Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1594

Watching Qian Liangwen run to the car with a face full of reluctance, Chen Baiyu felt a sigh of relief.

At the same time, his heart was also filled with emotion.

He had never dreamed that the last time he went to fetch the Nine Leaves Fire Lotus, he had made a little good karma with Lin Mo, and today he could have such good results.

Now, he had fallen so low that any person could step on his head.

Having been humiliated by Qian Liangwen before, he basically had no hope of getting revenge.

As soon as the prince came over, he helped him to beat Qian Liangwen up severely, so he couldn’t say how excited he was in his heart.

Chen Baiyu did not rush into the venue, but stood outside to supervise the work, so that once he was inside, Qian Liangwen would not call the security guards to stop the car again.

Only after watching Qian Liangwen park all the cars did Chen Baiyu enter the launch venue with his toes high.

Although he did not have an invitation, who would dare to stop him now?

Not to mention the security guards, even the people from the Ten Families had to go around when they saw him!

Qian Liangwen parked his car and ran straight upstairs to find Qian Yongan crying and begging him to take revenge for him.

Qian Yong’an’s face was blue, he was extremely fond of his nephew. When he saw Qian Liangwen being insulted, he was furious too.

But Qian Yong’an never dared to go to the prince either, and he said in a deep voice, “Liangwen, take it easy for now.”

“With Huohua following, we are not going to touch a hair on the Crown Prince’s head.”

Qian Liangwen was anxious: “Then …… what about me?”

“So many people are watching, and I, as the youngest master of the Qian family, am running to park for them as if I were a doorman?”

“I …… have lost all my face!”

“If I don’t take revenge for this, how can I go out and meet people in the future?”

Qian Yongan waved his hand, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t take revenge, it’s just that, it’s not the right time yet.”

“The most crucial thing now is the launch of our Wanchun Hall.”

“If this launch goes smoothly and the re-engineering pills are successfully launched, then our Qian family’s status and strength will definitely be greatly enhanced.”

“At that time, we will then unite with the Wan Family, and it won’t be difficult to deal with Huo Hua if we want to.”

“As the saying goes, if you don’t tolerate the smallest thing, you’ll have a big problem… It’s definitely impossible for you to take revenge now.”

“Hold back this anger for now, when we find the opportunity some other day, I will let you kill the Crown Prince yourself!”

Qian Liangwen was then satisfied.

“Second Uncle, this is what you promised.”

“In the future, I will definitely kill the Crown Prince with my own hands!”

Qian Yong’an sneered, “Don’t worry.”

“This b*****d demon king, how dare he bully our Qian family, will I let him live?”

“However, the most crucial thing at the moment is this launch of ours.”

“This time, the Crown Prince is definitely here for our launch.”

“This is especially important, no matter what, we can’t let him ruin our launch event!”

Qian Liangwen was a little flustered, “But, Huohua is following.”

“If they really want to ruin this launch, we …… we can’t do anything about them, huh?”

Qian Yongan shook his head, “Don’t worry, Huohua wouldn’t dare to mess around!”

“Just now he injured Wan Zifeng, this is already tantamount to having an enmity with the Wan family. Wan Zifeng has already contacted someone from the Wan Family.”

“The Wan family head personally called Master Xue Wu, who has already given word that their people, won’t interfere with other people’s affairs.”

“As long as we don’t provoke them, there’s no reason for them to come and ruin our launch.”

“In a while, you hide upstairs and try not to go down, lest the other side find an opportunity to use the issue to their advantage, do you understand?”

Qian Liangwen nodded vigorously.

After what had happened, he had no face to go down to meet people, ah.

Qian Yongan stood up and sneered, “Since the Crown Prince is here, Lin Mo of Guang Province, should also be here!”

“Hmph, let me go and meet this divine doctor of Guang Province and see what he is really capable of!”