Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1548

The mouse hurried to the window and looked out, only to see several cars coming from the courtyard outside.

At the head of them was a big Mercedes Benz G, which came to a stop at the entrance of the hotel.

Rat’s face changed again and he said in a trembling voice, “It’s Li Shun.”

“Brother Lin, Li Shun is here, he has brought many people with him, let’s …… let’s run quickly ……”

Liu Bo was also pale, he was just an ordinary man, where had he ever seen such a scene.

Only Lin Mo’s expression was bland, he chuckled lightly as he served food to Tian Tian, “What are you panicking about?”

“If he’s not coming, what am I waiting for here?”

“Come on, let’s eat first!”

Rat and Uncle Liu looked at each other, Lin Mo could not be panicked, but the two of them could not, after all, Li Shun had brought too many people with him.

There were now at least forty to fifty people outside, and the most crucial thing was that a large part of these people were all outlaws who had followed Li Shun for many years.

Even a few of them were retired special forces soldiers that Li Shun had hired at a high price and were extremely strong in combat.

Although Lin Mo was tough, could he be a match against so many people?

Besides, this was Li Shun’s turf. As long as Li Shun was willing, he could gather several hundred people at will.

If they really fought, wouldn’t they be dead?

Lin Mo was very calm, as he saw the Mercedes G, the same car that had forced the bus backwards on the mountain road earlier.

It turned out that this was Li Shun’s car, no wonder the driver was so squeamish at that time that he didn’t dare to say much, so that was the case!

So it seems that this Li Shun was really acting in a domineering manner!

Li Shun led his men into the hotel, and the hotel was in a flurry.

The waiters were all shivering in fear, hiding in the corners.

The diners were all scared and fled, no one dared to stay here.

Li Shun’s aggressive look was clearly meant to cause trouble.

Li Shun ignored these people and led them straight to Lin Mo’s private room.

He kicked the door of the room open and, with a few people in tow, swaggered into the private room.

Rat and Liu Bo shivered in fear and stood by the table with pale faces, as if they were prisoners waiting to be sent down.

And Timothy also looked so frightened that he didn’t even dare to eat his meal.

Lin Mo acted as if he didn’t see these people, he was still fetching food for Tian Tian: “Tian Tian, be a good boy, eat some more.”

“Eat more so that your body can get better!”

Li Shun’s face became very ugly.

In all the years he had been in Fangchuan County, no one had ever dared to underestimate him like that!

Everywhere he went, everyone else had to treat him with respect and deference.

He originally thought that after he entered the house, he would be able to scare Lin Mo into kneeling down and begging for mercy.

To his surprise, Lin Mo didn’t even look at him, so he didn’t take him seriously!

The rat hurriedly walked over and said in a trembling voice, “Brother Lin, Master Li …… Li is here ……”

Li Shun was here, and he no longer dared to call Li Shun by his name.

Lin Mo ignored it, and picked up the spoon on the table, “TianTian, how about I serve you some soup?”

A cold aura flashed in Li Shun’s eyes as he fiercely picked up the pot of soup on the table, “Want some soup, do you? Let me help you!”

With these words, he lifted the pot of soup and prepared to throw it at Lin Mo.

Lin Mo moved even faster than him, and when he did, Lin Mo pushed the table directly.

The table was pushed by Lin Mo and hit Li Shun directly on his elbow.

Li Shun had lifted the soup pot up and was suddenly hit on the elbow, his wrist tilted and the soup pot snapped directly onto his head.

This was hot soup that had just been brought up and was still in a hot state.

It landed on Li Shun’s head in one fell swoop, only to scald him as if he had killed a pig and howled.

A few people next to him scrambled to wipe the soup off, but by now, Li Shun’s skin was already red and miserable from the scalding.