His Secret Lover Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

Wen Shuxu’s eyes were bloodshot, not looking at her anymore, her gaze looked across to her son.

“Yin Yin, come here, let auntie take a look, come on, come here and let auntie see how your hand is?”

“Yo, still looking for confirmation from the kid? I tell you, this child is usually very naughty, bumped, that is often, you want to rely on this to testify against me, I see more no one believe you.”

The woman was there to sneer and sarcastic again.

When Wen Shuxu heard this, she finally shouted angrily: “You shut up! I tell you Gu Xia, have you ever done it? You know best in your heart, before, it was my absence, since I’m back now, I will never let you hurt him again, you better listen to me clearly!”

Gu Xia: “……”

Those were truly terrifying eyes!

It was all blood red inside, the pupils were like knives, a moment of murderous energy burst out from it, even Gu Xia couldn’t help but shiver there.

This one, she had said long ago, could not be kept!

“Seal it up for me, don’t leave a single crack, do you know the significance of keeping her here? That’s what your president wants to bring her back, don’t let her get away, even if she turns out to be a corpse!”

She was furious and told these bodyguards to hurry up and seal this window as well.

Wen Shuxu saw it inside and immediately stretched out her hand towards the outside with force: “Yin Yin, come here quickly, come here and let me take a look, Yin Yin-”

Huoyin: “……”

He was actually a little bewildered, he didn’t know why this aunt was so excited?

Is there something wrong with what Auntie Gu has done? She’s always been like this before, what’s wrong with that?

This child, because he does not like to talk, also does not like to socialize often shut himself in the house, he surprisingly think this woman did everything to him, that is normal.

“Yin Yin, come over here, come over and let auntie take a look ……”

Wen Shuxu was almost begging there, she held tears in her eyes, desperately pushing away the bodyguards who were blocking over inside, wanting to see her son’s condition.

This is the one she gave birth to in October. As a mother, she left him behind from birth and did not do her motherly duty for a day, how can she still throw him to such a vicious woman to abuse?

Wen Shuxu’s throat was mute: “Yin Yin, come over here …… mum …… aunty please, come over and let aunty take a look ……”


And do not know what happened? Only five years old Huo Yin looked at the pair of tears like beads rolling in this window just as if they were sobbing for blood, he wanted to go over and let her see.

He felt that she cared for him and loved him, that strong feeling that he had never had before.

Huo Yin finally lifted his little foot.

But, at that very moment, Gu Xia had already struck, she bent down and darted the boy up.

“Seal it for me, let me see her again, don’t want to stay in Huo’s anymore!”

She commanded very fiercely, then, holding Huo Yin, she turned and left.

The cabin’s Wen Shuxu almost fainted with rage!

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Are your eyes blind? Why would you marry such a vicious woman? Is it possible that in your heart, even your son doesn’t matter anymore? That’s your seed.

The moment the window was completely sealed, Wen Shuxu fell to the ground in tears.

When Huo Sijiu received the news, Wen Xuxu had not eaten or drunk for a whole day.

He said he wanted to see him.

“See me? Why do you want to see me? Is it because of that incident this afternoon? She thought Gu Xia had abused Huo Yin?”

The man who had managed to raise a bit of his spirits sat on the sofa with his long legs folded, and after hearing this, to his surprise, he didn’t even lift his head to come up with such a sentence.

Xiao Lin’s head was full of cold sweat!

It was also true that Gu Xia had already taken the initiative to come and talk to him about this matter in the afternoon, and had carried Huo Yin over, saying that she had acted a little roughly when carrying him back in order to keep him from playing with the drone outside the boat.

Xiao Lin ended up not bothering with the matter any more.

Only, what neither of them expected was that two hours later, someone else actually came over.

“It’s not good, President, the woman …… she’s in there slitting her wrists.”

“What do you mean?”

The man sitting at the computer desk who was dealing with his work, finally a crack appeared on that cold face.

