His Secret Lover Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9


This is her other son!

Wen Shuxu was so excited that she was about to tell him that she was his mommy.

But at that moment, the dog man squatting in front of the child suddenly came up with, “An irrelevant person, well, since you don’t want to go to kindergarten today, then let Uncle Lin take you down to have some fun and eat something.”

Hearing that there was food, Huo Yin nodded his head and agreed.

So a few minutes later, Wen Shuxu watched the child, taken away by this dog man’s a*sistant.

“Huo Sijiu, why did you say I’m someone he doesn’t relate to? I’m obviously his mommy!!!”

“Oh, really? But what I know is that his mummy is dead, and her grave, it’s all still in the cemetery.”

After seeing his son leave, the man got up and went over to the wine cabinet and poured himself a gla*s of red wine, after which, holding it in his hands, he sat down gracefully in the living room sofa.

He did not take Wen Shuxu seriously at all.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The actual fact is that in front of this son, she is dead, so now she wants him to call her mommy, how can she explain to him? The first thing you can do is to say that she is not actually dead, but just didn’t want him back then?

Wen Shuxu’s face turned pale and she bit her lips to death.

The sneer on Huo Sijiu’s lips grew even stronger when he saw this: “You remembered? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Wen Xu Xu’s whitened knuckles clenched fiercely again!

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. If you don’t want your son to recognize me, why did you bring me here? You want me to treat you? I told you, even if you died, I wouldn’t give you a look!”

Wen Shuxu almost gritted her teeth as she said this.

The man snorted disdainfully: “You think too much, just your three-legged kung fu, I’m not stupid enough to put my life in your hands.”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Anger reached its peak, and in turn, he quieted down.

“Then what exactly did you bring me here for?”

“Bringing you here for what? Don’t you know? Wen Shuxu, you’ve been dying to disappear and walking away for the past five years, do you know how many sins you owe? Have you forgotten those people who cared about you because of your ‘death’! What has happened to them?!!!”

With that last sentence, the man’s voice had become very harsh!

He was staring at her, his eyes narrowed heavily, like a fierce ghost that wanted to tear her to pieces at any moment, looking at Wen Shuxu’s face fiercely white on the spot, she couldn’t help but stumble back several steps.

How could she forget?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

The actual fact is that the actual people of the world are not only the most important people, but also the most important people.

However, he really had nothing to say to her.

Then there was her aunt and uncle’s family. After the Wen family went bankrupt back then, her father went to jail, her mother couldn’t take the blow and died of illness, the Wen family had been relying on her aunt to take care of it, and that woman really worried a lot for her.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Wen Shuxu closed her eyes in pain.

“All of this, that was also caused because of you!”

“Caused because of me? If it wasn’t for you agreeing to the marriage, would it have turned out that way? You could have slept with you and drugged you, but no one forced you to marry into the Huo family!!!”

This man, really is a devil!

Five years later, she thought he had at least been kinder after seeing her die once, but the truth was that he had once again stabbed a knife into her scars with a vengeance.

And before she could even react, the excruciating pain was once again sweeping through her body!

“Yes, no one forced me, I was the one who married into your Huo family, married to you, a brute, are you satisfied? I’ve lost my whole life, and now I’m no longer a human being, are you happy now? Get out of here–”

Wen Xu Xu was completely mad, after grabbing something next to her and smashing it viciously, her tear-filled eyes were full of blood red with hatred!

The woman’s eyes were filled with tears of hatred.

The woman’s eyes were filled with tears and blood.

What was wrong with her?

She only allowed her to scold him, but he wasn’t allowed to hit her back a few times?

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

“Wen Shuxu, are you sick? I’m telling you, don’t go crazy here, even if you become a real psycho, I’ll still take you back and show them your face properly!”

This man, who was full of iron, ruthlessly dropped these words in the middle of a wreckage before lifting his feet and going out.

Wen Shuxu saw it and immediately pounced over again.

However, before she even reached the door, those few men in black who had brought her in before, appeared again, and this time, after they saw her going out, they directly took out their guns and aimed them at her head.


“Huo Sijiu you, animal, get back here and let me out, Huo Sijiu-”


Chapter 10

It was already an hour later when Mo Bao arrived at the Hilton Hotel.

Although he was smart, he was still a child, and it took him a little while to get to this hotel without any problems.

However, fortunately, as soon as he arrived at this hotel, he found the car in the car park that those people drove when they brought Mummy over, and at once, he was happy in his heart and went to the hotel lobby.

