Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1576

After observing outside for a while, Lin Mo quietly came to the vicinity of this courtyard of the Book Depository.

He pulled out a small porcelain vase from his body and took out some white powder from inside the vase.

This was a medicine he had specially made, capable of putting people into a coma for a short period of time.

Lin Mo quietly scattered these white powders into the air, and these white powders, were directly blown into the courtyard by the wind.

It did not take long for the dozens of guards in the courtyard to faint one after another.

However, Lin Mo did not barge into the library directly, but instead retreated to the back of the rockery in the distance, carefully observing the situation.

Not long after these dozens of guards had fallen, a loud sound was heard from inside the Book Depository, as if someone was giving a warning.

There was no doubt that inside the Book Depository, there were also quite a few guards.

These guards, noticing that all the guards in the courtyard outside had suddenly fallen down, knew that something was wrong and immediately gave a warning of the movement.

Lin Mo had not entered the courtyard of the Book Depository directly just now, otherwise, he would have been discovered by these guards by now.

With this loud sound, the entire Zhao family compound seemed to be awakened, and immediately quite a few people began to run towards the Book Depository.

The Book Depository was the fundamental part of the Zhao Family, so it was naturally the key to everyone’s protection.

Inside the library, someone also rushed out and ran towards the courtyard where the family head, Zhao Tianyuan, was located, obviously going to report to Zhao Tianyuan.

Lin Mo quietly followed this person and arrived outside Zhao Tianyuan’s solitary courtyard.

Zhao Tianyuan liked to be secluded, so his courtyard was in a remote location, and there were basically no people living around it.

When Lin Mo waited for the man to enter Zhao Tianyuan’s courtyard, he quietly climbed over the wall and entered as well.

Zhao Tianyuan’s courtyard covered a large area, about three or four acres of land.

Inside the courtyard, there was only a small two-storey building, while the rest of the place was made to look like a garden.

There were flowers and gra*s, trees and water, as well as a few rockery hills, looking as if it was a place for the elderly to cultivate their bodies.

That guard ran to the front of Zhao Tianyuan’s small building and didn’t dare to go in directly, but bowed outside and said, “Family head, something’s wrong!”

“Someone has used medicine to daze the guards of our hidden book building, and I suspect that someone is trying to steal our Zhao family’s secret books from the hidden book building!”

The window of the small building opened and a man stood by the window, his voice rippling, “Have you found this person?”

This man, was none other than the Zhao family head, Zhao Tianyuan!

The guard immediately shook his head, “No!”

“After he dazed the guards in the outer courtyard, we immediately noticed that something was wrong and sent out a family warning.”

“This person was probably frightened, so, he hasn’t seen to show himself until now.”

“Family head, should we pull back and search the entire courtyard to find this person?”

Zhao Tianyuan was silent for a moment, “Have the clan divide 30% of its manpower and search the entire courtyard.”

“Everyone else, guard the few most important locations of the family, especially the Book Collection!”

“Also, call Qian Yong’an and ask him to come and see what stunned the outer courtyard guards, by!”

The guard immediately bowed, “Yes!”

The guard bent over and exited the solitary courtyard, Zhao Tianyuan closed the window and returned to his room.

Lin Mo did not follow the guard and leave, but hid among the rockery and waited quietly.

This time, when he entered the Zhao family, Lin Mo’s goal, from the very beginning, was not in the Book Depository, but in this solitary courtyard of Zhao Tianyuan’s!

Before he came, he had asked Li Tiezui for a piece of information about Zhao Tianyuan.

From this information, Zhao Tianyuan was an extremely cautious person who was conceited and had a strong desire to control.

He was a man who only believed in himself and not others!

Therefore, Lin Mo firmly believed that Zhao Tianyuan would never put the most important things in other places, he would only put them in places he felt safe!

To him, the safest place, wasn’t it this sole courtyard of his?