Slit her wrists?

Amazing, not even bothering to move the knife on her own body, what did she want?

Huo Sijiu finally went out with an iron face.

A few minutes later, when he finally arrived at the locked cabin, he thought it would be another smoke-filled scene inside.

But what struck him for a moment was that when the door was opened, he saw a mess on the floor.

The woman was lying on top of the mess, her eyes were dull and withered, like a flower that had lost its life, it was so withered that it was shocking to the eyes!

“Wen Shuxu, what are you mad about again?”

Huo Sijiu was stunned, sweeping a glance at the shocking puddle of crimson next to the woman’s hand, he rushed over and crouched down next to her and pinched her wrist.


Chapter 18

“What are you still doing? Why don’t you go get the medical kit?”

“Yes, President.”


“Huo Sijiu, you’re finally here? Shouldn’t I …… be thankful? Your heart, not yet hardened to the point of inhumanity? Hearing that …… I’m dying, you’ve finally come?”

Wen Shuxu turned her head sideways now, little by little, after she had been suffering for almost ten whole hours, she looked at this man who had finally come over with a pair of red and swollen eyes that had long since cried until there were no more tears.

Huo Sijiu’s forehead was bruised: “What’s wrong with you? Do you think I’m really afraid of your death? I’m telling you, I’m just telling the old man the news that you’re alive because I did so long ago.”

“Is that so?”

Wen Shuxu heard, the corners of her bloodless mouth pulled a miserable smile in an instant.

That was true, otherwise, with someone like him, how could he care about her death or survival?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Wen Shuxu slowly closed his eyes again: “In that case, can you give me back my son?”

“What do you mean? Give it back to you?”

“Yes, Huo Sijiu, you can hate me, detest me, and even want me to die right away, but can you do it for the sake of Yin Yin being your own son? Give him a chance to live? Huo Sijiu, he is innocent, are you really that cold-blooded and heartless?”

She suddenly opened her eyes again, those eyes, which had long since dried up with tears, were bloodshot, like a trapped beast driven mad, and she just stared at him with a deadly stare.

Huo Sijiu’s brow knitted tighter: “What kind of nonsense are you talking about? What a way to live? My son, Duke Huo, I haven’t given him a way out?”

“Then why did you give him to that? Do you know what she did to Yin Yin? She broke his fingers, he was so young, she broke his fingers, she even choked him, he was only five years old, Huo Sijiu, that is my pregnancy, I fought to the death to get back, if you really do not want, I beg you to give him to me, I will raise him properly, not to hinder your family, okay? Huo Sijiu!”

Wen Shuxu was trembling, she struggled to get up from the ground despite the fact that she was already exhausted, she gave this man a gesture, because it was so painful, at one point, she couldn’t even breathe.

Yes, it was her child, and if he really didn’t want it, could he not give it back to her?

However, when this man heard her words, not only did he not believe her words, instead, he immediately threw her away, a handsome face covered with disgust and hatred.

“Wen Shuxu, what do you want? You think that by driving Gu Xia away, you can return to the Huo family? You think you can go back to your position as a young grandmother? I’m telling you, you can’t even think about it!”

“What did you say? Drive Gu Xia away?”

“No? Deliberately saying that she abused Huo Yin, and asking me to give you Huo Yin, followed by slitting your wrists, Wen Shuxu, you played this bitter trick very well, killing two birds with one stone, but unfortunately, you used it in the wrong place.”

This man stared at her from above, that expression, as if even one more look at her was disgusting.

Hahahahaha ……

It turns out that, in his eyes, that woman, whose status is so untouchable, is the holy white lotus.

And she, Wen Xu Xu, is such an unbearable existence!

The bitter meat ploy, right?

Wen Xu Xu fiercely scurried up from the ground, and then, with Huo Sijiu completely unresponsive, she suddenly grabbed something and stabbed it towards herself!