“Pretty sister, I want to ask, whose car is that outside?”

The little guy, who was only five years old, struggled to stand on tiptoe to look at the front desk of the hotel when the young lady at the front desk looked down and saw a beautiful and handsome little boy who looked like he had walked out of a cartoon.

Wasn’t this …… the little young master who lived on the top floor of their hotel?

The little sister’s eyes widened in shock: “Huo …… young master Huo? How come you’re here? Didn’t you just …… go to the restaurant?”


Little Master Huo?

Mo Bao, who was extremely smart, instantly heard that something was wrong inside.

So immediately, he simply little arms and legs, hugging the high chair next to him and climbing up, holding a little face smiling and coming up to this young lady.

He looked at this young lady and her face turned red.

“Yes, I just ran out… Right sister, that car outside, do you know whose it is?”

“Isn’t that yours? Your dad and the others just drove it back?”

The little sister froze again.

When Mo Bao heard that, his round little face smiled even wider, “Okay, thanks pretty sister, I’ll go then.”

“Go? Where are you going? It’s too dangerous here, let me take you back to the restaurant, otherwise your dad will be anxious if he can’t find you.”

The little sister was quite responsible. When she heard Mo Bao say he wanted to go, she was afraid that if he walked out of the hotel, he would get lost, so she wanted to send him back to the restaurant.

But how could Mo Bao let her send him at this time?

She had identified him as the young master of the Huo family, so surely he would have to see for himself what this real young master looked like?

He remembered that yesterday at the kindergarten, the teachers had also brought out a photo of a child who would soon be transferred to their kindergarten and who resembled him, and his name, Huo Yin!

Also, when he got home last night, he also hacked into the kindergarten director’s computer to find out his information, when his address showed to be the top floor of the Hilton Hotel.

Mo Bao ran faster than a rabbit, and in no time, he arrived at the western restaurant on the fourth floor of the hotel.

“Uncle Lin, when are we going home?”

In the glorious restaurant, Huo Yin was sitting there upright in a small suit with a neat little napkin on his chest. Instead of eating what was in front of him, he asked his a*sistant Xiao Lin with an impatient little face, when exactly would he return home?

This was indeed a completely different child from Mo Bao.

Their facial features were very much alike, but their temperaments, personalities, and even their mannerisms were completely two different people. If it is said that Mo Bao is a little sunshine, he has a spring-like feeling when he meets people.

Then, Huo Yin is definitely the little Arctic Ocean, exactly like his father Huo Sijiu.

Sometimes, it’s even worse!

He didn’t like to talk or communicate, he was cold and withdrawn, and was taught by Huo Sijiu to be proper, but in his body, he couldn’t see what a five-year-old should look like.

“Tch, so this is the young master of the Huo family, he really looks like him, but is he all so old-fashioned? Like a little old man.”

Mo Bao hid behind the door and saw it, and couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy.

a*sistant Xiao Lin: “Young master, we can’t go home yet, this time we came over to treat dad, don’t you want him to get well?”

Huo Yin: “……”

There was silence for a while, it seemed that in the end it was dad who had the upper hand in his heart.

“Then that auntie brought in today, she’s the one treating him?”

“…… is it?”

Xiao Lin snorted, a little embarra*sed, and casually made a perfunctory remark.

Huo Yin’s cool little face knitted his small brows, and finally, he picked up the knife and fork in front of him, “In that case, then tell him to be nicer to her aunt and not be so mean!”

Xiao Lin: “Cough cough cough cough-”

Murbaugh, who was not far away: “!!!”


How dare you be mean to his mommy? Do you want to get beaten up?

Mo Bao turned around and walked away, clenching his little fist and going straight up to the top floor of this hotel.

A few minutes later, at the entrance of the presidential suite on the top floor, the bodyguards who were standing guard saw a small figure walking out of the lift with a small face, and all of a sudden, they all felt scared.

“Little Young Master, you’re back?”

“Mm.” Mo Bao tried his best to look like the little curmudgeon he had just seen in the restaurant downstairs, “Where’s Daddy?”

“The president went out, but he did explain that if the young master is back, go in first and get some rest, he’ll be back soon.”

These people really didn’t suspect anything, and after hurrying to respectfully tell Mo Bao where the bad guy who was bullying Mummy went, they thoughtfully opened the door to the room again.

Mo Bao immediately looked inside.

The room was really big, and at a glance, it was just like being in that big square, except that it was very luxuriously decorated, gilded and glittering, just like a palace.

And where the f*ck was it?