Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1584

Seeing Zhao Yu Ling defeated, those girls around them burst into secret laughter.

Of course, the crowd looked at Duke Wan again with some awe.

Those girls who had been foolish enough to move were now afraid to go over.

In the end, it was Wan Zi who helped Zhao Yuling out.

She smiled and shook hands with Zhao Yuling as a greeting.

Seeing how easy-going Wan Zhi was, the people around her immediately gathered around her and fought to greet her first.

Wan Zhi was also easy-going, treating both men and women equally and shaking hands one by one, as if he was very familiar with these people.

Even Qian Liangwen could not help but come over to greet Wan Zhi and shake her catkin.

Wan Zhi’s eyes lit up when he heard that Qian Liangwen was Qian Yong’an’s nephew.

“So it’s the divine doctor Qian’s nephew!”

“In that case, Brother Qian’s medical skills, should be very skillful as well, right?”

Wan Zhi asked with a wistful expression.

Qian Liangwen did not expect that Wan Zhi would still be interested in himself.

He immediately let out a big smile, “I can’t say that I’m highly skilled, but, over the years, uncle has cultivated me a lot.”

“I have learnt 70% of Uncle’s medical skills.”

“Most of the difficult and miscellaneous diseases are not a problem for me!”

Wan Zhi immediately pretended to be soft, “Is that so?”

“Oh, Brother Qian, then can you help Wizi’er take a look.”

“I’m not feeling well lately~~”

Wan Zhi spoke, her voice was so delicate and moving that Qian Liangwen’s heart puffed and puffed.

Qian Liangwen did not expect that he would be able to get such a ravishing encounter.

At the back, Xue Yuting’s eyes were wide open.

This was her boyfriend, and now he was flirting with another woman right in front of her?

She coughed angrily, hinting at Qian Liangwen.

However, Qian Liangwen simply ignored it and looked at Wan Zhi with concern, “No problem!”

“Miss Wan, where exactly are you not feeling well?”

Wan Zhi stroked her forehead, “Oh, I can’t tell what’s wrong, but I just don’t feel well.”

“Brother Qian, can you do a check-up for me?”

As she spoke, Wan Zhi even used her teeth, gently biting her lips, with a charming and pitiful look, which was even more heartwarming.

Qian Liangwen was so excited that he was about to fly, and hurriedly said, “No …… no problem.”

“But I …… I’ll take you for a checkup …… right now.”

With that, Qian Liangwen took Wan Zhi’s hand and left with his toes high and proud.

Those gentry around, seeing this scene, were all envious.

No one had expected that, in the end, it was Qian Liangwen who had won Wan Zhi’s heart.

Of course, more people’s eyes fell on Xue Yuting at the back.

Everyone knew that Xue Yuting had hooked up with Qian Liangwen.

But now, Qian Liangwen had run away with Wan Zhi, so this Xue Yuting was just like being abandoned by someone.

The way everyone looked at Xue Yuting was full of ridicule.

She had never dreamed that she would betray Chen Baiyu and take the blame for being with Qian Liangwen, only to end up in this situation.

The most crucial thing was that Qian Liangwen had left with another woman in front of her, which was the biggest insult to her!

However, it was just as well that she didn’t dare to say anything.

The Xue family was far less powerful than the Qian family.

And she, even more so, was no match for Wan Zhi, so she could only suffer in silence!

However, in her heart, she was remorseful to the extreme.

If she had known that this was the outcome, she could not have been with Qian Liangwen no matter what, it was too humiliating!

When Wan Zi left, the atmosphere in the room chilled.

Duke Wan was sitting on the sofa and no one dared to greet him at all.

And as he sat here, these fops from the ten families didn’t dare to chat freely, and the scene became extremely awkward.

Luckily, after sitting for a short while, Duke Wan got up straight away and went downstairs.