Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1565

Lin Mo went through those experimental data again and found that Qian Yong’an, with this reconstructive pill, the medicinal effect did not actually meet expectations.

After all, what Qian Yong’an had stolen from Xu’s Pharmaceutical was only the general step.

The core step, however, was still in Lin Mo’s hands.

The potency of the pills refined from Wan Chun Tang’s side was, compared to the real rejuvenation pills, at least 90% worse.

Moreover, Lin Mo vaguely felt that there should still be some problems with the rejuvenation pills refined by Wan Chun Tang.

Lin Mo put the file bag down and said in a deep voice, “Mouse, can you think of a way to get a finished pill of the Recycle Pill out of the Wanchun Hall?”

Mouse scratched his head, “Brother Lin, I’ll try my best.”

“Wanchun Hall has very strict control over the finished pills, so it’s not easy to get the finished pills!”

Lin Mo nodded, “It’s fine.”

“Do your best, just forget about it if you can’t get it!”

“Safety first!”

Mouse nodded vigorously and whispered again, “Right, Brother Lin, I’ve also found out about that Chen Baiyu that you asked me to inquire about.”

Chen Baiyu, was a young master who had pa*sed by this side of Su Province when Lin Mo and the others had gone to pick the Nine Leaf Fire Lotus earlier.

The Chen family was one of the top three among the top ten families in Su Province, with a status similar to that of the Qian family.

Chen Baiyu’s father was the head of the Chen family, with a high status.

At that time, in Wu Zhai, Lin Mo had helped Chen Baiyu and even saved his life later on, so Chen Baiyu was very grateful to Lin Mo.

This time, Lin Mo came to Su Province to do something, and he was thinking about whether he should go and talk to Chen Baiyu.

Lin Mo was unfamiliar with this side of Suzhou Province.

If Chen Baiyu was willing to help him, then this matter would be much easier!

However, before that, he had to find out Chen Baiyu’s attitude.

If Chen Baiyu was the kind of person who was ungrateful and betrayed him outright, then it would be troublesome.

Lin Mo said in a deep voice, “What about Chen Baiyu?”

“What’s his opinion on this Recycle Pill thing from Wan Chun Tang?”

Mouse waved his hand, “What opinion can he have?”

“Brother Lin, this Chen Baiyu ah, now in Su Province, is simply a joke!”

Lin Mo frowned slightly, “Why?”

“His father is the head of the Chen family, he is the heir to the Chen family, how could he be a joke now?”

Rat: “The Chen family head, has long since changed!”

“His father, was killed by someone.”

“And this Chen Baiyu, now in the Chen family, is similar to a side branch son, and has no status to speak of at all.”

Lin Mo was surprised, “Why is that?”

Mouse whispered, “I heard that it seems to be some big family over in the capital that has a problem with the Chen family.”

“That big clan came with a big shot and raised hell with the Ten Great Families of Su Province.”

“In order to put this matter to rest, the people from the Ten Great Families of Su Province forced Chen Baiyu’s father, the Chen family head, to cut himself off in public to put an end to this matter once and for all.”

“The people of the Chen family didn’t dare to say anything at all, instead they even treated that big family with respect.”

“In the end, the Chen family changed its head of family before this matter was put to rest.”

Lin Mo’s face was cold, of course he knew who that great family in the capital was.

The last time he had gone to snatch the Seven Leaf Fire Lotus, a thousand-year-old Miss Xie Qingyue from the Xie family in the capital had also gone over.

However, on that occasion, the Xie family had not been able to take advantage of anything, but instead had suffered numerous deaths and injuries.

Chen Baiyu was very respectful to Lin Mo at that time, and did not help the Xie family.

Probably, it was because of this incident that the Xie family ran after the Chen family, leading to the tragic death of Chen Baiyu’s father.

As for Lin Mo, he had been in Guangyang City, and under the shelter of Nanba Tian, the Xie Family didn’t have the guts to go to Guangyang City to look for trouble with him, so Lin Mo didn’t even know about these things.

Lin Mo took a deep breath, he already knew what to do.

After what Chen Baiyu had gone through, he must have become desperate for the Ten Families of Su Province, he would definitely help Lin Mo!