Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage 1614

Hearing these words, the crowd at the scene was stunned.

Everyone stared at Lin Mo with wide eyes and doubts in their eyes.

Could it be that the data was faked?

Yuan De and the others instantly came to their senses.

“I told you, how could there be such a miraculous drug, it turns out that the data was falsified!”

“Hehe, this Lin surnamed, has already jumped to the wall in a dog’s hurry? In order to grab this reconstructive pill, he has gone to the extent of falsifying the data, he’s looking for death!”

“How dare you take it out and publish it? Once this data is published, it will be subject to legal responsibility. In my opinion, even if Xu Pharmaceutical loses all its money, it won’t be able to solve this matter!”

“He deserves it!”

The crowd was laughing and Yuan De’s face was full of smiles.

He looked at Wan Chongshan with a smirk, “Mr. Wan, it seems that your choice is not so right!”

Wan Chongshan’s expression was calm as he laughed lightly, “Elder Yuan, it’s not over yet, it’s too early to say that.”

“I trust Mr. Lin, he won’t let me down!”

One agent immediately snorted, “Heh, a brat who hasn’t even grown hair, is he worth trusting?”

“Divine Doctor Qian has been famous for decades, his medical skills are exquisite and no one in the world knows about him.”

“You think that brat, Lin Mo, can compare to Divine Doctor Qian?”

Wan Chongshan smiled faintly, “Whether or not he can match it, we will know in a moment.”

Yuan De gave Wan Chongshan a deep look and nodded, “Since you are bent on going your own way, then there is no need for me to persuade you any further.”

“One’s path is all one’s own choice, even if one goes wrong, there is no one else to blame.”

“We are friends, and I have given you a hand, but unfortunately, you did not listen to me, so there is nothing I can do.”

“In a moment, I’ll make you lose with conviction!”

The crowd at the scene was also whispering, and the crowd was shocked before.

However, upon hearing Qian Yong’an’s words, the crowd immediately felt that Lin Mo must have faked this data.

After all, how could any medicine cure a disease without side effects?

Lin Mo’s data was so perfect that it was hard to believe!

“Faking rubbish, what qualifications do you have to attend this launch, get out!”

Someone shouted out.

This voice immediately caused others to start yelling as well.

“Yes, get out, we don’t welcome such liars here!”

“Rubbish person, you still have the face to come to such a high-end launch?”

“Doing science, it should be rigorous. This kind of fake data, can you fool a moment, can you fool a lifetime?”

“Lin Mo, get out!”

“Lin Mo, get out!”

The crowd at the scene almost started shouting in unison, as if Lin Mo was really a fraud that everyone was shouting at.

He Qianxue stood in the middle of the crowd, her face full of anxiety as she shouted, “Shut up, all of you!”

“How do you all know that this data is fake?”

“Lin Mo wouldn’t lie to anyone ……”

This statement immediately led to the anger of the crowd.

A man grabbed a nearby wine gla*s and slammed it at He Qianxue: “b*tch, shut up!”

“You’re in cahoots with that Lin Mo, of course you’re speaking for him!”

“Get out!”

As this man moved, the others all picked up things and threw them at He Qianxue’s side.

Several people around He Qianxue hurriedly shielded her among them, only then did He Qianxue not get hurt.

However, even so, He Qianxue’s appearance was quite a mess.

On the stage, Lin Mo saw this scene, and his face turned completely cold.

These people, they were really deceiving people too much!

At this moment, a member of the Ten Great Families also directly rushed over and pressed Lin Mo’s shoulder, “Get off, you are not qualified to stand here ……”

With that, he then directly pushed hard, trying to push Lin Mo away.

Lin Mo clasped his wrist, grabbed his collar, picked him up by his entire body, and backhanded him into the crowd below.