, Mummy, are we going on another trip? Where are we going this time?”

Baby RuoRuo was still very innocent, and immediately after seeing Mommy take their luggage down again, she didn’t even play with her dolls anymore, and climbed off the couch with a pouting little.

Wen Shuxu nodded haphazardly, “Yes, go and get your brother, we’ll be leaving soon.”

“Okay yeah, I’m going to go get my brother.”

Ruo Ruo was so happy that she immediately ran to the study to call her brother.

Mo Bao was still keeping a close eye on the internet at this time to see if the big bad guy had been dug up?

It turns out, as he had hoped, that the person who choked his mommy in the dean’s office was the president of a large multinational company named Huo Sijiu.

Huo Sijiu?

Mo Bao clicked on the photo that the netizen had sent.

“Wow, brother, how come this uncle looks like you again? Is he born from mummy too?”

It happened that RuoRuo baby arrived here at this time, and after seeing this photo which was again very similar to her brother, she covered her little mouth and exclaimed there again.

Mo Bao also froze.

This big bad guy, indeed, looked like him too, with eyes and nose that looked like they were carved out of the same mould.

But how could he have been born of Mummy? He wasn’t a child, he looked older than Mummy, so what was this big bad guy?

And that Huo Yin, Huo Yin also looks like him, and this big bad guy, is Huo Yin’s father, so what is his relationship with them?

Mo Bao’s tiny head flashed with a hint of confusion ……

“MoMo, RuoRuo, are you two ready? Gotta go.”

Wen Shuxu was already waiting impatiently outside, and when she saw that the two babies hadn’t come out yet, she anxiously urged again.

Mo Bao saw this and only then did he come out from inside with his sister.

“Mommy, where are we going?”

“Well …… let’s go to Aunt Karina’s house for a couple of days, shall we? She called and said that the grapes in the vineyard are ripe, let’s go pick grapes and eat them.”

Wen Shuxu coaxed the two children, trying not to let them see her emotions.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to see the actual situation.

At that moment, he didn’t say anything through Mummy, so he went back to get his iPad in a good manner and followed him out.

“Mummy, don’t worry, we’ll have a really good time in these two days.”

“Well, that’s a must!”

Wen Shuxu started the car, finally, she took a long breath of relief, her foot stepped on the gas, immediately, the car was like a horse off the leash, the wind sped off in the direction of the countryside.

What she didn’t know was that behind her, as mother and son left the city, Mo Bao, who was sitting in the child seat on the right, also skilfully opened the software on the iPad in his hand, and all the way through, all the signals in their car were blocked.

Not a bad job!!!


When Huo Sijiu woke up back at the hotel, the events on the internet had basically been dealt with.

However, the person who left the note to save Wen Shuxu was nowhere to be found. They searched the entire hotel and found that either the surveillance was blocked at a crucial moment or they couldn’t find any trace of him at all.

Exasperated, Huo Sijiu had another splitting headache!

“A bunch of losers! What did I raise you all for?!!!”

“Yes, yes, president, this matter is all my fault, I didn’t keep a good eye on it, don’t be angry, I’ll take them to look again now, don’t worry, I’ll definitely find them even if I turn this city over.”

Seeing him like this, Xiao Lin was afraid that he would be angry again, so he did not care about being scolded, and hurriedly advised him.

It’s true that it’s useless to rush this matter now, since the other party has arrogantly come to his place to rescue people, and also rampantly left such a note, then it proves that they are prepared.

Huo Sijiu pinched his brow, only to feel that his head, which had just eased a little, was about to explode again.

“Where’s Huo Yin?”

“Resting in his bedroom, speaking of which, that incident on the internet was thanks to the young master’s help, it took him a few seconds to bring down the internet server, which gave the company time to process those news and videos.”


What a bunch of losers really!