Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1570

Chen Baiyu’s face was pale, Xue Yuting’s actions had made him completely desperate.

Originally, he still had a slight illusion about this childhood sweetheart, but now he realised that everything Xue Yuting had done for him was a lie.

He had offered her up like a goddess, while she had never given him even the slightest hint of her true heart.

Chen Baiyu suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted, “Who am I to apologise?”

“It was her Xue Yuting who wronged me first, I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I apologise?”

“The one who should apologize is you, Xue Yuting!”

Chen Baiyu hissed as he struggled desperately to break free from Qian Liangwen’s grip.

However, his strength was far less than Qian Liangwen’s. With Qian Liangwen holding his wrist, he was unable to break free.

Seeing Chen Baiyu in this state, Xue Yuting’s face was filled with disgust.

Qian Liangwen, on the other hand, smiled coldly, “Young Chen, I know that recently, the Chen family has undergone a great change, which has caused you to suffer a considerable blow.”

“But I really didn’t expect that you would be struck like this, even your spirit is misplaced!”

“Ai, how pitiful!”

The crowd around them all burst into laughter, Qian Liangwen’s words were clearly saying that Chen Baiyu was insane.

Chen Baiyu was furious: “You are the one who is mentally deranged!”

A sharp look flashed in Qian Liangwen’s eyes as he increased the force in his hand, twisting Chen Baiyu’s wrist so hard that it creaked.

Chen Baiyu was in pain and his body bent down little by little.

Qian Liangwen kept increasing his strength, and with a sharp aura in his eyes, he shouted, “Kneel down for me!”

With that, Qian Liangwen violently increased his strength, twisting Chen Baiyu’s wrist as hard as he could, trying to force him to kneel on the ground.

But Chen Baiyu was now clenching his teeth and carrying on, just not kneeling.

Qian Liangwen was annoyed and twisted with all his might.

This time, if Chen Baiyu didn’t kneel, he would have to break his arm!

Chen Baiyu was also a man, and even though he was suffering from such pain, he held on and did not kneel.

With a click, Chen Baiyu’s arm was directly dislocated.

Chen Baiyu’s face was so distorted by the pain, but he still stood, not kneeling even though he was dead!

Qian Liangwen could not help but be even more furious!

In his opinion, Chen Baiyu was nothing but a waste.

To him, Chen Baiyu was just a waste of time. To hold on like this and not kneel down was to make him lose face.

“D*mn, you’re still tough!”

“I’ll see how long you can be tough!”

Qian Liangwen kicked Chen Baiyu in the knee and shouted angrily again, “Kneel down for me!”

Chen Baiyu’s leg was almost broken by the kick, but he held on to the table next to him and continued to carry on.

Qian Liangwen was furious, “Chen Baiyu, you really have some f*cking balls!”

“Not kneeling, are you?”

“Fine, I have plenty of time to play with you!”

“Today, if I don’t let you kneel down, my name is not Qian Liangwen!”

With that, Qian Liangwen grabbed the bottle on the table and smashed it directly on Chen Baiyu’s head, roaring, “Kneel down for me!”

Chen Baiyu’s head was bleeding from the smashing, but he still held on and did not kneel down.

At this moment, Xue Yuting also grabbed the chair next to him and slammed it onto the bend of Chen Baiyu’s leg, “My husband told you to kneel down, are you deaf?”

This smashed Chen Baiyu, causing him to stagger and almost fall to his knees.

However, he still pressed the table with a deadly grip and stood up stiffly.

He looked at Xue Yuting and his eyes turned fierce.

“I really didn’t expect that you would turn out like this!”

“Xue Yuting, from now on, between you and me, there will be no more half entanglement!”

Chen Baiyu said through clenched teeth.

Xue Yuting laughed outright, “Chen Baiyu, are you sick in the head?”

“Do you think I want to have any entanglement with you? You’re the one who keeps stalking me, okay?”

“I’m telling you, your father deserved to die! And you deserve to be in this situation!”

“God is so lucky that I was able to get rid of you so I could find a husband as good as Liang Wen, do you understand?”