Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1596

After searching downstairs for a while and failing to find Lin Mo, Duke Wan was stopped head-on by Wan Zi.

“My Grand Duke, why are you still wandering around here?”

“Second Uncle has been looking for you upstairs for half a day, if you don’t go upstairs, his old man will lose his temper!”

Wan Zhi said with a beak.

Duke Wan frowned, “What is he looking for me for?”

Wan Zhi shrugged, “How should I know that?”

“Probably because he was defeated by Huo Hua just now, he’s not feeling well in his heart and wants to find something to do.”

Speaking of this, Wan Zhi looked at the distant crowd again with interest and excitement, “Oh, by the way, which one is Fire Wah?”

“Is it handsome?”

With a helpless look on his face, Wan Zi pointed to the distant Huo Hua, “Here, just that one.”

“Not your type.”

Wan Zi stared at Huo Hua for a moment and suddenly laughed, “How do you know he’s not my type?”

“My tastes have changed since then, you know?”

“I now, ah, especially appreciate those who are capable.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re handsome or not. The most important thing for a man is his ability and career, right?”

“Just like that Guang Province’s venerable Lin Mo, this kind of man would have many women admiring him, don’t you think?”

Wan Zhi was really mentioning which pot was not open.

Duke Wan was so angry that he clenched his fist, while Wan Zhi didn’t even give him a chance to speak, smiling and turning around and walking towards Huo Hua over there.

The Duke of Wan looked at her in a thousand different ways and couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Really treating Huo Hua like a normal person, asking for trouble!”

Duke Wan muttered, but still turned around and went upstairs.

Wan Zifeng had just been defeated, and now there must be something important to talk to her about.

When they arrived upstairs, several members of the Wan family were basically here.

Moreover, there were now a few more people.

Duke Wan knew that these few people, all of them were the consecrated experts of the Wan Family and were all very powerful.

However, thinking about how Wan Zifeng had just suffered a miserable defeat at the hands of Huo Hua. Duke Wan could be certain that these few consecrated experts, together, were no match for Huo Hua!

Wan Zifeng’s face was blue, not to mention the miserable defeat he had just suffered, the most crucial thing was that he had lost face outside.

This Wan Zifeng had always been good at saving face, and this time, having suffered such a big loss made him feel that this was a great shame.

He called the family head, trying to get the family head to put pressure on Master Xue Wu to make Huo Hua apologise to him.

Unfortunately, the family head didn’t even pay attention to him.

The family head did call Master Xue Wu, but he only casually said a few words, and Master Xue Wu only expressed the principle of not helping each other.

As for this matter between Huo Hua and Wan Zifeng, to Master Xue Wu and the Wan family head, it could only be considered a small fight.

Huo Hua was the person that Master Xue Wu valued the most, and the Wan Family Head, how would he let Master Xue Wu force Huo Hua to come and apologise to Wan Zifeng for this trivial matter?

If he really did so, it might completely anger Master Xue Wu.

Although the Wan Family said that they did not fear Master Xue Wu, however, Master Xue Wu was, after all, the King of the Southern Realm. Once the two sides got into an impa*se, the Wan Family wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage!

In addition, in the past few years, Master Xue Wu had received help from Huo Hua and his strength was soaring.

If both sides were to fight to the death, the Wan Family did not think they had much chance of winning!

In such a situation, the fact that Wan Zifeng could not recover the face he had lost made him even more furious.

When he saw Duke Wan enter, he said directly and grumpily, “What have you been doing?”

“What took you so long to come back?”

“Didn’t I tell you, when you get here, don’t just wander off!”

Duke Wan frowned, but in the end, he did not refute this elder.

Of course, Wan Zifeng didn’t dare to count his words too harshly.

After saying a few words, he then looked at the crowd and said in a deep voice, “I have summoned you all here, mainly to discuss how to deal with the matter of Lin Mo in Guang Province in a while!”