Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1561

Yunan City, the provincial capital of Suzhou Province.

This is where the ten largest families in Su Province gather, and at the same time, it is also the location where the headquarters of the Wanchun Hall in Su Province is located.

The situation in Su Province was completely different from that in Guang Province.

The strength of the Ten Great Families of Guang Province could be said to be the weakest among the entire six southern provinces.

Because of Nanba Tian’s presence in Guang Province, the ten families in Guang Province had been unable to lift their heads.

Over the years, the development of the top ten families in Guangdong Province had been very poor, and they could not compare with the other provinces at all.

Previously, the Wang Family, the leader of the ten families in Guangdong Province, was the strongest among the ten families in Guangdong Province.

However, even if the Wang family’s strength is placed in the top ten families in Suzhou Province, it is only a medium level.

The strength of the top three families in the top ten families in Suzhou Province is simply terrifying and not comparable to that of the Wang Family!

The Wanchun Hall, on the other hand, was jointly established by the top ten families in Suzhou Province.

The medical industry on this side of Suzhou Province was itself very developed, and the income from the medical industry ranked among the top three in the country.

Wanchun Hall is a huge enterprise in China, with a market value of nearly 200 billion yuan, and it is the enterprise that the ten major families in Su Province attach the most importance to.

Two days ago, Wan Chun Tang announced to the public that they had developed a new drug that could cure three types of cancer.

When this news came out, the share price of Wanchun Hall shot up.

Before the drug was even released, Wanchun Hall’s share price had increased by 30%.

The top ten families in Suzhou Province were all overflowing with money from this, and were overjoyed.

For this reason, Wanchun Hall, held a special launch event for the new drug.

They invited famous doctors from all over the country, big medical institutions, and major pharmaceutical companies to launch this new medicine in public.

Not only that, they also invited cancer patients from all over the country to be treated in public to prove the efficacy of Zeng Zhuan Pill to the public.

Wanchun Tang is making a big deal out of all this, firstly, to push up its share price to another level.

Secondly, they wanted to announce in public that they were the developer of the Recycle Pill, so as to overwhelm Xu Pharmaceutical from the point of view of public opinion, and completely break the back of Xu Pharmaceutical!

Lin Mo had just arrived in Yunan City when Li Tiezui sent these messages.

There was no doubt that the top ten families in Su Province, already knew about what had happened in Fangchuan County.

They also knew that Lin Mo would definitely have to fight with Wan Chun Tang for the ownership of this Recycle Pill next.

Therefore, the Ten Families of Su Province directly came to make the first move. They intended to put an end to this matter before Lin Mo could make a move!

Lin Mo didn’t care about these news matters either.

Before entering Yunan City, he had separated from Mouse.

The rat had entered Yunan City in advance to help him scout for information.

Doing so was also something Lin Mo had planned long ago.

Although Li Tiezui’s spies were all over the six southern provinces, the ten major families in Suzhou Province were not vegetarians either.

On normal days, when the Ten Families were not on Li Tiezui’s guard, he was indeed able to find out some information.

However, once the Ten Families began to take full precautions, it was basically impossible for Li Tiezui’s spies to find out any useful information.

This was the case with the Reconstruction Pill.

Li Tiezui’s spies were unable to find out any useful information.

Therefore, Lin Mo had brought the rat over, and he intended to let the rat help spy out some information.

The rat himself was an ordinary person without any background and had never been to Su Province, so the ten major families in Su Province would not even notice him.

Moreover, Rat acted cautiously and was himself from a pickpocket background, so he could also do some rather secretive things.

Let him investigate the information, it might work wonders!

As for Lin Mo, he circled around in Su Province before he took a bus and entered Yunan City without anyone noticing.