Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1545

Uncle Liu also poked his head over from behind, “Yes, Mr. Lin.”

“I can see that you are definitely not an ordinary person, but it’s hard to beat four hands with two fists!”

“Moreover, under Li Shun’s hand, there are several retired special forces soldiers, all of whom are particularly capable of fighting.”

“Really if surrounded by hundreds of people, then …… that I’m afraid it’s very troublesome ……”

Lin Mo smiled lightly: “It’s fine.”

“It’s just a few hundred people, it’s no big deal.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here!”

Seeing this confident look of Lin Mo, Mouse and Liu Bo looked at each other, and both of them finally stopped saying anything.

Although they didn’t know exactly what Lin Mo’s identity was, this fight tonight had already allowed them to see what Lin Mo was capable of.

Besides, they had all walked out of the ghost gate once, so where would they be afraid of death?

Mouse drove the car and headed directly towards the direction of the county town.

On the other hand, Yellow Hair drove his car, rushing all the way to a teahouse in the county, finally arriving at a teahouse and directly crashing into the courtyard outside the teahouse.

A few people rushed out from inside the teahouse, and the leader, a man, cursed, “f*ck you, that idiot? Don’t you have eyes to drive?”

Huang Mao covered his eyes, which were still bleeding, and rushed out from the car.

When the men saw Huang Mao, their faces were full of surprise.

“Longzi? How come it’s you?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

The leader of the men asked.

Huang Mao waved his hand, “sh*t, don’t mention it, got by a foreigner.”

“Where’s Master Li?”

The man in charge: “Master Li is upstairs getting high!”

Yellow Hair didn’t say anything, and immediately stumbled upstairs.

This teahouse, with three floors in total, was Li Shun’s property.

On weekdays, Li Shun was basically on the third floor, where he had specially set up a luxurious office.

Huang Mao had just reached the first floor when he heard a woman’s miserable scream coming from upstairs.

Today, when Li Shun went out for dinner, he met a few foreign tourists.

When he saw a pretty girl inside, he kidnapped that girl straight back and was playing upstairs at the moment.

There were still a few people standing at the entrance to the staircase, and they were holding their arms and looking in the direction of the staircase entrance with a grin on their faces.

These were Li Shun’s men, they had seen too much of this kind of thing.

Yellow Hair ran here and was directly stopped by those few men.

“Long Zi, what are you doing?”

“Master Li is getting high upstairs, if you spoil Master Li’s fun, Master Li will be angry!”

A man advised.

Huang Mao naturally knew Li Shun’s temper, if it was a normal situation, he would not dare to disturb Li Shun.

But after such a big loss today, he really couldn’t swallow this anger.

Moreover, Lin Mo Mouse and the others had driven away.

If he didn’t get Li Shun’s help quickly, once they ran out of Fangchuan County, wouldn’t he not have to take this revenge?

Yellow Hair stood at the entrance of the stairs and shouted in the direction of the stairs, “Third Brother, don’t mention it.”

“D*mn it, I went to collect the bill just now and a foreigner came from across the street from nowhere.

“Even if he stopped me from collecting the bill, he even spoke rudely to our Master Li.”

“He said that even if Master Li stood in front of him, he would only be worthy to kneel down and lick his shoes.”

“How good Master Li is to us, it’s okay for you to scold me, how can you scold Master Li?”

“This kind of thing, do you think, can I put up with it?”

“As a result, the point is quite f*cking hard, look how it’s been beaten up for me?”

Just as Yellow Hair finished speaking, there was a loud bang from upstairs, and the sound of a woman muffling a grunt.

Immediately afterwards, the door of the room opened and a short, grim-faced man came out of the room naked.

The man still had some blood on him, and behind him on the floor of the tunnel lay a naked girl.

The girl was covered in blood and had bruises all over her body, having long been tortured beyond recognition.

The man, however, did not even look at her, casually appropriated a jacket and said in a cold voice: “That outsider, where is he now?”