Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1574

A brilliant aura flashed across Chen Baiyu’s eyes.

He certainly wanted to trample the Ten Families of Su Province under his feet.

He knew that when his father had been forced to die, the Ten Families were all present.

It could be said that the Xie family had led his father’s death, while the Ten Families of Suzhou Province were the executioners.

Not only that, but after his father’s death, the Ten Families of Suzhou Province humiliated him in every way.

He wanted to take revenge for all these blood feuds, even in his dreams.

But the problem was, how could he have the strength to do so?

Chen Baiyu looked at Lin Mo and whispered, “Brother Lin, what do you …… you mean?”

Lin Mo smiled gently, “You have not been in Su Province for a short time, moreover, your father has been in charge of the Chen family for a long time.”

“You should be very clear about the relationship and conflicts between the ten major families in Su Province.”

“What you need to do now is to divide these ten major families.”

“If you want to trample the ten major families in Su Province under your feet, you first have to bring in a group of people and eradicate a group of people.”

“You should understand what I mean, right?”

Chen Baiyu fell into deep thought, and after a long time, his eyes snapped wide.

“Brother Lin, I understand what you mean!”

Chen Baiyu clenched his fists and said in a deep voice, “Brother Lin, first stir up the conflicts between the ten clans and make them fight internally.”

“Then, slowly annex them, and finally take all ten families under your wing, right?”

Lin Mo nodded with a faint smile, “That’s roughly what it means.”

“However, exactly how to implement it will have to be decided based on the situation between the ten great clans.”

Chen Baiyu took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Brother Lin, the relationship between the ten major families in Su Province appears to be very harmonious.”

“But in fact, there are still affinities and distinctions between the ten families.”

“Especially since the ten families all have shares within Wanchun Hall, and the division of interests would most easily lead to such conflicts arising.”

“My father once told me that Qian Yong’an had two books of accounts at Wanchun Hall.”

“One of them, which was specifically for us, the Chen and Zhao families, was the secret account.”

“The other, on the other hand, was for the Ten Great Families to see, and that was called the open account.”

“But in fact, that open account, is after it has already been divided once.”

“Our Chen Family and Zhao Family, together with the Qian Family, are the three most powerful families among the Ten Great Families.”

“Each time, half of the benefits of the Wanchun Hall have to be taken out and divided among our three families first. The remaining half will only be taken out, and then the ten great families will divide it up once again!”

A brilliant light immediately flashed in Lin Mo’s eyes, this was a piece of news that he hadn’t expected.

The Wan Chun Hall, surprisingly, had a Yin and Yang ledger.

If this matter was stirred up, it would be enough to completely divide the top ten families in Su Province, and the top three families, the Zhao Family, the Qian Family and the Chen Family, would also become targets of the public!

“This matter, do you have any evidence?”

Lin Mo asked in a deep voice.

Chen Baiyu shook his head, “This evidence, how could I possibly have it?”

“My father said that there was only one ledger for the dark accounts.”

“And this ledger was always kept in the hands of Zhao Tianyuan, the head of the Zhao family.”

“Only when it came time to divide the accounts every time would Zhao Tianyuan take out this dark ledger.”

“Normally, this ledger book, was hidden away by Zhao Tianyuan, even my father didn’t know exactly where this ledger book was hidden!”

A brilliant aura flashed in Lin Mo’s eyes, “So, if you want to find this ledger, you still have to start with Zhao Tianyuan?”

Seeing Lin Mo’s expression, Chen Baiyu was a little frightened and said urgently, “Brother Lin, this …… can never be done.”

“The Zhao family, not only is it the strongest major family in Su Province.”

“Moreover, the Zhao family also comes from a martial arts family, and there are many experts in the family.”

“The Zhao family head, Zhao Tianyuan, is even the number one expert in Su Province, nicknamed the Little Patriarch.”

“Even Lin Zhao of Wu Zhai is no match for him!”

“You go to him, this …… is too dangerous!”