Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1566

It was 10pm at the Dynasty International in Yunan City.

This was one of the several most luxurious nightclubs in Yunan City, and it was also the nightclub that those dudes from the ten major families liked to come to most on a regular basis.

A black car drove up to the entrance of Dynasty International, but was directly stopped by a few black-clad men at the entrance.

“Sorry, the car park inside is full, foreign vehicles, are strictly forbidden to enter!”

The man in black, who was leading, said with a leathery smile.

The other few people, too, were all looking at the car playfully.

These few people, all knew the owner of this car, none other than Chen Baiyu of the Chen family.

Chen Baiyu, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, had a blue face.

Of course he knew what these people meant.

The car park inside this Dynasty International was huge, and, on weekdays, only half of the cars would be parked.

The remaining half of the parking spaces were for emergencies, mainly reserved for those big shots to park.

Two months ago, when Chen Baiyu drove over, even the general manager of Dynasty International would personally come out to greet him and respectfully invite him into the car park.

Even if there was no parking space here, the manager would definitely find a way to vacate a parking space for Chen Baiyu!

However, the times are different now.

With Chen Baiyu’s father dead, Chen Baiyu’s status in the Chen family was in ruins, and even the security guards who were watching the venue didn’t take Chen Baiyu into account anymore.

They even stopped Chen Baiyu at the entrance, which really made Chen Baiyu experience the warmth of human feelings.

However, Chen Baiyu did not dare to confront these security guards.

He was very clear about his current situation.

Although he carried the name of the Chen family, in fact, after the Chen family head had changed, no one in the Chen family cared about him anymore.

If he were to get into trouble with these security guards, the Chen family would not stand up for him.

In the end, the one who would suffer would definitely be himself, and this matter would even become a joke in Yunan City.

Therefore, he could only swallow his anger.

Chen Baiyu opened the car door and stepped down, handing the car keys to the man in black.

He couldn’t drive the car in, but he could let these people park the car for him, and just give a little tip when he came out.

After all, this was a nightclub and was in the service business.

It’s a status symbol to be able to drive your car into the car park inside.

If you can’t drive in, this place also provides valet parking, which also allows the guests to enjoy the best convenience.

However, when Chen Baiyu handed over the car keys, the man in black did not take them at all.

He looked at Chen Baiyu with interest and smiled, “Yo, isn’t this young Chen?”

“Young Chen, I heard that you haven’t come out for many days at home, why are you so interested today that you have come to Dynasty International to play?”

“Hey, brothers, look, it’s Young Chen!”

“Do you still remember? In the past, when Mr. Chen came here, our general manager had to come down to greet him personally!”

Those other men in black immediately gathered around and joked around.

It seemed like they were greeting Chen Baiyu, but in fact, these people were simply mocking Chen Baiyu.

This once top young master of Su Province had now fallen to this state, just like the saying, “A tiger in a flat sun is bullied by a dog!

Chen Baiyu’s face looked ugly, he finally couldn’t help himself and said angrily, “I told you to park the car, didn’t you hear me?”

A cold smile wiped across the face of the leader in black: “Yo, Young Chen, what do you mean by that?”

“What’s the matter? Lost your temper?”

“Our brothers admire you and want to say hello to you, what’s wrong with that?”

“You’ve lost your temper with us, what’s wrong with that?”

“Even if you are the young master of the Chen family, you don’t have to bully people like this, do you?”

“What, do you look down on us as security guards?”

The others were also staring at Chen Baiyu intently, looking at the situation, if Chen Baiyu said something wrong, they might have to come up and beat Chen Baiyu up.