Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1546

This man, was none other than Li Shun.

When Huang Mao saw Li Shun come out, he was overjoyed.

He hurriedly ran over and added fuel to the fire about what had happened before.

It made it seem as if Lin Mo had come specifically to target Li Shun.

Li Shun had been running roughshod over this place for so many years, and no one had ever dared to go against him.

Especially after he had connections with the Ten Great Families of Su Province this time, he was even more arrogant to the extreme.

At this time, to have someone dare to provoke him, how would he let the other party off?

After hearing Huang Mao’s words, Li Shun was only so angry that his face turned red and his neck thickened, and he shouted angrily, “f*ck that!”

“I’ve been around for so many years, but no one has dared to talk to me like this.”

“Even the top ten families in Suzhou Province are still polite and courteous to me, aren’t they?”

“This foreigner, he doesn’t know how high and mighty he is, how dare he insult me like this.”

“If I let him walk out of Fangchuan County alive today, how the hell am I going to get along in the future?”

“Go, gather all my men and seal off the whole Fangchuan County for me.”

“Even if we dig up the ground, we have to find this outsider for me!”

Huang Mao was overjoyed.

With Li Shun’s hand, then he would definitely be able to take revenge this time.

He immediately went downstairs himself and led his men to look for Lin Mo and the others.

Li Shun put his clothes back on and a few of his juniors next to him rushed straight upstairs and began to clean up the house.

At that moment, the girl’s body moved on the floor.

A junior immediately turned his head: “Master Li, this chick is still alive, what should we do?”

Li Shun glanced at him, “D*mn it, your first day with me, huh?”

“If she’s still alive, get her killed, drag her out and bury her!”

“What, do you want me to teach you by hand?”

The little brother was startled and quickly said, “Master Li, don’t be angry, I’ll dispose of her right now!”

After saying that, he didn’t care about the girl’s pleading, he grabbed the cup next to him and knocked it directly on her head.

Immediately afterwards, several men carried the girl out from upstairs, cleaned the floor again, and skillfully disposed of everything.

By now, Li Shun was already sitting down on the first floor drinking tea.

Next to him stood a man with a swarthy face, Wang Jichun, Li Shun’s dog-headed military advisor.

Wang Jichun was indelibly credited for all the bad things Li Shun had done over the years.

Wang Jichun was fiddling with his mobile phone when suddenly, his face changed and he immediately bent down and said, “Master Li, Big Sister has sent a message.”

Big Sister, Li Shun’s sister and Ma Tiancheng’s wife, was Li Shun’s biggest backer.

Li Shun immediately sat up straight: “What did Big Sister say?”

Wang Jichun: “Big sister said that they are now almost near Fangchuan County.”

“They have a big man with them.”

“I don’t know if they will come to Fangchuan County either, so I want you to prepare.”

“If they don’t come, then forget it.”

“If it comes to Fangchuan County, you can also arrange for a reception.”

Hearing this, Li Shun immediately frowned: “Is there no word on whether he can come or not?”

“It’s not like I’ve been idle all day here, preparing and they don’t come, wouldn’t that be a waste of my time?”

Wang Jichun looked embarra*sed and said in a low voice, “Master Li, as I see this situation, I guess that big person beside Big Sister and the others is not simple, even Big Sister can’t decide.”

“Why don’t we prepare first, it’s better to be prepared!”

Li Shun scoffed, “I don’t believe it, what kind of big shot can there be in this sh*tty place in Guangdong Province?”

“When I went to Suzhou Province, the top ten families in Suzhou Province didn’t make such a big deal out of it!”

“The top ten families in Suzhou Province are much stronger than the top ten families in Guangdong Province, they don’t have such a big deal either!”

Wang Jichun knew that Li Shun had become more and more arrogant since he had hooked up with the top ten families in Suzhou Province.

Recently, he even vaguely didn’t even put Ma Tiancheng in his eyes anymore.