Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1557

Li Shun was dumbfounded, he prided himself on being a ruthless man, but he had never seen such a scene.

Those few injured people on the ground were run over by dozens of cars.

These cars, as if they didn’t even treat them as human beings.

And these wounded men were all Li Shun’s men!

He froze for a while before coming back to his senses, but, by now, there were already dozens of cars parked in the courtyard.

Those of his men, too, were cornered by these cars.

If these men did not retreat, they would be run over and run over.

Looking at these cars in the courtyard, Li Shun was furious and shouted, “f*ck you, where did you come from?”

“How dare you hit even my brothers, are you looking for death?”

“f*ck, smash their car for me!”

Before Li Shun’s brothers could do anything, the door of the front SUV opened and a young man stepped out of it.

Seeing this young man, Ma Tiancheng almost didn’t P*ss in fear.

This young man was none other than the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!

No wonder he heard the Crown Prince talking just now, so, the Crown Prince had really come!

And the doors of those cars behind them all opened one after another.

Many people came out of the cars, and when he saw these people, Ma Tiancheng’s face became even more ugly.

Because, these people, were all people from the Ten Great Families of Guang Province.

Including the family heads of the Ten Great Families of Guang Province, all of them were also standing among them!

As soon as the prince stepped out of the car, he walked directly in front of Lin Mo and laughed, “Lin Zi, how is it?”

“The heads of the ten great families, I’ve brought them all to you!”

“I’m reliable in my work, right!”

Lin Mo smiled and nodded his head.

This time, he had not only contacted Tiger and asked him to bring Ma Tiancheng and his wife over.

At the same time, he contacted the Crown Prince and asked him to bring the people from the Ten Families.

Ma Tiancheng was an underground big brother in Guang Province, and if Lin Mo wanted Tiger to replace him, he had to find a suitable reason to settle him.

If he were to solve him without any reason, it would cause the Ten Families to fear Lin Mo and even start to be wary of him.

If Lin Mo could swallow Ma Tiancheng, he could definitely swallow the Ten Families, and the Ten Families would definitely not sit idly by and wait for death.

Therefore, Lin Mo staged this game to lure the family heads of the Ten Great Families here as well, so that they could witness all this.

Just now, Ma Tiancheng had said those words himself, and that would be tantamount to being a complete enemy of Lin Mo.

In such a situation, Lin Mo would have no problem killing Ma Tiancheng again.

This was indeed the case, and after the Ten Great Family Masters came down, they all looked at Ma Tiancheng with hostility in their eyes.

There were a few family lords who had a good personal relationship with Ma Tiancheng.

However, they were all looking at Ma Tiancheng hostilely now as well!

Li Shun’s eyes stared straight as he looked at these people in shock and said in a trembling voice, “Brother-in-law, this …… these are the people from the top ten families in Guang Province?”

Ma Tiancheng’s face was pale as he slowly nodded, “Yes …… yes ……”

“The family heads of the ten major families in Guang Province are all here as well ……”

Li Ying was also shivering, “Old Ma, what should we do about this ……?”

“The top ten families of Guang Province are all here, are we …… we …… not dead?”

Ma Tiancheng could no longer speak, he was now remorseful in his heart.

If he had known this, just now he would never have gotten involved in this matter with Li Shun even if he had knelt down and kowtowed to Lin Mo, ah.

Now, he had failed to kill Lin Mo, and his life had been completely saved!

Li Shun’s face was grim, he knew that this time, the matter was really big.

However, he was still unwilling to lose like this!

He suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted, “So what if it’s the Top Ten Families of Guang Province?”

“Hmph, this is Fangchuan County, it’s Laozi’s turf!”

“If they come to Fangchuan County, they won’t be able to leave alive!”

“Chunzi, close the door, and, call someone for me!”

“I’ll make this bullsh*t Honorable of Guang Province, and this Top Ten Families of Guang Province, all die here!”