Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1590

Although the Chen family head was unhappy in his heart, he did not dare to resist.

After all, the Chen family’s current position was quite embarra*sing.

He walked downstairs and put a smile on his face, “So it’s the Crown Prince who has arrived.”

“I’m sorry to have missed the welcome.”

“Liang Wen is a little unwell, so he didn’t come over today.”

“Prince, why don’t I ask someone else to park the car for you?”

The prince glanced at him disdainfully, “What are you, who are you to say such things to me?”

The Chen family head’s face changed and his expression turned cold as he said with a leathery smile, “I am the Chen family head, Chen Shizhou!”

The prince spat, “I don’t know.”

“Get out of here!”

The Chen family head was furious, “Crown Prince, don’t go too far!”

“This is always Su Province, you ……”

The prince interrupted him directly, “So what?”

“Old me willing, what can you do to me?”

“Go, tell Qian Liangwen to get his a*s over here and park for me.”

“Or else, believe it or not, I’ll tear down this hall of yours!”

The Chen family head was furious: “This launch, is jointly organised by the ten major families of Su Province.”

“Prince, are you trying to make an enemy of the Ten Great Families of Su Province?”

The prince sneered, “That’s what you said!”

“What? You want to bully me because of the Ten Great Families of Su Province?”

“Heh, how about we have a match today?”

The Chen family head frowned, he was a new family head after all, he couldn’t make such a decision yet.

Just then, an icy voice came from upstairs, “Yellow-toothed little boy, ignorant rat, how dare you be reckless here?”

The crowd looked up, only to see the ten great house masters of Su Province, all standing out.

The one who spoke was none other than the leader, Zhao Tianyuan.

His face was full of anger as he said in a deep voice, “I’ll count to three, you get out now immediately, and this matter, I can pretend that it never happened.”

“Otherwise ……”

The prince directly interrupted him, “There is no need to count.”

“I tell you, when I come here today, I must trample the heir of your ten families under my feet!”

“Surnamed Zhao, if Qian Liangwen doesn’t come and park for me, let your son come!”

Zhao Tianyuan’s face changed dramatically, this was simply a public slap in his face!

Zhao Tianyuan was the number one expert in Su Province, but he was insulted by a junior, how could he swallow this!

“You seek death!”

Zhao Tianyuan roared in anger, and the people from the ten major clans around him rushed out in unison, surrounding the crown prince in the middle.

From afar, Lin Mo frowned slightly.

He really couldn’t understand why the Crown Prince had to make such a scene.

To clash with the Ten Families in front of so many people? How could he compete with the Ten Families with these bodyguards he had brought along?

Seeing that the people from the Ten Great Families were about to make a move, outside the door, a man of medium build walked in.

“Master Zhao, Yun Shao is just a child, why do you have to be normal with him?”

The man said with a light laugh.

The voice was not loud, but it reached the ears of everyone in the hall.

Seeing this man, Lin Mo’s pupils contracted violently.

This man was no other than Huo Hua, who had once fought with him!

No wonder the Crown Prince was so strong!

So, his uncle had come too!

As soon as Huo Hua appeared, Zhao Tianyuan’s face instantly turned iron blue.

He had fought with Huo Hua three times before.

The first time, he was defeated after fighting fifty moves.

The second time, he had dived into training for three years and challenged again. As a result, he was defeated in twenty strokes.

The third time, he was full of confidence, but this time, he couldn’t even hold out for ten moves!

Since then, he had understood completely.

The path of martial arts was all about talent.

Huo Hua was the one with the most natural talent.

No matter how much he cultivated, the gap between him and Huo Hua would only get bigger and bigger!

Therefore, when he saw Huo Hua now, all he had in his heart was fear and panic, and even his body involuntarily began to tremble slightly.