Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1571

Xue Yuting’s desperate words almost made Chen Baiyu faint from anger.

He gritted his teeth and snarled, “Xue Yuting, my father didn’t provoke you, why are you talking about him like this?”

Xue Yuting sneered, “I can say what I want, what can you do to me?”

“Chen Baiyu, do you really think you’re still the young master of the Chen family?”

“You’re just a wild dog abandoned by the Chen family now, who are you to shout at me?”

The crowd around them burst into laughter.

Qian Liangwen let out a wild laugh, “Yu Ting, that’s very kind of you to say.”

“Wild dog? Hahahaha, he really looks like a dog now!”

“Chen Baiyu, I’ll give you one more chance.”

“Kneel down immediately, kowtow to me and admit your mistake, and I can spare you!”

“Otherwise, I’ll f*cking chop off both of your dog legs so that you don’t have to kneel down even in the future!”

Chen Baiyu gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Qian Liangwen, I won’t kneel down for you!”

“Kill me if you have the guts, if I frown, my surname will not be Chen!”

Qian Liangwen was furious, “You’re still f*cking crazy, aren’t you?”

“Fine, since you want to die, I’ll let you do it!”

With that, Qian Liangwen grabbed a fruit knife from the table and stabbed Chen Baiyu directly in the neck.

Chen Baiyu glanced at Xue Yuting, only to see a brilliant glint in Xue Yuting’s eyes, without the slightest hint of reluctance, but rather a feeling of surprise.

Chen Baiyu let out a bitter smile, and did not dodge, slowly closing his eyes.

His last hope in this world had been shattered, so what was the point of him living?

However, he waited for a long time with his eyes closed, but the fruit knife did not pierce his neck.

He was surprised and opened his eyes to see Qian Liangwen falling on the sofa behind him, vomiting blood from his mouth, as if he had suffered a serious injury.

He couldn’t help but stare and turned his head to see that there was a youth beside him at some point.

The youth was wearing a duck-tongue cap, and he could not see his appearance clearly, but there was an indescribable sense of familiarity.

This youth was none other than Lin Mo!

He had just witnessed everything from outside the door.

In fact, he could have come in earlier.

However, he did not do so.

Because, he wanted Chen Baiyu to go through all of this.

Only after Chen Baiyu experienced all this would he be able to completely despair of Xue Yuting, and only then would he be completely free of Xue Yuting in the future.

Qian Liangwen barely stopped vomiting blood and said through clenched teeth, “What are you …… you are?”

“Do you know that I …… I am the youngest master of the Qian family!”

“You dare to injure me? You are going against my Qian family, you are declaring war on my ten families, you …… are looking for death ……”

Lin Mo sneered and said in a low voice, “Qian Liangwen, I didn’t kill you because this dog’s life of yours is reserved for Chen Baiyu!”

“Just you wait, it won’t be long before Chen Baiyu will kill you himself!”

Qian Liangwen was stunned, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “Just because he’s a loser? You’re talking nonsense!”

“Humph, if you dare to go against me, today, even you will have to die here together!”

Xue Yuting held Qian Liangwen and shouted, “What are you all doing standing there?”

“He dares to beat up Qian Shao, hurry up and get rid of him!”

The people around them surrounded him aggressively, looking like they were ready to beat up Lin Mo.

Lin Mo didn’t care about these people, he picked up Chen Baiyu with one hand and directly turned around and ran away.

The two men at the door tried to stop him, but they were all knocked to the ground with a single punch from Lin Mo.

Running all the way out of Dynasty International, Lin Mo took Chen Baiyu to a secluded place before throwing him to the ground.

Holding onto the wall, Chen Baiyu tried his best to stand up, looked at Lin Mo and said in a trembling voice, “Your Excellency …… Who exactly is Your Excellency?”

“Why did you save me?”

Lin Mo didn’t say anything, he just took off his hat.

Only then did Chen Baiyu get a clear look at Lin Mo, and he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Lin …… Mr. Lin!?”