Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1598

When Duke Wan still wanted to retort, an old man next to him said directly, “Zi Feng is right.”

“The way of medicine requires long immersion and years of experience.”

“That Lin Mo is only in his early twenties this year, even if he has been studying medicine since his mother’s womb, that’s only twenty years.”

“Divine Doctor Qian has been practicing medicine for more than 50 years, and his years of experience alone are older than Lin Mo.”

“Lin Mo, what makes you compare to Divine Doctor Qian?”

The other Wan family members nodded their heads, expressing their agreement with Wan Zifeng’s view.

Duke Wan’s face was embarra*sed to the extreme, how could he, alone, argue with so many people?

“Second Uncle, even if we want to invite God Doctor Qian, we don’t necessarily have to have a grudge against Lin Mo.”

“In everything you do, it’s better to be afraid of one thing than another, so you should at least leave a way out, right?”

“If we go too far, what will we do when we really need to find Lin Mo in the future?”

Duke Wan said.

Wan Zifeng directly slapped the table, “Leave a way out?”

“Look at the way I am now, do you think they’ve left me a way back?”

“You told me not to make things worse, so how did they do it?”

“Injuring me, Wan Zifeng, in front of so many people, is a slap in the face of our entire Wan family!”

“If we don’t fight them hard to the end in this incident, won’t that make people think that it’s our Wan Family that’s afraid of them?”

“I, Wan Zifeng, can lose this face, but, my Wan Family, absolutely cannot lose face!”

Wan Zifeng spoke in a righteous manner, but it was clear to everyone that he was just furious because he had lost face himself!

Duke Wan sighed, he could see that this second uncle of his had already set his heart on it, and nothing more he could say could change it.

Moreover, the attitudes of all the members of the Wan family were similar.

Wan Zifeng had suffered a loss at the hands of Huo Hua this time, but the crowd was no match for Huo Hua, so they could only vent this anger on Lin Mo.

The crowd deliberated enthusiastically, and Duke Wan simply stood by, not saying a word.

Although he was very resentful towards Lin Mo in his heart, after all, the method Lin Mo had taught him last time had saved the Wan family’s old man. In his heart, he actually had no intention of dealing with Lin Mo over such a matter!

However, he could not change the views of these people in his family, and in the end, he could only choose to remain silent.

The discussion ended before Wan Zifeng sent the crowd downstairs to attend the launch.

When Duke Wan walked out of the room, he saw Wan ZiFeng standing in the doorway with an unhappy face from afar, beaming.

“Why are you here?”

“Didn’t you go to look for Huo Hua?”

Duke Wan said curiously.

Wan Zhi had an indignant look on her face, “Don’t mention that name to me!”

Duke Wan couldn’t help but be surprised, “What’s wrong?”

“Did he bully you?”

Wan Zhi gritted his teeth and puffed out in anger, “That b*****d told me to go after him when I grow up!”

“I …… where am I little I?”

Said Wan Zhi, and pushed her bulging bręąsts up a bit, as if to prove that she was not small.

Duke Wan was dumbfounded, it was the first time he had seen Wan Zhi deflated in front of a man.

“He’s not saying you’re small, he’s saying you’re childish!”

Duke Wan laughed.

Wan Zhi was furious, “Who are you calling childish?”

“You’re the one who’s childish!”

Duke Wan: “I didn’t call you childish, he did!”

Wan Zhi was furious: “This stinking man, who …… is he to call me childish?”

Duke Wan smiled and shook his head, turning around and going downstairs.

At this time, the members of the top ten families in Su Province had also basically arrived at the site of the launch party downstairs.

The launch was about to begin and those who had come to attend the launch had all arrived at the scene.

Lin Mo stood in the middle of the crowd, and he saw many familiar faces here.

Among them were Divine Doctor Xue from Guang Province, and Divine Doctor Lu Sanzhen from Hai Cheng, as well as Divine Doctors from several other provinces.