Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1577

In the Zhao Family, the Book Depository, there would be many people going in and out on a regular basis.

However, this solitary courtyard of Zhao Tianyuan is the most mysterious place in the Zhao family.

Apart from Zhao Tianyuan’s children, the old man and Zhao Tianyuan’s wife, no one else in the Zhao family was allowed to enter or leave Zhao Tianyuan’s courtyard at will.

Even Zhao Tianyuan’s children were said to have been ordered by him not to enter or leave this solitary courtyard at will.

According to Zhao Tianyuan, he wanted to nurture his heart in this solitary courtyard to improve his martial dao.

However, Lin Mo did not think so.

He had analysed Zhao Tianyuan’s character and felt that Zhao Tianyuan should have hidden something particularly important inside this solitary courtyard, which was why he was unwilling to let outsiders enter and exit at will!

This time, Lin Mo had actually been testing Zhao Tianyuan by dazing the guards of the Hidden Book House.

The Book Depository was said to be the foundation of the Zhao family and was extremely important to the Zhao family.

Lin Mo had used a great deal of skill to stun the guards of the Book Depository.

Under such circumstances, Zhao Tianyuan, as the head of the Zhao family, did not even go to the Book Depository to take a look at it, but remained in the solitary courtyard.

From this, it could be seen that Lin Mo’s guess was correct, there were definitely some particularly important things in this courtyard that Zhao Tianyuan had to personally guard here.

Lin Mo hid in the rockery and waited for nearly two hours before the noise in the Zhao family compound gradually stopped.

At that moment, a young man entered the compound, he was none other than Zhao Tianyuan’s son.

He came to report to Zhao Tianyuan that he had not found the man who had dazed the guards of the Book Depository outside.

And Qian Yong’an also came to check on the guards and found out that these guards, were stunned by an extremely unique drug.

Even Qian Yong’an himself, could not concoct this medicine!

Therefore, Qian Yong’an also alerted the Zhao family to be extra careful.

The person who came this time was probably not simple!

Hearing these things, Zhao Tianyuan was visibly silent for a while.

Eventually, he waved his hand and told his son to retreat out.

Lin Mo had been keeping an eye on these matters from the beginning to the end.

Not long after Zhao Tianyuan’s son had withdrawn, Zhao Tianyuan walked out of the house.

He paced back and forth in the middle of the courtyard for a while, as if he was thinking about something, or as if he was hesitating about something.

In the end, he returned to the house.

And this process, Lin Mo had been staring at.

He noticed that when Zhao Tianyuan was pa*sing one of the rockeries, his gaze lingered on top of that rockery, extraordinarily for a while.

Zhao Tianyuan was obviously hesitating about something.

There was no doubt that there was definitely something wrong with this false mountain.

Lin Mo remembered the location of that false mountain clearly, and did not continue to linger here, but left this solitary courtyard silently.

The place where he was hiding was very far from that small building of Zhao Tianyuan. Plus, Lin Mo’s strength was not much worse than Zhao Tianyuan’s.

Therefore, throughout the whole process, Zhao Tianyuan did not even know that someone had infiltrated his compound.

Amongst the Zhao family compound, there were still quite a few people on patrol.

However, the Zhao family compound was simply too big.

With Lin Mo’s skills, he easily avoided all the guards and quietly left the Zhao family compound.

The next day, Lin Mo glued some beard on his face and disguised himself as a middle-aged man.

Then, he rushed straight to the hotel where Chen Baiyu was staying.

When Chen Baiyu saw Lin Mo, he immediately said, “Mr. Lin, I heard that someone infiltrated the Zhao family last night and almost entered the Book Depository?”

“This incident, it was you who did it, right?”

Lin Mo smiled and nodded his head.

Chen Baiyu immediately came to life: “Mr. Lin, you’re really something else!”

“The Zhao family compound, you made a trip in and out like that?”

“Well, did you find anything?”

Lin Mo smiled lightly, “Not yet, but there will be something to discover soon.”