Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1551

Lin Mo sent a message to Tiger, telling him the exact location.

In less than ten minutes, a car drove into the courtyard.

Several people got out of the car, and the leader, was none other than Tiger.

And next to Tiger, followed by two people, was none other than Ma Tiancheng and his wife.

Ma Tiancheng and his wife looked a bit embarra*sed, especially Ma Tiancheng’s wife Li Ying.

Tiger had run to the provincial capital and said that Lin Mo wanted them both to help out with something.

The two of them originally did not know what the situation was, but they followed the tiger immediately as Lin Mo instructed them to do so.

However, as they got closer and closer to Fangchuan County, the two of them felt that something was wrong.

Ever since they entered Fangchuan County, Tiger had taken away the couple’s mobile phones.

This time, they were absolutely sure that something had happened in Fangchuan County.

If they could get Lin Mo to come out personally, it must be a big deal!

The two of them were so apprehensive that Li Ying wanted to contact Li Shun, but they couldn’t find a chance.

After getting out of the car, the two of them saw the broken gla*s outside the private room and the 20-odd hooligans standing in the courtyard.

Even if they were fools, they knew something was wrong.

Ma Tiancheng gave a wink to Li Ying, wanting her to go and inform those people.

Li Ying was just about to leave, but was stopped directly by Tiger.

“Brother Ma, sister-in-law, Mr. Lin is in the house.”

“Come on, let’s go in first, don’t keep Mr. Lin waiting!”

Tiger said with a leathery smile, mainly stopping Li Ying so that she couldn’t ventilate.

Li Ying and Ma Tiancheng looked at each other, and the two of them had no choice but to follow Tiger into the private room.

The thugs outside didn’t stop them at all.

These people, although they were all following Li Shun, they had not seen Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying, nor did they know what these people’s identities were!

Seeing these three people enter the private room, those landlubbers called Li Shun instead, saying that Lin Mo’s side had found helpers.

When Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying entered the private room, they saw the chaotic scene inside the room and their faces turned ugly.

As soon as he entered, Ma Tiancheng immediately fell to his knees, “Mr. Lin, I’m really sorry, I didn’t educate this kid properly.”

“I …… will have that son of a b*tch, Li Shun, come over and kowtow to you and apologise.”

“As long as you can take your anger off, you can kill or cut him!”

Next to him, Rat and Liu Bo listened in awe.

Li Shun, that was a bully in Fangchuan County.

Who was this man?

Who was this man? He came up here and was shouting for Li Shun to come and kowtow and beg for mercy?

Li Shun would listen to him?

Lin Mo smiled faintly, “Boss Ma, what’s the hurry?”

“It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it?”

“Come, sit down and have something to eat first.”

“Tiger, prepare bowls and chopsticks for Boss Ma and and Madam Ma!”

Tiger immediately nodded, “Yes!”

He took two sets of bowls and chopsticks, set them on the table and smiled, “Brother Ma, sister-in-law, sit down.”

This polite look from Lin Mo caused Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying to panic even more in their hearts.

Although the two of them didn’t know what had happened, when it came to this point, Li Shun had definitely gotten into big trouble this time.

Ma Tiancheng glared at Li Ying indignantly, but did not dare to disobey Lin Mo and could only obediently sit down at the table.


Lin Mo laughed.

Ma Tiancheng chucked some dishes, but right now, how could he be in the mood to eat?

After casually stuffing a few bites, Ma Tiancheng once again looked at Lin Mo and said with a pleading voice, “Master Lin, this kid, Li Shun, has just been spoiled by his sister.”

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on either.”

“But, don’t worry, no matter what you want to do with this brat, I will absolutely support you!”

“How about I let him come over and kneel here first?”

Li Ying blushed miserably and quietly glared at Ma Tiancheng, gesturing for him to plead with Lin Mo.

Ma Tiancheng almost didn’t die of anger, if Lin Mo wasn’t here, Ma Tiancheng would have slapped him long ago.

  1. Now it was hard to say if he could keep his own life, and he was still pleading for your brother’s mercy?