Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1586

Wan Chongshan frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, “I didn’t sneak in.”

The man beside Yuan De laughed coldly, “You didn’t slip in?”

“Then you mean that Wan Chun Tang, will send invitations to Xu Pharmaceutical’s agents?”

“Wan Chongshan, do you really think we are fools?”

Another man directly yelled out, “What’s the point of talking to him!”

“Security, where’s the security?”

“Come on, check for me, does he have an invitation or not!”

Several security guards came inquiringly, and the one in the lead was the security chief in charge of this security.

Hearing Yuan De’s words, the security captain immediately walked over and said in a deep voice to Wan Chong Shan, “This gentleman, please show me your invitation letter!”

All the people around were looking straight at Wan Chongshan, while Yuan De, a few of them, had mockery on their faces.

In their opinion, Wan Chongshan must have slipped in, where would he go to get an invitation for someone?

Wan Chongshan’s expression was calm and he really took out the invitation letter.

The security chief took it and looked it over, frowning slightly: “This …… invitation is real!”

Yuan De: “Huh?”


“How is this possible?”

“He’s an agent of Xu Pharmaceutical, how could he get an invitation from Wan Chun Tang?”

“Is this …… a mistake?”

The security chief thought about it and suddenly said, “Go and send someone to check the invitation list and see if there is his name!”

Yuan De immediately nodded, “That’s right, check the invitation list, that’s the most telling.”

“The invitations can be faked, but this list, surely it can’t be faked!”

Not long after, the security guard came over with the list.

The security captain looked through it, and indeed, he found Wan Chongshan’s name in it.

This time, everyone was confused.

All the people on Yuan De’s side were wide-eyed and looked at Wan Chongshan incredulously.

They really couldn’t understand how Wan Chong Shan had gotten an invitation from Wan Chong Shan when he hadn’t terminated his contract with Xu Pharmaceutical?

“There’s definitely something wrong with this!”

“He hasn’t terminated his contract with Xu Pharmaceutical yet, how can he come to the launch of Wanchun Hall?”

“You guys go investigate and see if there’s a mistake somewhere?”

“He must have exploited a loophole to get in, or else, you guys can just throw him out!”

A man beside Yuan De said urgently.

At this moment, a man from one of the Ten Great Families couldn’t help himself, “Our invitation lists are all confirmed by the Ten Great Family Masters.”

“Since Boss Wan is on the list, he is approved by the ten great family lords.”

As soon as this statement was made, Yuan De and the others immediately shut their mouths.

A guest approved by the ten great family lords, who would dare to kick him out?

At this moment, Lin Mo, who was standing at a distance, could not help but give Wan Chong Shan a deep look.

Earlier, Li Tiezui had told him that Wan Chongshan’s identity was not simple.

At that time, he didn’t think much of it, but now, he had truly seen it.

This Wan Chongshan was really no ordinary person!

Not having broken his contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, he was still able to get an invitation from the Ten Great Families’ head, how powerful must his background be?

Yuan De and the others were taken upstairs by the people from the Ten Great Families, although they were reluctant, they did not dare to defy the decision of the Ten Great Family Leaders.

Lin Mo had originally wanted to go to find He Qianxue, but now, he had changed his mind.

He took advantage of the fact that the crowd was scattered and quietly slipped over to Wan Chongshan’s side.

“Boss Wan, how are you!”

Lin Mo greeted with a smile.

Wan Chongshan glanced at Lin Mo and froze for a moment, then his eyes snapped open, “Lin …… Mr. Lin!?”

This, in turn, caused Lin Mo to freeze.

He was dressed like this, how did Wan Chongshan recognize him?

Seeing Lin Mo’s expression, Wan Chongshan smiled faintly, “Mr. Lin, this aspect of disguise, I have dabbled in it slightly before.”

“Moreover, I guessed that you would definitely appear here today.”

“So, just now, it was sort of even a guess.”