Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1589

With one word from the prince, the crowd around was shocked.

The first thing that I want to know is that this is Su Province, and Qian Liangwen is one of the top young masters in Su Province.

The Qian family itself was ranked in the top three of the top ten families in Su Province, and the success of the refinement of the re-creation pill would only see the Qian family’s status soar again.

In this way, Qian Liangwen’s status is basically similar to that of the Zhao family’s young master, and it is not too much to say that he is the number one young man in Su Province.

And under such circumstances, the crown prince still dared to be so arrogant, yelling for Qian Liangwen to get over to him on the ground of Su Province, at the launch of Wan Chun Tang?

This was too domineering, wasn’t it?

The surrounding crowd looked at each other, all standing here with the attitude of watching the fun.

They wanted to see how Qian Liangwen would handle this matter this time!

When the prince roared, someone ran upstairs to inform Qian Liangwen.

Qian Liangwen was holding Wan Zhi’s hand and making out with her.

When he suddenly heard about this, his face suddenly changed.

He had fought with the Crown Prince before and had suffered a great loss at his hands.

Honestly, he was very much afraid of the Crown Prince.

However, today was a big matter for Wan Chun Hall, and for the Crown Prince to shout in public like this was simply a slap in his face.

Moreover, he was accompanied by Wan Zhi.

If he were to wimp out at this time, wouldn’t it be even more humiliating?

So, despite some panic in his heart, Qian Liangwen said indignantly, “I don’t know any Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!”

“Tell him that I’m not available to go over there!”

The one who gave him the message next to him was also a son of one of the Ten Great Families.

With a hesitant face, he whispered, “Young Qian, really …… really say that?”

Qian Liangwen glared at him indignantly, “Just say it when you’re told to, what’s the point of being a mother-in-law?”

“What, is it that I’m still afraid of him?”

The youth lowered his head and quietly skimmed his lips, but still turned around and went out.

Of course, he didn’t dare to pa*s the word directly to the Crown Prince, that would simply be looking for trouble!

So, he approached the security chief and asked him to take care of the matter.

The security chief respectfully ran up to the Crown Prince and said in a respectful voice, “Master Prince, you’re here?”

“Young Qian didn’t come over today.”

“What’s the matter, just give me an order, I’ll definitely help you get it done!”

The prince glared at him, “f*ck you, do you think I’m stupid?”

“This is such a big deal for the Qian family, and that b*****d Qian Liangwen didn’t come over?”

“Don’t give me that f*cking bullsh*t!”

“You go and tell Qian Liangwen that my car is still at the door.”

“Give him five minutes to park my car!”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to him!”

At these words, there was an uproar all around.

Everyone was shocked by the Prince’s forcefulness.

This was Su Province, it was the launch of Wan Chun Tang!

The Crown Prince actually asked the Qian family’s young master to park for him?

This was not only slapping Qian Liangwen in the face, it was also slapping the Qian family, the top ten families in Su Province, in the face!

The security captain was full of embarra*sment, such a matter was not something he could solve either.

At this moment, someone had already gone upstairs and pa*sed the news to the Ten Great Family Masters upstairs.

Hearing this, the ten great family lords were all furious.

“This b*****d, relying on Huo Hua to back him up, really thinks he can be lawless?”

“How dare he ask the heirs of my ten great families to park for him?”

“What does he take my Ten Great Families for?”

A family head shouted indignantly.

Zhao Tianyuan also frowned and waved his hand, “Family Head Chen, go deal with this matter.”

“If he insists on causing trouble, throw him out!”

“Will my top ten families in Su Province be bullied by a trash who doesn’t even know who his biological father is?”

The Chen family head was none other than the new head of the Chen family today.

His face was a little embarra*sed and he was quite upset in his heart.

This kind of thing was clearly an offense, and for Zhao Tianyuan to ask him to do it was clearly looking down on him!