Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1547

Wang Jichun didn’t dare to persuade Li Shun either, but instead followed Li Shun’s words, “Master Li, what you said, is exactly right.”

“This side of Guang Province, apart from Nanba Tian, there really aren’t any big names.”

“Those ten families in Guang Province, over the years, have been suppressed by Nan Baitian, their strength has dropped greatly, and they are simply no match for the ten families in Su Province.”

“Now that even Nanba Tian has left, this side of Guang Province is really withering in talent, it’s really no match for Su Province!”

“Master Li, with your relationship with the Ten Great Families of Su Province, in the future, you might be the Crown Prince of Guang Province!”

“I reckon that in the future, Big Sister and the others will definitely have to count on you!”

This horse’s a*s was directly patted to Li Shun’s heart.

Li Shun had heard about the Crown Prince of Haicheng, and all along, he had idolised him.

Many of the things he had done over the years were also imitations of the Crown Prince of Haicheng, and he also hoped that he could become the kind of dude who was like a mixed-up devil.

Now, Wang Jichun was directly comparing him to the Crown Prince, which simply delighted him to no end!

Li Shun was full of smugness, but still pretended to be humble, “Hey, you can’t say things like that!”

“No matter what, big sister has helped me a lot over the years.”

“In my heart, she is always my big sister, understand?”

Wang Jichun nodded repeatedly, “Master Li, why else would I say that it’s an honour for us to follow you?”

“If we don’t say anything else, just the fact that you know how to repay your kindness is enough to make the brothers work for you!”

Li Shun was even more pleased with himself and laughed, “Alright, Chunzi, have someone go and make the arrangements.”

“No matter what, since Big Sister said so, then you have to give Big Sister some face, got it?”

Wang Jichun nodded repeatedly and went down to order people to make arrangements for the greeting.

Li Shun sat at the table with a smug look on his face, imagining that he would be called the Prince of Guang Province in the future.

On the other hand, Huang Mao and the others searched for a while and finally found the trail of Lin Mo and the others.

What was unexpected was that Lin Mo and the others had not left Fangchuan County at all, but had gone back to the county, and even to the hotel.

When Huang Mao got this news, he was overjoyed.

He was worried that Lin Mo and the others had run away!

Now that he knew that they were in the county, he immediately ran to the teahouse and reported the matter to Li Shun.

Li Shun was waiting for news from his elder sister to see if he needed to receive them.

As a result, instead of waiting for news, he found Lin Mo first.

He didn’t hesitate, so he took a group of his men and went straight to the hotel.

In the hotel, Lin Mo had ordered a table of food and was eating.

Rat, Uncle Liu and Tian Tian were also sitting at the table, and looking at the table, the three of them were at a loss.

Rat and Liu Bo were mainly worried, fearing that Huang Mao would bring someone to retaliate.

TianTian, on the other hand, was a child, so of course she didn’t have that much to worry about.

She was at a loss for words because she had never seen such a scene before.

Since she was born, she had lived a life where she had eaten the last meal but not the next, and it was good enough to have enough to eat.

Moreover, sitting in such a clean and bright room to eat, it was unimaginable to her, she didn’t even dare to move her chopsticks.

Looking at Tian Tian’s appearance, Lin Mo couldn’t help but think of his sister Lin Xi.

In the past, she was also living such a miserable life.

Lin Mo gave a few dishes to TianTian and smiled, “TianTian, eat.”

TianTian looked at the dishes on the plate, obviously wanting to eat them, but not daring to move her chopsticks, she could only look at Mouse for help.

Seeing his sister’s appearance, the mouse forced out a smile, “TianTian, don’t thank big brother yet.”

TenTian immediately said in a good manner, “Thank you, big brother!”

Only after that did she pick up her chopsticks and gobble it up.

Just then, there was a sudden noise outside the door.

The faces of Mouse and Uncle Liu changed instantly.