Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1587

Only when he heard this did Lin Mo understand what was going on.

He thought that it was because his disguise level was so poor that he had been instantly recognised.

Lin Mo looked at those security guards in the distance and said softly, “What is the reason for Mr. Wan coming here today?”

Wan Chongshan laughed, “I, for one, just like to get together.”

“This launch event is not destined to be calm, so of course I had to come over to take a look.”

“However, Mr. Lin, don’t worry.”

“Since Mister Wan has decided to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical, then he will definitely not go back on his word!”

“In this matter, Mister Wan is always on Xu Pharmaceutical’s side!”

Wan Chongshan directly stated his attitude, which also made Lin Mo’s heart feel a little more at ease.

This Wan Chongshan’s identity was definitely not simple, and moreover, he had instantly recognized Lin Mo’s identity.

If he were to trip up Lin Mo behind his back, then Lin Mo would definitely be in a lot of trouble.

On the contrary, if Wan Chong Shan was willing to help Lin Mo, then it would be a good thing for Lin Mo.

Lin Mo pondered for a moment and said, “This matter, is between me and Wan Chun Tang, so of course I can’t implicate General Wan.”

“However, I have a small matter that I still want to ask for General Wan’s help, I don’t know if this is convenient.”

Wan Chongshan: “Mr. Lin, but there is no harm in saying so.”

Lin Mo told him about He Qianxue’s matter.

Immediately, Wan Chongshan understood Lin Mo’s meaning and smiled, “Mr. Lin, are you worried that Miss He will cause trouble here and anger the Ten Great Families of Su Province?”

“Don’t worry about that, I can keep an eye on them for you.”

Lin Mo instantly breathed a long sigh of relief.

He Qianxue He’s arrival had indeed made him somewhat unpredictable.

He was still thinking about how to get He Qianxue not to make trouble.

If he personally went to find He Qianxue, he might be watched, and that would easily expose his identity.

If Wan Chongshan was willing to help, then Lin Mo would be able to deal with Wanchun Hall without worry!

Wan Chongshan didn’t delay, he went straight to the vicinity of He Qianxue and helped Lin Mo keep an eye on her.

Lin Mo continued to wander around this hall.

While he was loitering, a few girls next to him suddenly let out a small scream, “Oh my god, look, he’s coming down!”

“Aiyo, it’s so handsome, in this world, how can there be such a handsome man?”

“No more, no more, I can’t stand it.”

“If he could just look at me, I …… I’d be willing to live ten years less!”

Hearing these girls’ flowery voices, Lin Mo immediately guessed that it must be Wan Gongzi coming out.

He looked up, and sure enough, Duke Wan was walking down the stairs.

As he made his way down, the gazes of all the girls in the hall were attracted to him.

Even He Qianxue, who was in the distance, gave him a stunning look.

However, He Qianxue quickly skimmed her lips again and muttered in a low voice, “What’s so handsome about it?”

“Compared to Lin Mo, it’s far worse!”

A girl next to her immediately laughed, “Miss Qianxue, what kind of handsome is Lin Mo?”

“That’s what you call a lover’s eye!”

Several other girls also laughed.

He Qianxue looked shy and pretended to be annoyed, “How dare you laugh at me!”

“I’ll fight with you!”

He Qianxue pounced up to tickle those few girls, and several of them immediately fought together.

The other girls, however, were basically still staring dumbly at the middle of Duke Wan.

This Duke Wan, on the other hand, had a cold expression and didn’t even look at anyone directly.

After he came downstairs, he walked around this hall, mainly checking out those medicines that were on display at Wan Chun Tang.

And everywhere he went, the girls over here, even breathed tightly.

Those pretty-looking girls were deliberately scratching their heads, trying to attract the attention of Duke Wan.

It was a pity that Mr. Wan didn’t even look at them, as if they didn’t exist at all.