Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1564

Lin Mo said in a deep voice, “This man, what exactly is his identity?”

“How did he get into our Lin family?”

Lin Zhaoge: “Back in the early years when big brother went out to practice medicine, he saved a small child who had fainted on the road, and it was this Qian Yong’an.”

“At that time, he was still called Zhao An, a vagrant child.”

“Big brother took him home, treated him carefully and took good care of him, and he later recovered.”

“Seeing that he was pitiful, big brother kept him at home and put him in charge of cleaning the alchemy room, and even taught him some medical skills.”

“However, when he was twenty-three years old, a deceased person came to big brother to seek medical help.”

“That deceased person had cancer, and big brother made a furnace of rejuvenation pills to treat him.”

“However, on the very night he was guarding the alchemy room, three of the reclaimed pills were missing.”

“Big brother didn’t pursue the matter too much, however, he still sent him out of the Lin family.”

“Unexpectedly, he was actually Qian Yong’an of the Qian family in Su Province!”

“In that case, it seems that back then, that Recycle Pill, was the one who stole three of them from him!”

Hearing this, Lin Mo finally knew what was going on.

His father, Lin Xiao, was a kind person, so he should have seen that Qian Yongan had stolen the Recycle Pills, but did not pursue him, but just sent him away, and that was all.

This Qian Yong’an, however, was a sinister and cunning villain.

When Lin Xiao saved him, not only did he not think of repaying him, but instead, he deliberately stole the pills in secret and stole them, wanting to reap huge profits from them.

Qian Yong’an was twenty-three when he left the Lin family. He did not go straight back to the Qian family, but spent two years wandering around outside before returning to the Qian family.

This shows that this man was thoughtful and worried that the Lin family’s people would track him down, so he deliberately wandered around outside for two years to dispel the Lin family’s suspicions.

Later, when he returned to the Qian family, although he developed those three drugs, he controlled their effects to the weakest.

In this way, even if the Lin family knew about it, the sky was the limit and they might not come looking for him.

He, on the other hand, used the medical skills he had learned from the Lin family’s side, as well as the method of alchemy, to become the premier divine doctor on the Su Province side, as well as gaining huge money and status.

However, at that time Qian Yong’an still had scruples in doing things.

Before the death of Lin Xiao, the King of the Northern Realm, Qian Yong’an could only make a small fortune in secret.

However, more than ten years ago, when Lin Xiao, the King of the North, was killed in battle and the Lin family was destroyed, Qian Yong’an immediately began to develop the Re-creation Pill, which shows the viciousness of this man’s mind.

The only thing is that the refinement of the Recycle Pill is rather troublesome, and more than ten years ago, Wan Chun Hall spent a lot of money, but failed to develop it successfully.

It was not until Xu’s Pharmaceuticals started the development of the Recycle Pill that Wan Chun Tang took the opportunity to steal the formula from Xu’s Pharmaceuticals, thus refining the Recycle Pill.

Immediately afterwards, Wan Chun Tang used its powerful influence to openly seize the ownership of this Recycle Pill.

It had to be said that this Qian Yong’an was really an extremely sinister villain!

When Lin Mo figured out these things, the fire in his heart also surged straight up.

Qian Yong’an had been saved by his father, Lin Xiao, and, basically, it was the Lin family that had raised him.

As a result, when such a thing happened to the Lin family, not only did he not think about taking revenge for the Lin family, but instead, he went to develop a reconstructive pill at the first opportunity and wanted to make a fortune out of it.

Such a person, with his despicable methods and ingratitude, was simply disgraceful!

Lin Mo clenched his fists, this time, it was no longer just about the ownership of the Recycle Pill!

Qian Yong’an was so ungrateful, how could Lin Mo allow him?

This time, Lin Mo wanted to let him know: the Lin family had not yet died out, no one would ever want to take away the Lin family’s things!

What belongs to the Lin family, he, Lin Mo, will definitely take back with his own hands!