Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1595

The launch party.

The Prince stood tall and proud in the middle of the venue.

And where he was, basically no one dared to approach.

Even in normal times, no one would dare to mess with this b*****d king.

What’s more, now that Huo Hua was still with the Prince, no one dared to touch him!

Duke Wan stood in the crowd, his brow was also furrowed tightly.

Honestly, he was really not used to seeing the Crown Prince.

However, he was also very clear that with Huo Hua around, there was nothing he could do to the Crown Prince.

Moreover, his attention was, more than anything, still on Lin Mo.

After what had just happened, Lin Mo had taken the opportunity to slip away.

And this, too, made Duke Wan certain that this person, if not Lin Mo, was definitely related to him, otherwise how could he be weak-minded?

He had been walking among the crowd, just to find Lin Mo out.

However, now Lin Mo was also deliberately avoiding him, not meeting him at all, making his search all in vain.

Chen Baiyu walked in, standing beside the Crown Prince, looking at the fearful eyes of the heirs of the Ten Great Families, and he couldn’t help but feel quite emotional in his heart.

For the first time, he felt what it meant to be a true fox and a tiger!

Even when he used to be the youngest of the Chen family, the heirs of the ten great families were on an equal footing with him.

And now, just because he was standing next to the Crown Prince, these heirs of the Ten Great Families were all quite fearful of him, so it was clear how powerful the Crown Prince was!

“Brother Crown Prince, how are we going to help Lin Mo in a while?”

Chen Baiyu asked in a low voice.

The crown prince shrugged, “I don’t know either.”

“He probably has some plan of his own, we’ll just cooperate with his plan when the time comes.”

“If he really doesn’t have a plan, then he can simply spoil the launch.”

“Anyway, we can’t let Wanchun Hall release this medicine today no matter what.”

“Once this medicine is released to the public by Wan Chun Tang first, then it will be difficult for Xu Pharmaceutical, to get this medicine back!”

Chen Baiyu nodded repeatedly, “Good, then let’s do as you say.”

“If we can’t, we’ll ruin the launch.”

“Anyway, with Master Fire here today, the ten families of Su Province will only be able to hold their breath!”

Just then, Fire Hua suddenly waved his hand, “Yun Shao, I’m just here to keep an eye on it for you.”

“As for the feud between Xu Pharmaceutical and Wanchun Hall, that’s someone’s private matter, I won’t interfere!”

“So don’t even think about stirring up this launch.”

The prince was confused, “Why for …… that?”

“Is …… the Vanguard family putting pressure on the Fifth Master?”

Huo Hua shook his head, “Even if the Vanguard Family exerted pressure on the Fifth Master, would the Fifth Master care?”

“It’s just that, this matter, it’s Lin Mo’s own business.”

“And I, no matter what I do, am inseparably linked to Master Xue Wu.”

“If it was me who stirred up this launch today and helped him retrieve the rejuvenation pills. That would only make the ten major families in Su Province feel that the Fifth Master is acting unfairly!”

“When the time comes to make trouble with the Fifth Master, how can the Fifth Master, as the King of the Southern Realm, even out this bowl of water?”

The prince opened his mouth and was left speechless.

Just as what Huo Hua had said, Huo Hua could stand up for them, but he could not help them fight for the Reconstruction Pill.

After all, behind Huo Hua, stood Master Xue Wu!

Whether it was Su Province or Guang Province, both belonged to one of the six provinces in the Southern Realm, and both had Master Xue Wu as their king.

Under such circumstances, if Su Province and Guang Province were to compete for this Recycle Pill, no matter who Master Xue helped, it would be unfair to the other side!

Chen Baiyu immediately panicked a little: “Master Fire, if you don’t help, then …… how will Lin Mo retrieve this Recycle Pill?”

Fire Hua smiled gently, “If Lin Mo needs my help in everything he does, then how can he truly become the revered of Guang Province and truly make those ten families of Guang Province subservient?”