Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1560

Hearing Lin Mo’s words, the rat’s face instantly became swollen red, and his body was trembling with excitement.

Although he didn’t know exactly what Lin Mo’s identity was, but to be able to easily crush Li Shun and make Ma Tiancheng, a big brother of Guang Province, kneel before him, was a clear indication that Lin Mo was definitely not an ordinary person.

Such a big shot was going to ask him to be his driver, this was a great blessing!

Rat had never dreamed that such a good thing would fall into his lap.

He was filled with apprehension, “Brother Lin, I …… am not capable enough, I am afraid that I will delay your work ……”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “Don’t worry.”

“What I asked you to do is definitely within your ability!”

The rat nodded his head in a hurry, “Brother Lin, since you think highly of me, then …… then I will definitely give it my all!”

“Don’t worry, unless I die, anything, I’ll do it for you!”

Lin Mo laughed, “You’re exaggerating, you don’t need to die.”

“Alright, you come with me.”

“By the way, Uncle Liu and TianTian, are going to stay in Guangyang City for a while.”

“Over there, there will be someone to take care of them.”

Mouse nodded vigorously and hurriedly said, “Brother Lin, all under your arrangement.”

Lin Mo looked at Uncle Liu, “Uncle Liu, what about you?”

Uncle Liu hurriedly said, “I will also listen to you.”

“My old man is a lonely man with no relatives or friends, so it’s the same wherever he goes!”

“To live in a big city like Guangyang City is definitely much better than living in the slums of this small county.”

Lin Mo smiled, “That’s good!”

“Crown Prince, I’ll trouble you!”

The prince waved his hand, “It’s alright, this little thing is nothing.”

“However, you must be careful when you go to Su Province.”

“The ten strongest families in Su Province are not weak!”

Lin Mo nodded, “I have my own plan!”

“This matter, don’t leak the news.”

“Lest the people of the Ten Great Families of Su Province find out!”

The prince nodded as he took the lead and left with Liu Bo and Tian Tian.

After the people from the ten great families had dealt with the aftermath of this side, they all left as well.

As for Lin Mo, he had someone find an ordinary car and had the rat drive it, heading for Su Province overnight.

He now knew how Wan Chun Tang had obtained the refining method for the Recycle Pill, but, based on that alone, he couldn’t do anything to Wan Chun Tang!

Therefore, he had to personally go to Su Province and settle this matter once and for all.

The Recycle Pill was the future foundation of Xu Pharmaceutical, as well as Lin Mo’s future foundation, and he absolutely would not allow others to get their hands on it!

The matter in Fangchuan County is not small, the top ten families in Suzhou Province must have gotten the news, and may be on high alert for Lin Mo.

In such a situation, Lin Mo could only enter Su Province alone and quietly to deal with this matter.

He did not bring anyone else with him, but only the rat, in order to be concealed.

Moreover, as a pickpocket himself, he could sometimes help Lin Mo do some important things.

As for the matter of Liu Bo and Tian Tian going to Guangyang City, Lin Mo had thought about it a long time ago.

The situation of Mouse and Tiantian was similar to his previous situation.

Lin Mo still admired Rat, and Lin Mo was prepared to take him with him to train him, and to give him a chance of sorts.

As for TianTian, this child was also very understanding and cute, so he was sent to Guangyang City to accompany Lin Xi, so that she would also have a companion.

As for Uncle Liu, Lin Mo also had great admiration for him.

This old man, who was able to take care of Tian Tian for such a long time, regardless of the cost, and even pay for Tian Tian’s treatment out of his own pocket, was not something that ordinary people could do.

Moreover, Lin Mo had also looked at it, this Uncle Liu’s medical skills were actually quite good.

Therefore, Lin Mo planned to let him go to Xu Jiangong Fang Hui’s pharmacy to sit in the clinic.

That way, it would definitely be much better than if he was in Fangchuan County, and his life could be a bit better too ah.