Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1567

Chen Baiyu was furious, he really didn’t expect that after his fall from grace, anyone would dare to climb on his head to sh*t and P*ss on him.

He didn’t know that these security guards were the type of people who would always hold him in high esteem.

In the past, when Chen Baiyu was in power, these people always supported him.

Now that he had fallen on hard times, these security guards wanted to trample him to the bottom of the mud, so of course they were looking for trouble by all means.

However, when faced with such a situation now, Chen Baiyu did not dare to really tear his face off with them.

Now he really had nothing left, he couldn’t even fight these security guards!

Forcibly holding back the anger in his heart, Chen Baiyu finally chose to bow his head.

“A few big brothers, sorry, I don’t mean to look down on you.”

“I …… have some business inside, if you guys don’t have time to help me park, I’ll park myself, is that alright?”

When Chen Baiyu said these words, he only felt that he had completely lost his face as well.

As the former young master of the Chen family, he had to bow down to these security guards, what was the point of living?

The men in black laughed loudly, and the man at the head snorted, “Young Chen, you’re too polite to say that.”

“Brothers, did you hear that? Young Chen has apologised to us!”

“Since Young Chen is willing to bow down, let’s forgive him for once, how about that?”

The crowd roared their approval.

The man in charge snatched the car keys from Chen Baiyu’s hand and casually threw them to a youth next to him, smiling, “Young Chen, you’re a guest when you’re here.”

“And the car, we will park it for you.”

“But the tip, can you pay for it first?”

“As you know, it’s not easy for the brothers to make money!”

Chen Baiyu was almost mad, it was the first time he had seen someone who had to give a tip when parking a car.

Everyone else tipped when they came out to pick up their cars, but these people looked down on him!

But what could he say now?

Taking out a few hundred yuan from his body and handing them over, Chen Baiyu said in a deep voice: “Is that enough?”

The man at the head of the group laughed loudly, “Young Chen is very generous!”

“Come on, young Chen, please come inside!”

Chen Baiyu gritted his teeth and walked into Dynasty International with his head bowed.

Outside, those security guards once again laughed loudly.

One of the security guards approached the head man and whispered, “Captain, how come you let him tip first? Are you afraid he won’t have the money to pay?”

The man in charge glanced at him, “You kid, what the hell do you know!”

“You still don’t understand why Chen Baiyu came here today?”

Several security guards shook their heads in bewilderment.

The man at the head said in a deep voice, “You bunch of lackeys!”

“After what happened to the Chen family, Chen Baiyu has been cowering at home and hasn’t left the house.”

“For the first time in such a long time, he went out and came to our Dynasty International, don’t you guys understand what’s going on?”

The crowd shook their heads again.

The man at the head was speechless: “Let me put it to you this way!”

“Tonight, Qian Shao from the Qian family, brought Xue Yuting from the Xue family to play with him.”

Several security guards looked at each other, and one of them exclaimed, “Xue Yuting from the Xue family?”

“Isn’t that the Xue family’s Missy?”

“She’s gone with Young Qian like that?”

The man at the head of the group sneered, “It’s none of our business what other young masters and young misses do.”

“But, you guys need to know one thing.”

“This Xue Yuting, in the past, was Chen Baiyu’s girlfriend!”

“And, the two of them have been engaged for a long time.”

At this statement, several security guards suddenly realized and all laughed.

“So, Xue Yuting is planning to kick Chen Baiyu and follow Qian Shao, huh?”

“Hahahaha, Chen Baiyu, not willing to be a green-headed prince, so he ran to find trouble?”

A security guard laughed.

The man at the head of the group laughed, “Does that even need to be said?”

“That’s why I asked for this tip first!”

“Once this goes in, if this unlucky man Chen Baiyu dies, who are we going to ask for money?”