Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1556

Seeing the crowd surrounding them all gather around, Tiger immediately rushed to Lin Mo’s side and said in a low voice, “Brother Lin, you run first, I’ll break your back!”

In the private room, Rat Liu Bo was also trembling with fear.

However, the rat eventually picked up a wine bottle and said through clenched teeth, “Uncle Liu, help me take care of Tian Tian!”

After saying that, he also rushed to Lin Mo’s side with the bottle in his hand and shouted, “Don’t even come over, or else I …… I’ll fight with you ……”

Lin Mo gave the rat a glance, he knew that this person, normally, was also a timid and fearful person.

Now, for him to run out and stand beside himself, how much courage he had to have mustered up!

Li Shun stood opposite and laughed wildly, “Fighting for your life?”

“Heh, I’d like to see how many lives you have to fight for!”

“On my turf, what can you do if you fight for your lives?”

“If I want to kill you all, it’s as difficult as killing a few dogs.”

“Lin, if you kneel on the ground and beg me now, I might consider it and let these two friends of yours go, how about that?”

Li Shun looked at Lin Mo with a smirk, his face was full of smugness.

Lin Mo sighed, “Ma Tiancheng, are you deciding to make a complete enemy of me?”

Ma Tiancheng gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Surnamed Lin, I’ve been f*cking displeased with you for a long time!”

“What do you think you are, how dare you ride on my head and flaunt your authority?”

“Let me tell you, you only inherited everything from Nanba Tian to get to where you are today.”

“To put it bluntly, you are nothing more than a megalomaniac!”

Speaking of this, Ma Tiancheng’s emotions clearly rose up.

He waved his arms and said angrily, “I have been fighting for decades in Guang Province to get everything I have today, who are you to step on my head as soon as you come up?”

“In the past, you had the upper hand and I couldn’t do anything about you.”

“But today, I’m going to show you that a man’s madness will be reaped by the heavens!”

“You think that you, the prince of the Canton Province, can run amok anywhere?”

“You are seeking your own death by running to Fangchuan County all by yourself!”

“With such a good opportunity, if I don’t kill you, should I wait for you to kill me later?”

Li Shun clapped his hands and laughed, “Brother-in-law, well said!”

“Hmph, surnamed Lin, don’t think that just because others call you the Venerable of Guang Province a few times, you are really lawless!”

“Let me tell you, in front of my Prince of Guang Province, you’re not even a fart!”

“Oh, by the way, I heard that your wife is quite pretty, what is the number one beauty in Guangyang City?”

“Don’t worry, after you die, I will definitely help you take care of her, hahaha ……”

Lin Mo shrugged helplessly and suddenly raised his voice and said, “Gentlemen, did you hear clearly?”

Ma Tiancheng and Li Shun were both stunned, not knowing exactly who Lin Mo was talking to here.

At that moment, a voice suddenly came from the distance, “Very clear!”

Ma Tiancheng’s face changed because, as he heard it clearly, it was the voice of the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!

The Crown Prince of Hai Cheng, how had he arrived here?

He hurriedly turned his head and tried to search among the crowd.

Before he could find it, the crowd suddenly burst into chaos, and the group of people standing at the entrance scattered in all directions.

Looking closely, it was an SUV that had rushed in hard from outside.

The people were scattering to avoid this car!

The wheels of the car still had blood on them, and on the ground behind them, there were several people lying in pools of blood, wailing.

There was no doubt that the buggy had run over these people and rushed in.

Behind the SUV, there was also a group of cars in black pressure.

These cars, ignoring the injured people on the ground, ran over them one by one.

Those who were lucky, crawled away little by little.

Those who were unlucky were run over by so many cars and eventually crushed to death, looking miserable!