His Secret Lover

Returning From The Dead: His Secret Lover is a Romance novel. This is one of the Best romance novels you’ll ever read.

Returning From The Dead:His Secret Lover

His Secret Lover Novel Teaser

Returning From The Dead: His Secret Lover

“She’s pregnant with your baby! How dare you say something like that!” “The baby? You know what, the baby doesn’t deserve to come to this world!”

Status: Ongoing

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Chapter 1-440

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Chapter 901-1200

Chapter 1201-1500

Chapter 1501-1800

Chapter 1801-2100

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18 thoughts on “His Secret Lover”

  1. May I ask, how often do the story gets updated? I happen to check the website last week but there is no update until today, so I am wondering about it. Thanks.

  2. I do not seem to get a daily update on this website. I tried reloading it several times, also on a different device, but the update was still stuck at chapter 1040. Is anyone here experiencing the same?

  3. Ji, two chapters the same, and i don’t know how is died a Shen Ju, and always the same chapter, why? And the same words and paragraph, omg, in other websites, it is original name, Sasha and Sebastian, ok you use a Chinese name, but why put 2 chapters, the same, snd another chapter im really don’t know and don’t understand, whats happen next, because you hidden all tekst!!!! And for example some websites going quickly,

  4. I am new here. I just saw this site, however the characters’s names are different, I am having hard time as I am used the English Characters Sebastian and Sasha. Can you help me out and list down the names into English Character here in my comment? Just for a guide. Thanks


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