Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1543

Seeing this, the rat directly froze.

He hadn’t expected that Lin Mo would be so strong.

Even those people around were dumbfounded.

These two men, each of them was over a hundred and fifty pounds.

Two people, being knocked away by Lin Mo at the same time, just how strong was Lin Mo?

However, Yellow Hair didn’t care about that, he covered his neck and hissed loudly, “Kill him! Kill him for me!”

“D*mn it, what are you afraid of?”

“There are so many of us, we could drown him with one mouthful of spit!”

“Go on, kill him!”

Only then did the crowd regain their senses and once again rushed towards Lin Mo with their weapons.

Rat immediately opened the car door and tried to come down to help.

At this moment, Lin Mo kicked the car door shut.

“Don’t come down!”

Lin Mo shouted, followed by a turn and a backhand clasp on the wrist of a man behind him.

This man was carrying a machete and had originally intended to sneak up on Lin Mo.

When Lin Mo grabbed his wrist, he subconsciously tried to pull his hand back.

But how could he be a match for Lin Mo?

Lin Mo clasped his wrist and twisted it so hard that the man’s arm was directly dislocated with a click.

The man let out a miserable cry, and the intense pain instantly made him sweat profusely.

And Lin Mo didn’t stop there, he grabbed his wrist and pushed it upwards with force.

This time, the broken bone went straight up, and this was really the pain that was drilling through his heart.

The man’s mouth was wide open and he could no longer scream.

Lin Mo let go of his hand, and the man lay straight down on the ground, and only after a long time did he let out a pig-killing howl.

Lin Mo, however, ignored him and rushed straight into the crowd, battling with these people.

Although these people were numerous, they were all rabble-rousers after all.

In a small place like this, it was enough to bully those ordinary people who did not dare to resist.

When they encountered a strong man like Lin Mo, they were no match for him.

After a few exchanges, a few more people were knocked down.

The others were also confused, waving their weapons around, but they didn’t know how to fight.

These people were not the same as the group of people gathered by the ten clans in Guangyang.

Those people were real outlaws who could fight for their lives without fear of death.

These people, on the other hand, were a group of hooligans.

As soon as Lin Mo struck, he had scared them first, and these people had little fighting power left.

The situation was completely one-sided, these landlubbers, in Lin Mo’s hands, had no power to resist at all.

In less than five minutes, all these people were knocked down, and Lin Mo was unharmed!

Inside the car, the rat looked dumbfounded.

He had never dreamed that Lin Mo would be so strong, defeating so many people by himself!

He finally understood why Lin Mo was so confident, he had real skills!

In the end, there was only one person left standing at the scene, Huang Mao.

However, Huang Mao was now dumbfounded as well.

He had gathered more than twenty hooligans today and thought that he would be able to take revenge for yesterday.

But he had never dreamed that Lin Mo’s skills would be so powerful, that he would defeat these twenty-odd people with the strength of one man.

The most powerful person he had ever met in this small city was a retired special forces soldier, who could fight three or five people by himself, but only if they were unarmed.

He had never seen a real expert before, and could not imagine that there were still such high achievers in this world!

Seeing Lin Mo walk towards him step by step, Huang Mao was also shivering with fear.

He wanted to retreat, but at that moment, his legs felt like they were filled with lead, and he could not lift them at all.

Lin Mo stood in front of Huang Mao and looked at him calmly, “Now, do you still want me to kneel?”

Huang Mao’s face was pale and his head shook like a rattle: “Brother, I …… have eyes that are not aware of Mount Tai, you ……”

Lin Mo interrupted him without mercy, “I don’t like people standing and talking to me.”